[ENG CC] Integra Type R final battle – DC2, DC5, Golf R32, Colt R Maze 2006
[ENG CC] Integra Type R final battle – DC2, DC5, Golf R32, Colt R Maze 2006

It was brought within reach
of a hand, the Integra Type R. For us who love to drive, it represents
a sport car of current car generation, and the last Type R. Integra Type R final battle. A clash of current gen cars
that aim for the throne of new/old Integra. It’s
a Maze 5 laps battle! It was brought to compete against
Inte R, the Mitsubishi Colt R. MIVEC system was added to a special
turbo with variable geometry. 5 speed manual transmission
transfers power to Neova tires. Driver is this one. The compactness is well done, therefore
I’m looking forward how well it will run. European sport hatch, Golf R32. Easy to handle engine, innovative
DSG, new generation AWD system makes this car a
superb performing sport car. Don’t underestimate the
european sport cars. With that said , I won’t
lose, I’ll do my best. An FF sport car, that shocked
everyone with its debut in 1995, the first generation
DC2 Integra Type R. This time we borrowed the car
from an owner who loves to drive. This car enters the battle
with a slight tune. This fast car boast of a brilliant peace
of craftsmanship, the B18C engine. A titanium shift-knob and recaro seats
raise the excitement even higher. The RE-01R tires fit this car
performance level very well. It’s a machine that requires a good FF driving
skills and of course driver is this person. Today we have here this small course. With 1.8 liter, my car has the
smallest engine displacement. But you can’t underestimate it. It’s got the Type R wings. A new generation was introduced in 2001,
the current gen. DC5 Integra Type R. The driving character is on a very high
level, with an even higher stability. Engine displacement was
enlarged to 2 liter. The VTEC was enhanced to a
new generation, the i-VTEC. The intake and exhaust features
a variable valve timing system. Recaros are a must. The rear suspension features
double wishbone system. Ito Daisuke is driving this FF machine. Honda Works, DC5, I can’t lose. TsuchiyaSan is the strongest
rival today, I’ll do my best. Which car is the symbol of current
generation FF sport cars? The battle starts! In the rear, old vs. new
acceleration battle. Ito’s DC5 is falling behind,
is it his strategy? Let’s check the replay. Clutch slipped a bit. Damn. Daisuke is not good with FF cars. Hey, the old DC2 is pretty fast. While the new and old Inte
are battling each other, Tachikawa’s R32 is putting
Colt R under pressure. Tachikawa is struggling. TachikawaSan is in trouble. Is it right, TachikawaSan. It’s a hot battle soon after
start of the opening lap. Let’s see the driving technique of each driver.
Ito’s DC5 is on a move. Good. Good, good. This is delicate. Daisuke is coming. What a fool. That’s dangerous. Stop messing around. Somehow,.. hey. Ida’s Colt R makes a sudden short cut. How is Tsuchiya’s DC2 gonna
handle this situation. I’m catching up easily. I didn’t hit the apex. Tachikawa’s R32 plans to
overtake the Colt R on straight. Ito’s DC5 waits for a
chance to attack from back. Alright, let’s go. Bye bye. This one’s looking only forward now. Poor Akira. Ito’s DC5 is aware of Tsuchiya’s DC2 behind
and puts Tachikawa’s R32 under pressure. That’s a bit too fast entry. Damn. Colt R is struggling obviously. Colt R is not a sport car. Not good except for cornering. Entry speed here is not bad
as well as the traction. With the beginning of 3rd lap, the
battle gets even more intense. DC2, wearing RE-01R tires,
is very fast in corners. Look, lightweightness is a weapon. While Ida was chasing others,
something happened at the corner entry. What? A blown tire? A flat tire. Retire. Current position, 2nd. Alright, go. It’s a battle with R32. I’m faster. He’s fast on straight. Ito’s DC5 moves in the lead at
the end of 4th lap straight. Tsuchiya’s DC2 is also
breathing down R32’s back. It’s a good battle with just 1.8 liter. R32 is obviously very heavy,
can’t it defend its back? If Tsuchiya’s DC2 won’t overtake soon,
leading Ito’s DC5 will run away. 1.8 liter NA bites the 3.2 liter NA! Where is Tsuchiya’s DC2
going to overtake the R32? Ito’s DC5 is paying
attention to his back. Under steer! Daisuke’s under steering. Scary, scary. We have here 3 cars with nearly
equal abilities, Tachikawa’s R32 takes a strategic lane for
overtaking Ito’s DC5 on straight. But Ito’s DC5 blocked the lane causing
the R32 to lose lot of speed. I can catch up now. Entering the slip stream. I’m almost there. Alright, I’m there. Thank you. Dangerous! Dangerous! I’m sorry Tachikawa, I
forgot to down-shift. New and old Inte is now
competing for top position. I have to drive seriously now. There’s just a half of lap left. From now on, the battle
won’t forgive any mistake. DC2’s cornering is pretty fast. Alright. I’ll get you. The last section with a Z corner. Any FF under steer in this
place means losing the battle. A very bad under steer. I’m coming! But Ito’s DC5 could defend
the last corner successfully. I did it, I got away. Too bad, If I had one more lap. New and old Inte finishes
in 1st-2nd position. As we have seen in this battle, 1.8
liter or 2.0 liter Inte R is fast. A true world’s best Honda. Looking at the DC2 from behind, it’s
obvious that it can turn in a corner lightly and swiftly. Right, old
version weights less, about 60 kg. Because the new one is 60 kg heavier,
it goes wide. Yes, I’ve seen how Daisuke has failed, ending
up with an under steer. You were cute with a 1.8 liter turbo. Class is different, it’s tough, but the car
is done right, the whole concept is good. The Golf R32 turns better than I
thought, despite the 4WD. That’s right. It wasn’t inferior at all, while
competing with other sport cars. It wasn’t under steering that much, its cornering
is pretty good. Better than I expected.

