Elite Dangerous – My Type 10 Defender Thargoid Killing Loadout

It’s commander Ricardo and welcome to
jameson memorial and elite dangerous two point for the return now the type
tempers released this is my look at type ten loadout is not definitive things are
gonna change over time this is what I thought I would kit it out with now if
you haven’t done so can you click the legend subscribe and also be active in
the comments section but be kind as well so I know what sort of things you’re
looking for I can do more videos about so into the outfits in section then so a
lot of conjecture with the old type ten some of people in the community of
saying oh it’s just a type nine with a spoiler on it and all the rest of that
sort of thing but yeah okay you can see it draws its similarities from the type
nine and let’s not go down that rabbit hole it is what it is we’ve got what
we’ve got if you want something completely different let’s wait for the
old chieftain so I’m gonna start fitting out some utilities so a shutdown field
neutralizer gotta have one of those if you’re gonna go thorough in killing and
also you need a xenos scanner for scanning those Fergie’s so that in mind
as well there’s also other stuff to explore and do with that ship heat sinks
as well now the type nine used to run quite hot
what would the type ten be like we’re only really gonna know whence we get
into combat there’s a little tip heat sinks a good to dissipate heat we all
know this but all this corrosive damage you get when battling thurgau it’s like
what we can see on some of the ships we’ve seen and some of the ships that
you’ve seen that have been battered in fleets by superheating your ship and
then releasing a heat sink you can actually get rid of that damage you can
cook it off so a little bit tip there for you so let’s carry on
fitting out what we’re gonna put in the utility section so far we got heat sinks
I think I’ve got old point defense would be quite good as a people are gonna be
shooting Stephanus not just thurgood’s so a point defense I think is gonna be
the way forward manifest gun is not to interested in all that I think a kill
warrant scanner might be needed I’m gonna go for an a-rated kill scanner
gosh like.oh for addy rated one a or D D is lighter a a is better hmm d it is weight weight is very important
when kicking out a ship that will affect your jump range and then some shield
boosters in the final slot I’m gonna go for a class shield boosters can try and
maximize the amount of hit points this shield and this ship possibly has now
there’s always where you can make things better you can make it pure combat and
nothing else but it has to be some sort of like a multi-role affair because
other people are gonna come at you NPC’s in game players griefers you know the
sort of people then say a lot that goes bought a really big ship and spent loads
of money on it and he’s got like a fifteen million rebuy mm-hmm let’s take
him out baby you know you’re not flying around in battlestar galactica room so
onto core internals now I think military-grade
alloys are the way forward the thyroids don’t seem to do damage one way or
another so going for reflective or reactive or mirrored surfaces my cue a
disadvantage military-grade composite gives you an advantage across the board
so I’ve gone for military-grade on this ship powerplant but we can certainly do
better than the 6e that we’ve fitted so we’re gonna go straight in 142 million
oh the money’s going down the money’s going down yeah we got a lot
of that you got out you gotta have a lot of power right because that’s just the
way forward and then thrust is not gonna Bowl with that just yet frameshift drive
well you could have well that’s better that’s been fitted 7a is gonna give us
nineteen point six seven light years at the moment but we’re still outfitting
into life support as well and the power distributors power distributor you gotta
have a good one because that’s what your weapons are running off that’s what
everything else is running off and when it comes down to it you need a good
power distributor you wanna get the maximum amount of weapon burn and shield
recharge rate you possibly can and of course you can go engineering these
things sensors I’m not too heavily retire with reliant on sensors and you
can also engineer them especially with Jameson in system if you unlock that
engineer I’m going for a 4d now optional internals it comes you can have a grade
eight cargo rack should you want to you know grade eight I’d rather go for a
shield generator now these are gonna be a big old chunk of change and I’m
burning through my money like my missus at a Christmas shopping market it’s
unbelievable but I’ve got one I think in my store and I just need to have it shit
to the station so the basic discovery scanner as well yes
I’m sure I’ve got one of those knocking around in my store no need to go buying
one I think but thump start using and reusing some of the stuff they’ve
already had of all the other ships something I want to fit as well with
