Elevate Your Golf Game at Revere Golf Club
Elevate Your Golf Game at Revere Golf Club

One of the great destinations in the U.S.
is Las Vegas, Nevada, yet many may not have considered Vegas as a travel spot for golf
until now. Vegas golf is in full force, and with so many
amazing courses offering variety and unique course design, it’s time to book your trip
to Sin City with your favorite foursome or for some mornings on the links and evenings
full of entertainment. “Golf Life” recently visited Vegas to take
you out on two of the most scenic and diverse tracks. Up first, we visit a course with views of
Vegas Valley that are unmatched, the magnificent Revere Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada. ♪♪♪♪>>Vegas golf is back. That’s kind of what I want people to know. Vegas is a very affordable place to play golf
and probably has one of, if not, some of the best golf courses in the country. The Revere Golf Club is located in Henderson. It’s kind of centered in an upscale Anthem
community, minutes from The Strip. The golf course is 36 holes. We have the Lexington and the Concord golf
courses. Each golf course is unique in its own way. The Lexington, which is the flagship of the
two, is kind of drug through the canyons. The fairways dive down through the canyons,
and it’s obviously undulated greens, skill shots needed on just about every hole, where
the Concord is kind of a little more of an easier golf course. I’d like to say it’s a little more fair. It gives you more room for mis-hits. Full driving range. You know, a lot of driving ranges out at some
of these clubs are all restricted, even net set, some facilities out here, so we’re off
grass, year-round, and then two large putting greens and two huge chipping areas. So again, you feel like it’s just you and
yourself out on the golf course and these practice areas, too, when you can have, you
know, literally 300 to 400 people out on the golf course. So you do get that quiet time like you do
on a golf course here in our practice areas.>>With so many groups, conventions, and wedding
parties planning trips to Las Vegas, the Revere Golf Club focuses on providing an amazing
backdrop for your next outing. From weddings to tournaments, with 36 holes
and a spectacular clubhouse, Revere is the place in Vegas for your group.>>It’s a great spot to host a tournament,
a corporate outing, a rewards outing, so besides the fact that we have 36 holes, we have the
ability to take care of 288 players. You have the intermediate level over on the
Concord, or again, you can set the Lexington course as hard as you want it for kind of
that expert golfer, that single-digit golfer, so just a great place to host a tournament
event or any small outing. We have a 23,000-square-foot clubhouse to
host banquets, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, bar mitzvahs. We do every sort of event up here. Again, it’s just a beautiful spot. That clubhouse offers floor-to-ceiling windows
and views of The Strip. So again, I welcome you to Revere. Come on out and play our golf course. Book a tee time on the Web. For large groups, feel free to call our Director
of Sales, Tom Badley, or myself. Looking forward to having you out here.>>Plan your next golf-cation to Las Vegas
and make sure to plan an outing at Revere Golf Club. For information, visit reveregolf.com or call

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