[Eng/Thai Sub] 20 Fun Questions with Mike Angelo
[Eng/Thai Sub] 20 Fun Questions with Mike Angelo

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[Guest: Mike]
[Meiyou Flash Interview] Did you gain weight from eating over the new year? [A stick in the heart (Ouch!)] [Attracting more fans infinitely] Muah! [Hot pot]
I like hot pot. [Meiyou Flash Interview] [Episode 36]
[Mike] Translated by Ce Wu. Hello, everyone! I am Mike. [Meiyou Flash Interview]
Meiyou Flash Interview 20 sharp & smart questionnaire starts now. Q: What kind of man is Xue Lingqiao to you? I feel he is a person who hides his true feeling behind his words. [To say one thing and mean another] That’s correct. That’s it! Q: You’ve been in China for a long time. What are some of your favorite Chinese dishes? By now, I think everyone should already know that I like hot pot. [Hot pot] Q: What is your favorite nickname from your fans? Just call me “Handsome bro.” [Alright, Handsome bro~] Handsome bro! Who’s calling me? [Cute💗] Q: What is the difference between filming in China and Thailand? Language is different. Weather is different. Food is different. Hot pot is different as well. [The key point is hot pot is different] Q: Use three words/phrases to describe yourself in your everyday life. Casual An Otaku nerd. Cute & innocent! I think. Q: If you have an opportunity to talk to your fans, what is the question you are dying to ask? Did you gain weight from eating over the new year? [A stick in the heart (Ouch!)] Q: What is the most recent online new phrases you have learned from your fans? [Full score for learning ability]
Rainbow farts (Meaning flattering words from fans) Q: Do you use your own emoticons when you chat with your friends? Q: Can you demonstrate your own emoticon expressions? [Similarity score: 100%] Q: Of all of the roles you have played, what is your favorite role and why? [They are all played by me]
I like all of them… … because I was the one who played them. Q: Is there an artist that you’re interested to work with after you have seen their work? Big brother Jackie Chen. [Martial art dream] Q: As the selfie benchmark among men, would you give us some tips on taking selfies? When you take selfies, you have to take it from a higher angle. [45° and look up to the sky] Your face will look smaller. Q: What kind of girl attracts your attention? I like… [Earthlings?] … angels.
[Earthlings out❕ ] Q: I’ll give you 15 seconds to attract more fans. How would you do that? [Attracting more fans infinitely] Muah! Q: Mike is all-around talented in singing, dancing, & acting. Q: Is there any other hidden talents that we are not aware of? I can live without eating any vegetables for life! [Carnivore!] Q: What is the most touching thing your fans have done for you recently? Hmm… they have been doing charity work for me. [Thank you, kind-hearted fans]
I feel overjoy. Q: Please use different characters including the overbearing CEO, cute little puppy, and Xue Lingqiao to read this script: Do you know that I have superpower? Love you so much. ACT 1 – CEO Do you know that I have superpower? [A firm eye expression] Love you so much. ACT 2 – Cute little puppy. Do you know that I have superpower? [So sweet] Love you so much. ACT 3 – Xue Lingqiao Do you know that I have superpower? Love you so much. [I am ordering you to steal my heart away] Q: Please use one object to describe your ideal fan? Hot pot because that’s my favorite. [You are my favorite 💗] Q: Is there anything you want to say to your mommy-fans as they called you “Zaizai” (Munchkin)? Mommies, please don’t worry about my learning. Mommies, Zaizai love you. [Mommies also love you forever] Q: What is the score you’d give to your Chinese language skill? Hmm… 11 points (10 points being the perfect score) [Chinese expert!!] Q: You said you have lots of affinity towards the Chinese. Q: Can you tell us about your family history? My father is from a Chinese bloodline. Chaozhounese from China. My mother is mixed race. [Superior genes]

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