[Eng sub] Mike Angelo’s interview @ Asia New Song List 2019
[Eng sub] Mike Angelo’s interview @ Asia New Song List 2019

[Entertainment Daily Hot News] Translated by Ce Wu. Hello, friends of Sina. Wish you all well. I am Mike. Q: This is your second attendance of Asia New Song List. Compare to the last time, are you experiencing anything new? I am filled with joy and gratefulness for the invitation from Asia New Song List. Q: Any plans for a new album or a new song? Yes. Yes. It’s in the process of planning, now. It should make it’s appearance very soon. Q: Can you share with us the difficulties you experienced while learning Chinese? I feel the most difficult part was the pronunciation. Pronunciation is difficult, but I will continue to work hard on it. Q: Do you have any tricks? You have to be diligent. That’s right! Q: When you learn Chinese, do you watch Chinese TV, movies, or listen to Chinese songs? I listen to Chinese songs occasionally. I also watch Chinese TV. Q: What kind of Chinese TV shows have you been watching recently? I forgot the names, but now I can understand them. Q: You were involved in a Hollywood film earlier, do you have any plans of this sort in the future? I only hope to bring furthermore and better entertainment for everyone in the future. That’s all. Q: Are you focusing your career in China going forward? I have been staying in Beijing, China, recently. Q: You have mentioned that you’re interested in directing, and you have filmed some MVs; Will you make attempts of this sort again in the future? Yes, this is what I’m interested in. If there’s an opportunity, I will try it out. Q: Which direction are you inclining towards in terms of your career in the future; Q: singing & dancing or acting & performing? All of them. Q: Do you have any favorite Chinese dish? My favorite Chinese dish is… Obviously my favorite is hot pot. However, my recent favorite is bone marrows. (Host: huh?) Bone marrows. (Host: oh!) Marrows from bones. Q: Have you ever learned to make any Chinese dishes? I’ve made an attempt before, but it was not edible. I need to continue to work hard on it. Q: Your birthday is coming. Do you have any plans to celebrate it? I will be in China during my birthday, so I plan to spend it with my fans. Because I want um… I want to tell them… I’m thankful for their continuous companionship and support. Q: The fans are anticipating your collaboration with your Golf again. Q: Do you have any plans for more collaboration in the future? If I have any plans in the future… I will consider it. I hope to satisfy everyone’s wishes. Sina Entertainment

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