Ellen and Cardi B Play ‘5 Second Rule’
Ellen and Cardi B Play ‘5 Second Rule’

I’ll name a category. Actually, Twitch
will name a category. And we have five seconds to name
three things in that category, and then you hit the button. I’ll start so you
see how it goes. Five seconds goes real fast. OK, OK. OK. OK. Ellen, name three things
that can fit in your pocket. Money, marbles, and Kleenex. So I have 1.7 seconds left. OK, Cardi, name three things
you say when you’re surprised? Oh snap, oh shishkabob, oh
[INAUDIBLE] Hey, no, wait. No, you have to do
it, after you name it. Who said that? After you name it. All right. That’s OK. OK. It’s a tie. Ellen, name three words that
sound disgusting but aren’t. Wussy, sludge, and smut. You know a word? Moist. Moist. Yes. Yes, moist sounds bad,
and it’s not, really. Yeah. OK, Cardi, besides boobs,
what are three different names for breasts? [MUTED], watermelons, melons. You did it! Watermelons and melons. All right, Ellen, what are
three things you wish you owned, but don’t? Uh, oh. She got a Lamborghini
truck connection. Yeah, I kind of– Yup, yup. Yup. Cardi, name three things you
shouldn’t do at a strip club. Not give money, slap
the booty real hard, and eat chicken wings. People eat chicken
wings in the strip club. That’s gross. It’s kind of gross, yeah. Yeah, they should not eat
chicken wings at a strip club. It’s gross. All right, Ellen, name
the last three celebrities you text with? Bruno, Justin, and Anna Ferris. Cardi, name three things
that make you laugh. Money, chocolate, and [MUTED]. Money makes you laugh. Chocolate makes you laugh. And [MUTED]. Yes. All right. Cardi B’s new album,
Invasion of Privacy, can be streamed everywhere. Congratulations on
all your nominations. You’re doing great. We’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “Ellen and Cardi B Play ‘5 Second Rule’”

  1. Nirlep Patel says:

    U….ummm…..O 😂😂😂

  2. Karee Picard says:

    Ellen says "uhhh" allot

  3. Aditya singh says:

    She talks to Bruno a lottt

  4. dorotheafwt says:

    Bro Was soooo cute when she was pregnant

  5. Varun Seeth says:

    My dream is a lambo

  6. Anna Diop says:

    When she said who said that It reminded me of The who said that vine

  7. Asutu Campbell says:

    Ellen owns eveything

  8. nadia says:

    I love Cardi.She is so funny❤❤❤

  9. Olivia Martino says:

    I like how everyone clapped when cardi said moist like she was a genius

  10. AHey Wazzzup says:

    I can’t find a video of cardi b that I wouldn’t laugh so hard

  11. Suga Kookie says:

    you know you're rich when
    Twitch: name things you wish you had but don't
    Ellen: flabbergasted

  12. Cassandra Eribib says:

    cardi never follows instructions

  13. TBCMazzi says:

    Cardi B's voice is so sexy

  14. Fatima Jahangir says:

    Ellen wished she was a man. 🤣

  15. Muhammad Mondesir says:

    Cardi rel cool though wow

  16. Sharothi Gitagama says:

    Cardi out there making her own rules

  17. sara arbia says:

    I love the way cardi hit the button ahaha

  18. snake says:

    1:21 legendary hahahah

  19. BtsV the best says:

    I hat the word moist

  20. Mannat Shandilya says:

    But gyz did no one loved it when they found out that the last person Ellen talked with was justin . Like they still have friendship . Ilovethem.

  21. Chandler Bing says:

    Pls have cardi back on the show

  22. Meg Pam says:

    Love cardi😂😍❤️

  23. Adella Mills says:

    Ellen found her match

  24. Lifewithowen says:

    My sister dam she loves cadi b

  25. emoji queen says:


  26. Kartika Atara Ridwan says:

    Ellen is like barbie from barbie life in the dream house like barbie has all fashion stuff in her closet and ellen has almost everything too

  27. Ange Chapman says:

    That's was funny

  28. Shannon Reynolds says:

    I want to be on Cardi’s level of boldness.

  29. kameshwari kapal says:

    Money chocolate and ?!

  30. Nichelle Myers says:

    money chocolate and watt cardi say??lol

  31. Raquel Castro says:


  32. Genea Cunningham says:

    Lol, Ellen is ballin.

  33. True Skillz Kitchen says:

    Cardi B is a true Libra we have no dam filter and always 💯😂

  34. Mercy Wanjiru says:

    Ellen owns everything she wanted😍😍😍😍

  35. Melanie Hernández says:

    Down I want to go to your show I'im 10

  36. gamingwith kim says:

    I wish I was on The Ellen show

  37. ACHILLES 123 says:

    She is so…. I don't have the word. But wanna watch her more on talk show

  38. Jerome Lucas says:

    Money , chocolate , and what ?