this ship it’s a crew anti-corrosive cargo bay now these are only generally
bought from Palin but I’ve got quite a few in my store as well so I’ll get them
over in my stored modules there’s my shield generator it has been engineered
it’s an 80 but hey so what it’s better than the one that I’ve got and I’m gonna
fit that out in the top slot so let’s go through the store and get
something shipped to the station and then once I’ve gone through all that
when I come back I can start fitting it out so I’m back I took the old dog for a
walk and then came back and all my stuff or most of my stuff’s arrived back in
station which is great so ok let’s get that cargo rack that
corrosive resistant cargo rack in just in case there’s anything that I can pick
up anything Fargo ID it’s a couple of probes around in system bring a transfer
the hull reinforcement packs the military slots as well make most use of
those I’ve got some engineered beam lasers some of the empty internal
compartments got an advanced discovery scanner I’ve got some ax missile racks
now the ax missile racks I’m not exactly sure how good they are for thrashing a
Thurgood I’m probably gonna go with cannons but I’m going to put some beam
lasers and I got engineered beam laser here as I mentioned because it’s
probably worthwhile having at least some conventional weaponry there should
someone try and do me a bit of damage while I’m out and about I mean cuz the
ship’s so big and it’s quite lumbering even though it’s more maneuverable than
what you think it would be it’s not a lumbering old beast as a weapons
platform you’re gonna need something to at least five fire back you can’t just
throw rocks at the thing so in the medium hardpoints as well I’m
gonna go with Joe I’m gonna put a missile rack in I think just for the
time being in this medium her point I’m gonna see what I do got flack and put a
remote release flak launcher in not sure that to go with turrets or just single
fire not entirely sure what I should be doing that I might change that to a
turret in a later revision but I go for the ax multi cannons now I don’t really
want to go for the fixed ones even though you know the third goads a big
old unit and might just go for the turrets they’re a bit more expensive
well they’re three times more expensive it’s exactly what they are but you know
that might just be ease of use because I’ll be concentrating on flying the ship
and doing everything else it’s that everything else being the problem and
with a ship like this there’s gonna be a huge rebuy stake for it especially with
all the gear I’ve got on it because you want to get it as good as you possibly
can aren’t you really so ax multi cannons it is and we’re gonna spit them
out in turret mode have him only fire on the target now my money is depleting
down to 94 million oh no I hear some of you say not 94
million oh yeah I had about nearly 500 when I came in started this little
endeavor so I think as well that’s gonna be done by frontier to try and level
people out try and separate some people from their credits there are still
people who are gonna go out and not bother with this ship but hey it’s part
of the game and it’s nearly Christmas so what you’re gonna do
and those ax multi cannons they do look good they do look nice you know nice
twin barrel guns it does look fantastic now something that I haven’t been
keeping an eye on is mass and in a moment I’m going to be throwing a little
bit of a curveball here weird thing is say no you can’t have that you’ve gone
over mass so mass is very important so I went back I did some lightweight modules
here we go look see exceeded my mass or I’ve exceeded my limit of four
experimental weapons voice is a thyroid killer you can’t limit me if I’ve got
the many to four experimental weapons I mean what sort of a dictatorship is this
so we’ll get rid of that missile rack and see what else I think
I think the cannons are probably gonna be the best way of going forward with
this if I can get one in and now it’s saying I’ve exceeded me my maximum
amount of mass so in that case then time to get in there get some of those
modules toned down so I can then come back and keep on refitting the weapons
so with a couple of cod modules now reduced in mass unable to carry on
fitting out the weapons section so you’ve got an empty medium hard point
there more I’m gonna transfer a beam laser in thank you very much we’ll have
some of that transfer to ship bang it’s in and it’s things like this in this
game that you know if you don’t realize what you’re doing you don’t pay
particularly paying attention you can think oh my god I can’t fit too many
weapons and gonna go out short-handed and you’re gonna get your ass blown off
that’s not to say I’m not gonna get my ass blown off with what I’m doing here
but let’s face it you got rank yourself the maximum amount about you possibly
can and these ships are going to need a huge amount of engineering as well so a
few beam lasers well in the small hardpoints ax cannons more beam lasers
and some remote release flak launchers on the medium-hard points i’m not sure
