Ellen and tWitch Play a New Game: ‘Fill in the Blanking News’
Ellen and tWitch Play a New Game: ‘Fill in the Blanking News’

But right now Twitch
and I are going to play a brand new game
called Blanking News. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Here’s how it works. I am going to read a news
headline that’s missing a word, then Twitch and I are
going to try and guess what the missing word is. OK, this is the first
time we’ve played this. We’ll see how this goes. It seems hard to me,
but maybe it’s not. OK. Here’s the first one. Man arrested for stealing
over $1 million worth of– Woo. What do you think? Daytime television sucks. [LAUGHTER] Socks? Sucks, mhm. First you said soocks. Socks, yeah. [LAUGHTER] Kind of had to work through it. OK. Maybe your jeans
are too tight too. [LAUGHTER] Man arrested for stealing over– I think it’s going to be
something obviously ridiculous. I’m going to say tweezers. Tweezers. Let’s see what it is. First at 10, an investigation
is now under way after a former Cameron County
Juvenile Justice Department employee was caught
stealing over $1 million worth of the fajitas. [LAUGHTER] I don’t even think a
restaurant has $1 million worth of fajitas. They’re like $1.49 or something. That’s ridiculous. Like, do you have to
have a warming truck? I mean, because they’re
going to go bad, right? Unless you have a truck
that keeps them warm. Mhm. You’ve got to plan
ahead if you’re stealing fajitas, that’s all I’m saying. [LAUGHTER] Here’s the next one. Woman claims wind blew
blank into her purse. Oh. You want to go
first on this one? I’m going to say a blouse. I think she was
stealing something and she’s claiming that. So I’m going to say a blouse. OK, I’m going to
go a little left. I’m going to say weed. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. I don’t know. Yeah. You know, joints just
sometimes are light and they fly like a dandelion. They just kind of, like, where’s
it going it to land, you know? Let’s see. A woman claims that high winds
blew cocaine into her purse. [LAUGHTER] Wow. The thing is, I
should be ashamed that I know our human
race is like that, you know what I’m saying? Yes, because it’s probably
an excuse you’ve used. No, no, no, no. That’s why. So the cocaine, was
it in a container or was it just loose
cocaine that the winds– let’s find out. Because if we’re going
to play the game, we should know all the answers. Finally, here’s the last one. It’s worth double points because
there’s two blanks in it, OK? Woman’s date steals
her blank then uses it to take out her blank. OK. The woman’s date
steals her car and then uses it to take out her cousin. [LAUGHTER] That’s a really good one. Somehow I have
tweezers on my mind. So I was going to say woman’s
date steals her tweezers to take out her appendix. [LAUGHTER] That’s where I went. Let’s see what happens. A Memphis woman has a doozy
of a terrible date story. Her date stole her
car and then used it to take out her godsister. [APPLAUSE] What? Twitch, that is amazing. It’s amazing and sad too, right? Yeah. Wow, that’s incredible. Congratulations, you
win with 500 points and I win with four
points even though I didn’t get anything right. Wow, that’s very impressive. We’ll play that game
again, but this time we’ll have more information. OK.

100 thoughts on “Ellen and tWitch Play a New Game: ‘Fill in the Blanking News’”

  1. Joshua Laughlin says:

    Anyone else notice how she said twitch wins AND she wins😂

  2. Emma Dz says:

    And they were all Florida men

  3. Khloe Wilcox says:

    Hold up who steals fajitas

  4. Lenny_DG7 says:

    Who else thought of socks?

  5. charan kamboj says:


  6. F34R IXI says:

    I have always been pronouncing Fajita like fa-ji-ta but i guess i was always wrong

  7. Dirt Lord says:

    This is a stolen comment.

  8. General inc says:

    got 2nd one righr haha

  9. CafeOW says:

    Wait is twitch not the streaming platform?

  10. UR MOM NEWS says:

    Twitch won with 420

  11. Kai Deleon says:

    And the car and godsister expect I said sister so I think that right

  12. Nandini Maheshwari says:

    Twitch was on fire 😎😎

  13. Ahmad Almuzanen says:

    I got it

  14. JuliosWRLD says:


  15. Brandon Berry says:

    Apparently they both win. She said "you win with 500 points and i win with 4 points" Explain.

  16. salcilia says:

    is twitch the guy who voiced finnick from zootopia or is it just me

  17. Nova says:

    Lemme go steal 1 million worth of SOCKS

  18. Kevin Reisich says:

    he knew because he was the date lol O.O

  19. Fraztic • says:

    Omg I got the second one

  20. Gold Byte says:


  21. Yolanda P.E says:

    When your date steals your car to go out with your godsister.
    I just cant bealive that happened

  22. AmericanEagle - says:

    It said food and drink in the first one.

  23. Jerboa 456 says:

    Spoilers below!

