[ENG CC] IG CHALLENGE! ใช้ชีวิตตามใจคนโหวต! | jaysbabyfood
[ENG CC] IG CHALLENGE! ใช้ชีวิตตามใจคนโหวต! | jaysbabyfood

Hello everyone~ I’m back with another vlog!
Anyone waiting for vlog? Today’s vlog will be a bit different! My Instagram followers will help me decide what to do, what to eat, where to go. It’s perfect for a Seontaek jangae like me. Seontaek jangae means an indecisive person. Someone who is always hesitant. So you’re gonna help me make decisions! First thing first, my makeup.
If you notice, this is my bare face. I’ve already washed my face,
applied skincare and sunscreen. You guys will get to choose a powder for me! Hello, everyone!
Today, I’m taking up the IG challenge. Please help me decide
which powder I should use. This one is Ponds BB for coverage. It’s very famous in Korea. This one is Pinkish White. For pinkish fair skin. Okay, it’s been almost 15 minutes. BB won by a nose by 59%! So today I’m gonna use
this Pond’s BB Magic Powder. I’ve recommended this quite a few times.
It’s very popular in Korea. I always buy this powder for my Korean friends. They always ask me to buy it for them
because it’s expensive in Korea. Keng is here! We’ll go on an adventure together today! We ain’t gonna tell you where. Because we don’t know yet. I’m gonna ask you guys to pick an outfit for me. Okay. I’m gonna ask them. Smoke grey or blue with long sleeve. Which one? I’ll go for this one because today is very hot! A short sleeve is better.
A long sleeve might be too hot. Blue is very pretty though~
(WHAT!!!) But this color… You see! You’re an Seontake jangae too!
(indecisive squad) Can you help me choose a t-shirt?
Which one should I wear? Left or right? The current situation is…
the audience is no different from us. Look at the result!
(very slight difference!) We are all indecisive! I’m gonna wait five minutes more
to see the final result. Right now the majority has voted for…
(5 minutes later) Come on! It’s hot!
The short sleeve won by 3 votes. Oh my god!
(won by 3 votes!) Okay, I’ll go change my clothes. I’ve changed my clothes. Y’all, please help me decide. Where should we go to have lunch?
Wang Lang or Icon Siam? I haven’t been to both places for some time.
You can choose either for me! Let’s see the final result.
(oops shaky hand!) Hey, you guys want us to go for cooling air con. Icon Siam. Cool cool. We’re heading to Icon Siam.
(here we go as you said!!!) But we already got another question for y’all. Because we couldn’t decide.
What do you wanna eat? Pratu! Uh, I mean Pad Thai Thipsamai Pratu Pi.
(wait! you can’t eat the place!) You wanna eat the gate! LOL
(Pratu Pi means ghost gate) But I wanna eat Tonkatsu. I’ll let my IG followers vote now.
So when I arrive, I can go straight to eat. We have to vote Thai food! Pad Thai!
(we’re too hungry to wait) Tonkatsu gonna win this. Everyone. TONKATSU!! PAD THAI!! TONKATSU!!! We’re on the way to Icon Siam.
But there’s an unsolved question. Because she wanna eat… Pad Thai Thipsamai Pratu Pi!!! But I wanna eat Tonkatsu Wago.
Please help us decide. Jay: I’m eating Tonkatsu!
Keng: PAD THAI!!! Whoa~ Once I posted,
there are 2 votes for Tonkatsu! We shall see!
Tonkatsu is coming your way! *happy* I’m gonna vote with my own account!
(CHEATING STRATEGY!!!) You cheater! (AND THE WINNER IS…!) Tonkatsu~ hehehehe~ (Pad Thai 40% / Tonkatsu 60%) This is so gooood!
(that winner’s smile) I’m so happy right now. We stopped by for some drinks and coffee. A caffeineoholic needs her coffee. You got something on your lips! (oops) Oppa~ Please wipe it out for me~ Go away! I’ve asked you guys to vote
between Sampeng Market and a temple. Everyone~ We already had lunch. We’re thinking about where to go next. Please help us choose between visiting
a beautiful temple for beautiful people like us or go shopping at Sampeng. Please vote! After we finish our drinks,
we’ll go catch a boat. And we’ll check on the final result
to see where we’re going. Honestly, I wanna go to a temple. We’re going to the temple, of course. Because that’s who we are.
We always visit temples to make merit. (okay…) And my video ends here. Let’s see where we are going next. Sampeng or temple?! People like us… Go to Sampeng. Sampeng won by 75%.
(majority vote~) Oho~ That’s a lot! Yeah, big difference! But luckily, it’s not boiling hot right now. It’s hot but not sunny. It’s cloudy. Not too sunny. It seems strong but it’s not.
(what do you mean?!) Let’s go catch a boat! On the boat~ on the boat~ on the boat~ How to say boat in Korean? Please don’t ask me that…
*awkward silence* You’re my student! Boteu? Pae! It’s one of the very first words you learned! No~ Bae. Bae means boat or stomach. Bae gopayo (I’m hungry) It also means pear fruit. Once I saw the sunlight,
I knew right away how lucky we are. We came with the sun!