whether i’m going to change that other one there to a turret I don’t know I
don’t know I think I think I go for a turret on that one just so it can go off
and do its own thing while I’m doing other things okay so that’s that then
just check on the utilities yes shield boosters point defense heatsink launch
of xeno scanners core internal military power plant and all that life support
I’ve gone for a D on the life support its light and thrusters we’re gonna go
for a D it’s an upgrade in what I’ve got for the e spending a little bit more
money but it should reduce my weight I’m certainly not gonna go in and spend 45
million on 780 thrusters just yet cuz I have to go out and do some serious
trading some serious missions cos passions your missions as well to get
the money back perhaps while head over to Mia and do some professor Palin
missions they’re about 10 million a shot so I’ve also gone for a fighter Bay as
well and I’ve fitted a x-type fighters some module reinforcements as well some
5d module reinforcements your modules are gonna start failing you know so a
bit of reinforcement there is only gonna make things better it’s not all just
about the hell it’s all about the modules as well the cargo racks I mean
time to get rid of some of those I don’t a hell of a lot of cargo this is gonna
be a combat ship not a trade if I do some trading I’ll summon one of my other
ships to the station though in hindsight I think I should
have fitted some shield cell banks as well that would help cook off some of
the thyroid corrosive damage I may have to go back in and revise what I’ve put
into this video now as I’m narrating over it and change some choices and I
think the load out for these ships they’re gonna change the game is going
to adapt to make you can imagine a fleet of these ships turning up to attack a
thyroid I don’t think it’s gonna last very long okay so optionally internals you’ve gone
to the slot there do I go for care I go I suppose I should need a little bit of
cargo there’s my type an ax F fighters on I
got two of those even though you can only launch one at a time that’s a bit
of a fag in it you know I want to send my crew get my crew to the fighters take
out that foggy and launch two at the same time I think that would be
fantastic well that will come in a future release
or what I don’t know whether it’ll be in regard to the carrier ships that will be
coming out again all these questions are there for elite and frontier
developments to answer now the limpets as well prospecting limpets research
limpets repair limpets that sort of thing I mean I’m not gonna go for any of
those not just yet anyway perhaps I should if I’m going to go
thyroid killing that’s something I can always research later on so what the hell am I gonna call this
ship type of ten defender doesn’t quite just roll off the tongue and I’m gonna
follow in my badger theme now it’s a big old unit so what about the bloated
badger but then bloated doesn’t sound very healthy does it this is a weapons
platform it’s a it’s a flying gun perhaps the surly badger might be a
better name for this okay surly badger it is can always change it later got
some practical name plates we’ve got all the stickers exactly there we are we’re
done thank you very much so with all the outfitting out the way time to take a
look around the cockpit and what your pilot’s actually gonna be sitting in
nice field of view right in the front a big old bridge look at the size of
that a bit surprised they haven’t gone for
something a little bit more shinier on the lake on models
it looks like used methyl you know like it’s been around for ages I mean that
might be the case repurposing type nines into a type 10 who knows however look at
some of the other Imperial ships it’s all nice and sleek lines and shiny metal
and it looks like you’re sat in the middle of an iPod with this it gives me
the impression although outside you’ve got all the nice reflectiveness you know
off the canopy and what-have-you inside it does look a little bit like you’re
sat in a garbage truck or a lorry some pretty cool animation as well as the
gear goes up and down your wings flip in and out which i think is quite good
should also aid in getting through some of those station apertures and
underneath the ship you’ve also got pods whether that’s for missiles or what I
don’t know additional payload or whether it’s just anaesthetic I don’t know an
adorn the door at the bottom what’s that door used for oh I can’t wait for the
space legs we want to be walking around our ship so there you have it there’s my
first taker outfit in the type 10 I’m not to get some engineering done and to
see how things go Laurie Jamison is in system so that’s a
natural first stop to get things like the sensors sorted out kill warrant
scanners and the like now I’ve got some materials so time to go over there and
pay her a visit I’ve been Ricardo this has been really
dangerous and the type 10 thanks very much for watching not long until
Christmas keep looking up some more videos fly

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