Hi guys, today we’re going to go golfing but I can’t go like this because I look like an idiot There we go, now let’s go [Camera-dude is Brooks. Grace added captions so I’ll try to indicate who’s talking] [G] In an on-going attempt to broaden my horizons and experience all aspects of life I’m genuinely going to try to play golf to the best of my abilities today I don’t have clubs We’re not going to a high-end area, Thank God We are going to a medium to low end area course, golf course. We are going to a golf course. Of course. It’s nine holes We’re going to a par 3 but you obviously know what that means We’re in the jungle now. Oh my god. Oh my God. East side of LA is dangerous Par 3 means that most people, it takes them three hits to get it in the hole I’m going to say my score is gonna be… 75 That’s my prediction. I’m going to try. I already am sweating This outfit: great in theory Not awesome in practice thus far Go sports Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow [B] [G] [B] [G] [G] [G] [G] [G] [G] *suck on my balls balls* [G] [G] [G] [G] [G] [G] no one knows [G] [G] [G] [G] [G] [G] [B] [G]>>[B] *Don’t you wish your girlfriend was–* We’re at the glory hole. The final hole. It’s a golf term for the final hole in a golf game [B] [G] [G] [B] [G] [B] [G] [B] [G] [B] Whoa! Doesn’t matter I won YAY GOLF I don’t like this part of golf

100 thoughts on “EMBARRASSING MYSELF ON A GOLF COURSE // Grace Helbig”

  1. Lance Mannly says:

    grace acts so cutesy and adorable around brooks lol its great

  2. imkluu says:

    I loved the cut off shorts.

  3. deena blumenthal says:

    you should do mini golf next

  4. Joshua Davila says:

    just watched Graces snl audition how does it not have a billion views?

  5. J4mm0r says:

    I'm sorry I called you Nikki at the wrap party.

  6. Rachel Dobbins says:

    I legit thought the thumbnail was Donald Trump. Whoops!

  7. There'sAlwaysanException says:

    you haven't disappionted me Grace! although your spellchecking could use some work

  8. Aba Log says:

    Sponsor a wedgie in need. Or, tell that guy to stop doing air guitar.

  9. O Paul says:

    The best part was Grace washing balls….. obvious, but, wow, at the end of the blog?

  10. GraphG123 says:

    Brooks fucking Wheelen

  11. Embrace Enigma says:

    How were you recording audio? It's really clear!

  12. omomoification says:

    that's my favorite part of golf

  13. Angelina Nunez says:

    "It touched the leaf! That's illegal" I'm laughing so much, this is gold comedy 😂

  14. Faith Tucker says:

    who is this male voice

  15. Hot Wine says:

    Legs plant shoulder width apart, slightly bent. Twist hips on backswing, keep left arm straight, head down. Begin forward swing. Keep head down, swing through, extend arms toward target and twist hands to keep club face in right position. Look up and watch the baby fly straight down the fairway!

  16. Ryley Bridges says:

    "it's easy to not be competitive if you just always assume you're going to lose and then you're never disappointed." words of wisdom from grace helbig

  17. k4rg0d00d13 says:

    Welcome to the family, Brooks.

  18. youraveragefan45 says:

    Who is Brooks? Should I know him? Are they dating?

  19. clarinetocd says:

    Another outing with Grace and her voice companion

  20. Sparky Arreff says:

    Ball washing… .

  21. Justien Dugeña says:

    She didn't say "I don't know."

  22. Miami Delgado says:

    Is Brooks Grace's new bf?

  23. Tracy Bedgood says:

    Either you're dressed to play golf or you're the hype man for DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince circa 1989.

  24. moARRgan says:

    you seem SO HAPPY. it makes me SO HAPPY

  25. Trojan Hell says:

    Golf is boring sport

  26. DankTech says:

    I see, embarrassing and golf together and I immediately think trump

  27. heather ladd says:

    i needed this laugh Grace. thank you!

  28. terphands says:

    The editing is gold. Almost makes me forget that it sounded like I tossed my computer in the pool just prior to pushing play.

  29. Leah Challis says:

    I really enjoyed this video!! Had me laughing so hard!

  30. Yomidopidop says:

    I don't know?

  31. Jamie Hayes says:

    Was that a hockey or golf swing Grace.

  32. FloridaGirl 126 says:

    Love this.

  33. ARIEL says:

    75% of why this video is so great is because of the exaggerated and (very entertaining) subtitles.

  34. Noah Luker says:

    The audio of this video is insanely clear.

  35. cayogator says:

    a "whiff" is a "stroke" lol , "put your clubs up for 6 month, then quit" LeeTrevino, I think

  36. NYANING says:

    i did not like this

  37. Bryan Terry says:

    This video was click bait there was an arrow pointing at her ass

  38. Stella Roy says:

    Mind provided structural population farmer cook asset dry.