The sunlight is so strong! (brilliant!) Crisis! After we got off the boat,
we have no idea where we are. We’re figuring it out!
(we’re lost) We just have to follow the signs! But there’s not a single sign to be seen! If my younger self sees this,
she’s gonna go crazy. ~Moshi moshi~ (what…) ~I dare to call, you should dare to answer~ Different generations?
Never heard of Golf & Mike? Of course not. Keng: It’s “moshi moshi xx I call to xx”
Jay: No! (totally different song…) If you know this song, please leave a comment!
(i know some of you are old enough!) If you walk to the end of the alleys, you’ll find such a contrasting place. What is this bridge called? Hun Bridge.
(hun means turn in Thai) LOOOOOL
(Hun Bridge, 2505 BE) It doesn’t look like we’re in Sampeng at all. It looks like Cheonggyecheon. If you walk past Sampeng. Yep! You’ll find this. Hun Bridge. This is more like shaking bridge. You’ll also find a pink building
that makes it look like you’re in Korea. You can stop by to snap a shot! Best-selling product of Hun Bridge. (uncle agreed LOL) There’s a strong contrast between here
and the 3 alleys of Sampeng I walked past. It’s very peaceful here.
The wind blows. There’s no car giving you a honk.
No one is rushing you. Not at all. It’s very relaxing. This is a perfect spot to take a rest. Great atmosphere. And my makeup still lasts. Wowza. The power of Pond’s BB. Wow~ Did I just wink?! What did I do?!
(what just happened?!) We’re going to a cafe.
Please vote on how to get there. By taxi or tuk tuk. Whoever invented this thing
has caused me a great annoyance. Give it to me! I’ll throw it away! *angry* We’ll get something to eat at a cafe. Cafe in Yaowarat called Longtou but earlier I called it Longtour. I’m so sorry.
(i changed their name LOL) And I’ve asked my IG followers
whether I should go by taxi or tuk tuk. This is such an overwhelming victory. And the winner is tuk tuk!
(let’s go!) Free fan service. Very nice and cool! Also free music to brighten up your mood! It’s like we just rode a roller coaster. Now we got new hairstyles. What’s wrong? What is it? It’s hot! At last, you have to use this thing anyway. (you rabbit!!!) It’s too hot here. We’ve been waiting too long. (pls tell me it’s actually winter now) (you’re so annoyingly loud!!!) hungryyyy *whisper* This is Longtou. But what should I do if I long for you? (i ask hontoni?!) And that’s it for today. Goodbye. It’s delicious~ You didn’t order this. You don’t get to eat!
(i’m not gonna share!) Umm~ this is so good! While we’re waiting for the 2nd set of food,
let’s touch up a little bit. We waited outside for a long time.
My powder almost wore off. I’ve asked IG people to vote.
Let’s see the result. Please choose a powder I should use to touch up. This one for pinkish, glowing skin. This one for oil control. My face is not so oily, but my hair is. Help me choose! Which color you want? I think y’all will vote the one on the right. Keng and I have theorized that
you guys always voted the right one. Because the winners
have always been on the right side. (and it turned out we’re right!) 57% And the blue one won. This one smells so good.
Actually, all of their powders smell nice. Honestly, I mean it.
I didn’t exaggerate at all. I’m not [email protected]$)@%(@&( *confusing* Keng: Advertising I’m not overly promoting this! Can I try put it on my hair?
(tuk tuk ride damaged my hair) Do you think it will work? Hey, it kinda works. It’s good! Hey~
(no kidding here!) I’m impressed.
I gave this a thumbs up. Mattify both my face and hair! This is the remain of what we’ve eaten. And there’s another set
that has already been taken away. I’m gonna review everything I got from Sampeng.
(Sampeng shopping haul!) Necklace. Keng: Ear cuff. You wear it here.
Jay: Oh yeah, I see. And this necklace. This one is cute. All of these cost only 300 baht. Very cheap! Including this one. And I got eyeglasses that whenever I wear them,
Keng will play this sound effect. (heat can make people go nuts) This costs only 50 baht. I’ll wear four of them all at once. Came by boat, go back by boat. Keng: Ready?
(activity while waiting for the boat to sail off) Keng: When food is rotten,
what kind of insect does it attract? Jay: Fly!
Keng: Correct! Back to the beginning. We’re back at Icon Siam. We had so much fun today. Yeah! Thank you everyone for voting on Instagram. And my makeup is still perfect.
Big thanks to Pond’s too! I’ll see you again in my next video. Bye bye~ Ms. Rabbit wanna say goodbye too~
(why is it still here?!!!) I’ll get rid of it!! I want it higher.
(we have magic.mov) I want it to move fast! Wow, I can customize it! I want them in two colors and an X shape!

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