  24. Dope Kicks says:

    Shoulda been multiple choice

  25. King Kibble says:

    Give me all your fajitas or else!

  26. John Sonia says:

    When it says takes out her god sister, do they mean killed her?

  27. Lizzie Larkin says:

    Fa J ITas where is the H?

  28. Mr Snowy says:

    The guy stole $1,000,000 worth of vbucks

  29. WsC_ Rush says:

    Did anyone think it was tWitch that did that

  30. F8_HYPER_NOVA says:

    Ellen’s laugh tho

  31. abeer badawi says:

    I am so dumb i ate fajitas today

  32. McKenzie Abbott says:

    I thought the first one was jeffree stars makeup

  33. Kameron Creamer says:

    0:34 I’m sorry but I’m dieting cause this

  34. The BLUE SQUAD says:

    Taught it was jewellery

  35. iiJustxs ö says:

    All of the comments have 100 like or more LIKE NO FAIR

  36. TheBomb DotCom says:

    I am going to check everyday to see if my comment gets a like

  37. ITZ ALMOT says:


  38. ITZ ALMOT says:


  39. Afrayam K says:

    It’s so creepy that I thought the first one was sockS!!!

  40. Anya Wetzel says:

    I’ve seen the coke one.

  41. Kevin Le says:

    I actually got the second question right

  42. Sira says:

    I don't even know what fajitas are lol

  43. KingOfTheThings says:

    i would agree with 3:07 if it was the alabama post

  44. patrick. says:

    one state. flordia.

  45. Porter Reed says:

    I love ELLEN

  46. MrNikkimaxine says:

    My bother is not doing anything my mother is tall hem do something he nave doesn’t do anything at all my mother said she tall me what now she tall me do something I just do it get done my mother tall you now what is going on

  47. Yakira Schwartz says:

    November 2019 ?
    Anyone :
    Nope just me 😅

  48. Cute_Skyler! :3 says:

    The last one I had right kinda I had car right but I said sister not godsister

  49. GD Mapsven says:


  50. Jessica Cox says:

    Twitch is Da Man

  51. Siena says:

    I thought he said “Daytime television sUcks!”

  52. John Scott says:

    Man caught stealing Burritos I think Ellen

  53. fluent kamikaze says:

    “Man arrested for stealing $1 million worth of”
    Mia Khalifa bath water

  54. Jude Lewis says:

    Twitch is amazing!! ❤

  55. Team Cringe says:


  56. my favorite kind of cheese is che.beebo.ese says:


  57. Gaea Arciga says:

    1million worth of subs?

  58. Power Slayer says:

    “I just stole the Mona Lisa”

    hold my fajitas

  59. 69 alpha says:

    2:21 only one I got right

  60. annie m says:

    For the first one there was a hint it was food because on top it says food in red

  61. The Salinas Sisters says:

    2:37 was kinda racist

    Like if u agree

  62. LilLemonJuicce says:


  63. SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/ says:


  64. That Kid says:

    This was stolen from Have I got news for you in uk which has been going since 1990

  65. it'sEliza gacha says:

    I think twitch stole the cocane and he was the man who stole the car and that how he got it right 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂jk

  66. MoneySpider says:

    Ellen and tWITCH

  67. Valeria Miles says:

    Andy should hide in the box and scare Ellen without her knowledge. 😂

  68. Naya Suleiman says:

    Omg I guessed it right in the 2nd one

  69. Henrikson Namgreb says:

    Wooow Komments

  70. Kuzmania says:

    he look like tyler

  71. Martha Tosh says:


  72. Martha Tosh says:

    A banana

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    “Just in that a man just stole $1million
    Of fajitas”

  74. Rodrigo Lyra Vlogs e Gameplays says:

    Thought twitch was the streaming site

  75. zain awad says:

    I want uma


    What if twitch was the person who stole the fajitas and on his way his girlfriends god sister saw him stealing. As he went on a date with his girlfriend he saw her god sister looking at him he got scared that she might call the police so he stole that car and killed her thinking it was his date’s cousin.

    Illuminati has entered
    luck has vanished
    Coincidence rejoices

  77. ExpertTee says:

    Man arrested for stealing 1 million dollars worth of condems

  78. Birdie Ralls says:

    I love your videos you are awesomr

  79. TBSCRITICAL SharedKarma says:

    I got the second one right

  80. Ezra Murti says:

    man steals 1 million dollars of cheese by not saying when

  81. Carly Simon says:


  82. fade says:

    I swear to GOD i said in my mind *socks before he even said it, what oW My GoD I'm shockedd*

  83. CinnamonDuke says:

    2 more comments till 1000 comments

  84. sausages4pablo says:


  85. sausages4pablo says:


  86. sausages4pablo says:


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    Only got the 2nd one right

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  95. Gabriel McGowan says:


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    Ellen ♥♥👍👍

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