Electric Shuttle Cart 15 Passenger Parking Lot Tram  – Bintelli Electric Vehicles
Electric Shuttle Cart 15 Passenger Parking Lot Tram – Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Hello everyone, Justin Jackrel from citEcar
electric vehicles here. Today I want to show you about our fifteen-passenger
electric shuttle. It’s actually the most popular model in our citEcar lineup because it’s great
for any facility with a parking lot. Some of the most common uses are in churches, theme
parks, resorts and hotels, hospitals and on factory tours. But if you’ve got a parking
lot, this is a great means of a transportation around your
facility. So also because it only cost less than two cents per mile to operate in most
areas. It’s a great replacement for those gas guzzling fifteen-passenger cargo vans
that a lot of you are currently using. I’m going to go over some of the standard features
and also show some of the available add-ons that are available on this model and then
we’ll do a quick product demonstration and test drive and if you have any other questions
please feel free to contact us all of our informational will be at the end of the video.
Our website is citEcarEV.com. Alright so here we are in the front of the vehicle. I kind
of wanted to show you what the passenger and driver cab looks like First you notice that
we have the wood grain steering wheel and you’ve got a digital here. It’s going to go
through your Amp meter, your miles per hour, your odometer and your voltage regulator.
That’s going to obviously to tell you how much charge you have left. Just like on your
car you got everything you have there so you had your headlights and your turn signals,
you got your windshield wipers and your horn and then you’ll have your keys and remote
as well here. All of our vehicles come standard with the
PA system. This is so the driver can actually talk to the passengers while they’re you know
driving and going around your property and you get a CD player and radio standard. Now
the majority of our 15 passenger vehicles come with a semi-automatic transmission. What
that means is it does have a clutch and it does have a clutch pedal. Just like you would
have on a manual car however it’s a lot easier to operate. You don’t have to worry about
using the clutch when you come to stop because you can’t stall out, it’s an electric motor.
This is really beneficial for when you’re going up hills with large loads and when you’ve
got some larger capacity’s that you’re dealing with. The majority of our customers just put
it in 3rd gear and just leave it there all day long and you’re perfectly fine, but it
does give you the ability to downshift if needed. We can also install an automatic transmission
on our shuttles but I do highly recommend going with a semi-automatic it’s very easy
to operate a maneuver. Additionally you’ve got your rear view mirrors up here and you
can see you’ve got access panels all along the dashboard this gives you access to all the electrical components
that are behind the dashboard. So now we’re going to go to the back of the vehicle and
I’ll show you the battery system and charging system. Okay so depending on which configuration
a 15-passenger shuttle you have your vehicle will have either 12 or 16 batteries. All the
batteries we use are made in the USA. We currently use Trojan batteries which is the best in
the industry. Underneath the seats here is where you’ll find all the batteries of the
vehicle and you can find them underneath all the seats. You’ll notice on the top of each
battery is a white cap. Once a month the maintenance you’re going to want to do in these batteries
is pop that white cap up and fill the top of the battery with distilled water make
sure using distilled and not tap water. So that’s pretty much the major maintenance that’s
required on the batteries because we’re using these batteries you’re actually able to go
a lot longer than you would with other manufacturers. There are some different upgrades that are
available with the batteries such as an upgrade to a larger capacity battery which will give
you more range and then also you can add a battery watering system where instead of having
to open up each battery top you would just have one funnel to fill up and it will fill
up all your different batteries. In the back of the vehicle, is going to be where your
going to find your charger underneath that rear seat. Now on the under the rear seat
your going to have either one or two chargers based on how many batteries you have and then
the charger is going to plug into a standard wall outlet. You’re going to want to make
sure that your circuits are 20 amp circuits that you plug
into. This, the chargers are smart chargers so it’ll actually shut itself off
once it’s done charging and it actually takes only between one and two cents per mile of
electricity to operate. So that’s built right into the vehicle the cord just come right
out. It comes with a standard six foot long cord. Now what I want to do is get a couple
people out here and show you exactly how many can fit on the side of the shuttle. Alright
so one of the frequently asked questions that I get ah is based on the picture on the website,
can three adults really fit side by side in the seat. We actually had someone come in
last week and they said looking in the picture online they didn’t think there was any chance
the world it would happen. Once he came to tour our facility I got three of our staff
members, sat on the seat and really made him a believer that this is a great fifteen-passenger
shuttle for his facility. So what I want to do real quick is get 3 ah 3 staff members
that we’ve got here, site them side by side in a seat and just show you how comfortably
three adults can really get in this vehicle and remember this can seat up to fifteen passengers.
Alright so why don’t you guys come on in and go ahead and hop on the shuttle and show everyone
how wide and comfortable that seat really is. So I think you can see, nice and comfortable.
They got plenty of leg room here. We’ve got one staff member here that’s about six foot
five he fits in the vehicle no problem at all. We’ve got 3 full size adults here. So
obviously once you’re on your facility and you’re adding more women and children to your
mix, especially for your tours around the property. It’s going to be even more comfortable
than it is now but they’ve got plenty of room plenty of legroom, plenty of available room
and it’s a great vehicle. The vehicle can easily pull them at the max speed with a a
full load here. All right so what we’re going to do next is we’ll go for a quick little
test drive and then we’ll wrap this vehicle up by talking about some of the available
accessories. Alright so I’m just going to give you a quick drive by and show you really
how quiet these vehicles are. There’s really absolutely no sound at all them which makes
them a great addition to your fleet. You can just imagine having a full load of happy passengers
on here really touring your facility. In addition to the four forward gears you also have a
reverse gear as well which allows for really easy maneuverability around your facility.
And as you can see it turns on a dime. Alright so just to talk about some of the additional
options that we can do on this vehicle because we manufacture these vehicles ourselves we
build all the vehicles here in Gainesville Florida. We are able to customize them to
really meet your needs. Some of the most popular options that are added onto this vehicle is
we can actually put a flip-down monitor and DVD player that can be used actually have
advertising and that explain different events you have at your facility and all the passengers
can hear that built into the sound system. We also can do solar panels on the roof. That
will obviously increase your range per charge in actually help the batteries not having
to be maintained nearly as much because it’s always got some solar panel solar energy going
into the batteries. We could put roof-mounted lights, we could put air conditioning, we
could put interior fans and heaters, running boards along the side in case you have a kind
of an older demographic in your facility we can put a step so they actually have easier
access into the vehicle’s. We also configure this vehicle where the middle is empty so
we can do a wheelchair ramp and have wheelchair tie downs on there. So pretty much what I
always tell my customers is if you can dream it we can build it. We can put cargo beds
in the back for luggage, we could tow trailer so anything you can think of we can do for
this vehicle just give us a call let us know what you’re looking for and let us customize
a vehicle to really suit your needs. If you have any other questions please feel free
to visit the citEcarEV.com. Once again my name is Justin Jackrel, I do appreciate you
taking the time to watch this video. If you have questions we’re here to help and I look
forward to working with you. Thanks a lot have a great day.

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