53 thoughts on “[ENG CC] Integra Type R final battle – DC2, DC5, Golf R32, Colt R Maze 2006”

  1. majso says:

    pecka 😀

  2. markymaclmb says:

    DC2 had a better lap time!
    Weight is key!

  3. NULL SWEΔT says:

    lol, they wrote "Gird" instead of grid.

  4. Trancend 3D1 says:

    At the very end the R32 driver was defending its capabilities and everyone else got all quite and mumbled, looking down… classic

  5. K20civicsirturbo says:

    almost cried in the beginning …and the last type r 🙁

  6. Daniel Gómez says:

    Japan dont want a winning r32

  7. Fil Zuvela says:

    The r32 never had a chance

  8. Justin Janich says:

    This is like watching a real life Gran Turismo replay

  9. iCloud Henshaw says:

    Almost a flyby

  10. Chris Martin says:

    Its plain to see just watching the video how boring the R32 is. Soo quiet, comfy and heavy. The complete opposite of what you should want if you want a proper drivers car.

  11. TheEdgesphere says:

    That poor Colt R is a mis-match…

  12. ocd says:

    Whaat! thaya buursto!

  13. J Beason says:

    Why the R32 and not the GTi?

  14. AngelofSpeed DC5 Type R says:

    Type R's are the best!

  15. mustafa adil says:


  16. glideon thevibes says:

    they should bring gti to uniform performance. but in terms of cost, r32 is right choice. VWs are expensive in Jpn.

  17. Outrun1986 says:

    that colt r was a big cheater
    just like that ae101 in the levin vs civic SiR battle

  18. VolksGTiFox says:

    why not polo gti?
    Golf's are suck for truck race.

  19. Qasim Mir says:

    The sound of that DC2 is intoxicating.

  20. 雪風B503 says:


  21. Rabbon-I The Genesis says:

    golf r lost again. never seen a test where this thing shines. maybe show and shine it might win for nice interior. lol

  22. Rabbon-I The Genesis says:

    golf r lost again. never seen a test where this thing shines. maybe show and shine it might win for nice interior. lol

  23. 3RT says:

    Always fun to watch.

  24. Thot Thot says:

    Should've used the 3dr R32 to give it some chance lmao

  25. Everardo Ventura says:

    fuk the Dc5

  26. yuukicl7 says:


  27. lamazver says:

    Actually im impressed that the r32 hold on that good!👌

  28. 犬走椛 says:


  29. Lego686552 Qwerty says:

    type R one love! =)

  30. miroshi says:

    Hondash – the ultimate tool to monitor your Honda



  31. plezurhounds says:

    Thank you:-)

  32. Marquis Williams says:

    Idk what they're saying but it's still entertaining lol

  33. Jon Fisher says:

    Love my rcolt 🙂

    They should have used YRadvances tuned one, for alittle more competition.

  34. REEL SIXX says:

    Is anyone else just now first learning this mitsubishi exists.

  35. SpaceMissile says:

    5:23 – Can't tell if he's done or getting a repair.

  36. Sajaad Nazim says:

    itr DC2 is the world's best FF car for a reason

  37. Nolkyo says:

    DC2's driver is wrong he has not the lowest displacement because the colt R is a 1.5L what do you expect of a 150hp car against those car ? Give it a remap to make 190hp at least to compete

  38. JDM FASTGUYS says:

    You could tell the dc2 was designed to be a straight out the box track car and the dc5 was designed to be a tuners car. I love the look of the dc2 more but if you were to give the dc5 lower and stiffer suspension, it already has the hp and tq, it'd be so much better

  39. Have Faith says:

    Vw ❤ shit on these jdm

  40. まーまま says:


  41. captainkuru1 says:

    golf is a vw and all vw are shit!

  42. TerroristenSlime says:

    Golf is best

  43. 店長の大ファン元ファミマ says:


  44. 一条飛龍 says:


  45. みやさん says:


  46. Outer Space says:

    Thank you so much for the subtitles!! Amazing channel!!

  47. SUMIKAZU OZAKI says:


  48. Falcao says:

    dc5 have best handling

  49. Pharaoh J says:

    I’m more of a DC5 person…

  50. Jonny Walker says:

    Golfs suck
    Hipsters car

  51. scott c says:

    Vw are shite!

  52. Mihai Petre says:

    3:41 NANI?

  53. Quake says:

    3.2 NA vs 1.8T vs 1.8 and 2.0 NA and the 1.8 and 2.0 win.
    Honda really did nail the NA four banger formula. These cars are something special.

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