Ellen Gets Preempted by a Celebrity Speed Racer

So I want to talk about a
problem I’ve had lately. I have been getting
preempted by car chases. And it’s– we put a lot
of work into this show. We want to entertain you. We work hard. And then all of a sudden
a car chase comes on, we’re taken off the air
to follow a car chase. And like in L.A., there’s
car chases almost every day. There’s a lot of
car chases here. So they cut in, they
just take my show off. They just cut in to follow that. And like it’s more
important or something. And last week they
were kind enough, they didn’t take our show off. They just put the car chase
in a corner in the box. So there was the– [LAUGHTER] yeah. Thanks so much, everybody, for
not taking my show off the air and putting the car chase in. I wish they would not interrupt
my show for car chases because they’re stupid,
they’re dangerous, these people don’t
need attention. What? I’m sorry? Really? Right now? You’re kidding me. I’m being told there’s
a car chase, on the lot? On the Warner Brother’s lot? Hopefully, they won’t
interrupt the show to cover it. Because, oh, no they have. [SIREN] There’s a car chase going on. And it looks like it’s, oh. Oh. What’s up. There’s a– yeah, and oh, I’m
being told it’s Dax Shepard. Is it Dax Shepard? That’s not– and security? He’s throwing out,
that’s not his money. That’s probably
Kristen Bell’s money. He doesn’t have
that kind of money. Dax give up. You won’t take me alive. I want this to end peacefully. Oh, people are waving
and taking selfies. Woo. They are supporting this guy. I can’t. OK, they’re putting
a strip out, I understand, to try to stop him. Look. OK. Look. Oh, he got stopped. He’s on foot. He’s running. I’m told he’s running
into the studio. Stay calm everybody. Stay calm. Because it– [CHEERS] That’s– Ah. OK. They got him. They got him. They got him. And it turns out– no. All right, they got him. Look at that. Someone looking for– what
are you looking for, Joel? Something in the back pocket? What are you–
there you have it. You’ve got it. OK. Boy, you’re really
good at that, Joel. You’ve never actually done
work as a cop before, so. See that was stupid. Stupid. It’s a waste of time. I don’t know why they
cover car chases. It’s just a waste.

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