  39. lewis camacho says:

    what is this shit channel doing on the trending page

  40. Gi_panda Bear says:

    "Thus far" …LOL!

  41. Katie Causey says:

    Grace! Your short game is great!

  42. Calvin Hilpert says:

    i. love. this. CONTENT!

  43. scilla mendoza says:

    "It touched the leaf that's illegal"

  44. webkinzluver1231 says:


  45. Dave Broshinsky says:

    I was looking for the shit stain.

  46. lewis camacho says:

    Trying to clickbait but you have no ass

  47. gus1baseball says:

    You forgot your ass at home

  48. Hunter Hotaling says:

    If you swing the club at address to the ball it counts even if you missed the ball completely

  49. El Jefe says:

    What a waste of 5 seconds trying to forward this video until the pee part that never happened

  50. Jemma Kate says:

    "I wasn't filming too well because of my disappointment"

  51. angelina says:

    man, i still can't get over how much you look like Évelyne Brochu from Orphan black, just me?

  52. Maria SH says:

    Grace! Where'd you get those sunglasses???? <3

  53. Alex Q says:

    Where did you get your sunglasses?

  54. Katie Nix says:

    I was on the golf team in high school (I know, I know…) and I was just like this… to a tee. Ayoo!

  55. Golden Books says:

    I feel like I'm intruding on the world's most awkward date

  56. imonlykate says:

    "it's not time for math it's time for sports"

  57. Bluey's Momma TPaz says:

    what's up with the sound quality?
    p.s. Grace is a cute golfin gal

  58. Kyle Carmichael says:

    So…Uh…Grace, you have a great body for golf, tall, lean, flexible.. take some lessons and you'd be on the pro tour! Really I'm being honest about this.

  59. mackay19850203 says:

    Your boyfriend sounds like TJ Miller

  60. anna bell says:

    she actually looks good in this.

  61. Ana Harvey says:

    god damn brooks is sooooo cute

  62. Marissa Slattery says:

    i want some sort of collab between the grace and brooks in this video and the jenna and julien in the video where jenna teaches him how to pitch

  63. Stick 13 says:

    Nice Jorts

  64. Ryann says:

    This seems like weird trump cosplay.

  65. Red AF says:

    When she said always assume your going to lose so your not disappointed that is like me every time I play games and sports.

  66. Aimee W says:

    are those kermit & marbles socks

  67. Sheri Vaughan says:

    You're great. He's great. I would give you all the stickers. Thanks for it.

  68. A.J. Roadie says:

    Grace goes Golfing: wow and she is a ringer.

  69. Ben Bagley says:

    Grace, you golf better than I do 🙂 this was too enjoyable. flashback memories of my attempts at golf lol (I'm terrible at golf)

  70. Dare Wee says:

    Dat booty

  71. Doo Wrender says:


  72. Steven says:

    I haven't seen Grace stroke this much since she was backstage at a Harry Styles concert

  73. Olivia Eather says:


  74. Ne Fili says:

    Not that bad

  75. Ne Fili says:

    So much Swag

  76. Bailey Powell says:

    As a golfer I must say that this was absolutely freaking hysterical

  77. Neil Parker says:

    Great jorts!

  78. kaylee walker says:

    I like brooks

  79. Nicole Bloomer says:

    I love grace but as a person who play I definitely cringed a bit

  80. Nicole Bloomer says:

    I love grace but as a person who play I definitely cringed a bit

  81. MariusIoannesP says:

    "It's not time for math. It's time for sports."

  82. Ana Fox says:

    "*door closes* ACTION!" that hypothetical is making me laugh more than it should!

  83. Ana Fox says:


  84. Robert Ambrose says:

    "Hay guys I got a glory hole"

  85. java2guava says:

    This deserves more views!!

  86. Noobskillet says:

    1:18 love the Owen Wilson impression!

  87. BenMJay says:

    I have watched Grace in like a year, who's the dude?

  88. Oh_Henry says:

    I fucking lost it at the ball-cleaner!

  89. Satsuki yuki says:

    I just started learning golf and oh it is so hard to even hit it for me

  90. Lindsay Heilman says:

    Why does the audio sound like she's inside

  91. Mizz Matrix says:

    Please, please, pleeease, make this into a series. This is so funny.

  92. Austin Laizure says:

    My favorite part about golf is watching my dad get mad at himself when he messes up

  93. Ballston D says:

    At 3:14 you definitely look like Mitch Hedberg.

  94. jailyn's creations says:


  95. jailyn's creations says:

    52 for a par 3 actually isnt bad for someone who's never played golf before! GO GRACE!

  96. lilly merrill says:

    Why does it sound like that

  97. Lauren says:

    Where are those sunglasses from thooooo

  98. michelle hancock says:

    I need more sports videos

  99. La Luna Roz says:

    Do sky diving next

  100. bigvig209 says:

    Who’s the camera guy

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