Edinburgh life: sport

I’m a member for the Centre for Sport and
Exercise. I’ve been going here for three years and I’m really happy with the facilities.
The gym has been voted as the best gym in the city and once you come to the gym and
you see its facilities you can really see why. There’s so many things you can do, there’s
an archery range, there are bicycles, there are stairmasters, there are rowing machines,
there are treadmills, there are weights rooms…whatever you want to do. The members of staff are really friendly and
if you need any kind of support from them they are always willing to help you. There are many ways to get involved in differnt
sports and societies coming to the university. In second year, I decided to join the cheerleading
club and I’d never done cheerleding before and it was something that was totally outside
of my comfort zone and very different, but they openly welcomed me and it was great to
be part of a team again. When I came here I wanted to try something
new and one of the sports they offer is lacrosse, and I’ve been doing that for the last three
months and it’s been good fun. It’s nice to get involved in things that are
totally different and not maybe what you did in school, but there’s always lots of opportunities
at the university to do stuff like that. Being part of the football team has been an
excellent experience. It’s a great way to meet friends outwith your course and I’ve
certainly made friends that I’ll have for life. I’m one of the recipients of the Eric Liddell
Sports Scholarship, which is given out to 10 athletes per academic year at the uni. I knew there was good support provided for
talented athletes and I definitely knew that I could progress my hockey at Edinburgh Uni. I’ve played for Scotland all through the age
groups, so, under 16, under 18, under 21, and got my first senior cap last year, and
then I came to uni two years ago and since then I’ve just been playing for Edinburgh
University. If you are a talented athlete it’s a great
place to come. I mean, there’s a lot of support, like good coaches, great physio, everything’s
here really, that I need. I think even without the sport at Edinburgh Uni it’s a great place
to come, but then with the sport on top of that it just makes it a perfect combination
really. My short term goal for this year is to play
at the European Championships, and then, obviously, after that, there will be a massive push to
try and play in the Commonwealth games and then after that, perhaps, I’ll try for an
Olympics. When you see people like Chris Hoy and Katherine
Grainger coming through Edinburgh Uni you realise that it is possible and that it can
happen. The University of Edinburgh. Imagine what
you could do.

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