  39. Kusta Kuties says:

    Love Cardi B!👌🏿💙

  40. Vikram Sharma says:


  41. MyEyesAreBiggerThanMyStomach says:

    I honestly thought she was gonna say something inappropriate

  42. Jay Vala says:

    Don't ask that to Ellen, she owns everything ✌🏻

  43. Swag. com says:

    Money, chocolate, and what?

  44. jayden rivera says:

    1:08 im sleep 😂😂😂

  45. Angelar Kitheka says:

    🤣😂money, chocolate and Pennnosjdhhcjskk😂😂

  46. amina Msp says:

    name three things you say when your are surprised
    Cardi:OH SNAP

  47. DCW Films says:

    She owns everything she wants, lol!

  48. Honey B says:

    Love Cardi B!

  49. Xina scamander Gacha says:

    Me: *clicks on the video*
    Also me: oh god what’s cardi gonna say….?

  50. Akshay Nair says:

    Cardi is playing like a small child 😄

  51. Anna T says:

    I wanna see Sofia Vergara and cardi play this against each other!

  52. Emma Heart says:

    For the three things I don’t own I would’ve said:
    -A life
    -A significant other

  53. R D says:

    Money chocolate and??

  54. Abril P.S says:

    Ellen can’t own the earth and god

  55. Chris Curry says:

    Watermelons and melons there rown

  56. Dora Čarić says:

    We want more

  57. Landon Lyles says:

    do not throw pennies

  58. farznish says:

    I love Ellen and Cardi together! 😂

  59. Cute Falala says:

    Ure texting with jb, we miss jb on ellen show

  60. Merl Avery says:

    Cardi is beautiful.

  61. Courtney Krubsack says:

    Moist I was thinking of that 🤣

  62. NigerianDarkVader says:

    1:25 Gender Changer

  63. superblouse94 says:

    Nobody ever plays this game right. 😂

  64. Hind Altamimi says:

    But they didn’t drop any food?

  65. Aaron Bushnell says:

    what makes Cardi laugh money, chocolate, and what

  66. Kat X says:

    I know it's a wig but wat's her colour does anyone know???

  67. Creenberrv says:


  68. HeyStopIt Ethan says:

    Guess that the editor forgot to disable the comments

  69. L B says:

    2:26 Someone fill in the blanks: "money, chocolate, and _________"

  70. مترجم اغاني says:

    نومي نيشن

  71. no way says:

    After watching Sofia Vergara one this is just too good

  72. precious lawson says:

    Cardi B💖

  73. Aron Smith says:

    She said UH UM eat chicken wings 😂😂😂😂💀

  74. Billy Sweety Vlog says:

    Watching this makes me happy 👏💕💚

  75. Thisis Apharty says:

    1:21 is the meme you came for

  76. Kusta Kuties says:


  77. biChō daŕK says:

    Money ' chocolate and pe**s

  78. Favour Franklin says:

    Ellen own everything


    0:42 💜💜💗

  80. natalie says:

    There was a Ellentube commercial after this lol

  81. Fresh Avocado says:

    "Cardi name three things that makes you laugh"?
    Cardi: ahh moneyyy, chocolate, and P*nis. 😂😂

  82. Juan Sanchez says:

    2:36 i heard ellen say sh**

  83. Heena Afzal says:

    Do you know what cardi b means?

    Cardigan Backyardigan

  84. Yisroel Weiss says:

    Was ellen confused?

  85. wal id says:

    Ellen on 2015: nicki minaj
    And New on 2018.2019: cardi b
    I love nicki minaj so Much
    Everyone preferred the best celebration.
    Who many peoples like nicki minaj .Ariana grande?.and who many peoples like cardi b?

  86. Balázs Szombathelyi says:


  87. TextingStory Girls says:

    Yeet poop tune djd disband dish’s is dish’s sieisyd is disused usdusudu

  88. Daniel M says:

    All that money snd still no children. Where is happynes in that ?

  89. Yugvijay says:

    Imagine her with Sofia Vergara

  90. Ahmed mohammed ali says:

    Who noticed ellen resembles that actress in the walking dead ?

  91. Samira stars says:

    I love you ellen

  92. Mercedes Hernandez says:

    Twitch: What are 3 things you wish you owned but don’t?

    Ellen: UH UH OH 😂😂*realizes she own everything she wants*

  93. Kjneathery68 Neathery says:

    I'm starting to wonder if cardi didn't have brain damage before

  94. Duy Anh says:

    1:11, what and watermelon, melon, guys??

  95. Julie Smith says:

    Ellen I can't believe she just didn't start naming country's. 😂😂😂

  96. Kayden Moses says:

    Cardi did better than Sofia Vegara😂😂

  97. Mehersa Sharma says:

    Ellen call me as well
    I’m from Nepal

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