[ENG SUB] D-Crunch at Fortune Hills ‘Are you Ready?’
[ENG SUB] D-Crunch at Fortune Hills ‘Are you Ready?’

[BC Card Hankyung Ladies Cup 2019
D-Crunch! Are You Ready?! [Almost thought it was their own
It suits them well!] -Chanyoung: Woah!
-Dylan: Show me! Chanyoung: Wow! What’s so surprising? When you wear these sunglasses
the picture over there becomes clear! Hyunoh: Wow! Chanyoung: I want you to see too Hyunoh: Does it show on camera? Hyunoh: It doesn’t show on camera x3 [Can’t see it on camera ㅠㅠ] OV: It’s really interesting Hyunoh: Of course..
Our team is full of ‘science boys’ Hyunoh: He’s a ‘science boy’
Chanyong was it interesting? Minhyuk: Did you greet all our seniors? Hyunoh: Hello! [D-Crunch is so polite
they even greet the posters] [Ten Asia giving their gifts] Chanyoung: We didn’t have umbrellas..
It’s a relief ㅎㅎ OV: We’ll use it well Hyunoh: That’s really a TMI MC: An amazing group is here
with us at the Hankyung Ladies Cup MC: Who are they?
Please introduce yourselves OV: Yes, we’ll introduce ourselves 2! 3! All: Boom Boom Crunch!
Hello~ We are D-Crunch! MC: They are so amazing MC: So cool!
Let’s have a round of applause! MC: Please show us a point choreo
from ‘Are you ready?! MC: Something simple you
could do sitting down OV: Vamos loco! MC: Isn’t this too simple? OV: We’re supposed to do this standing up
but since we’re sitting down.. MC: Okay since you were sitting down MC: How does it feel
to be here at Fortune Hills? Hyunwook: First of all
the view is so beautiful Hyunwook: It felt like it was
healing us as we were in our car Hyunwook: We came here thinking
“It’s so nice” MC: That was a great comment MC: Another member? OV: This is my first time
at a golf course OV: I never knew that
a golf course was a cozy place OV: I really want to play golf today.
I’ll be back next time to play MC: One more member please Dylan: It was our first time here today Dylan: It’s so nice, I feel like
all my stress is flying away Dylan: So we’ll be looking around
today relieving all our stress MC: Please give an update on the team.
We know that you’re on promotions OV: We’ve been promoting with
the title track “Are you ready?” OV: And we’re promoting overseas and in Korea OV: So please keep an eye out for it! MC: That’s great,
Is there a member who plays golf? Hyunwook: I did for a while
when I was younger Hyunwook: I didn’t learn it professionally Hyunwook: But my parents
enjoy playing golf Hyunwook: So I learnt
how to play a golf for a little while MC: If you played golf,
doesn’t that mean that your family is rich? Hyunwook: No, no that isn’t true at all MC: Can I ask you father’s job occupation? -Hyunwook: He runs an English cram school
-MC: An English cram school MC: Please introduce yourself in English (random) Hyunwook: Hello, let me introduce myself~ Hyunwook: My name is Hyunwook
and we are D-Crunch Hyunwook: Thank you so much.
Love you OV: Our English-speaking
member is here Hyunwook: Yes he was an
exchange student Dylan: I was born in New Zealand.. MC: Please tell us how you’re feeling in English Dylan: Actually it’s our first time
being at a golf course Dylan: It’s actually a healing place
and I recommend this place for healing time Dylan: Thank you so much MC: He’s great MC: Finally please say a word for your fans! Chanyoung: First of all Chanyoung: We want to show our fans Chanyoung: Everything we’ve prepared
without any regret Chanyoung: We’ll make sure to
show a great performance in the future Chanyoung: Thank you OV: We had the opportunity
to come to the golf course OV: Thank you to all the
staff members OV: Who made this event possible All: Hankyung Ladies Cup

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