Eaton Golf Club Testimonial

sean alexander was amazing and frankly I found it very easy over this year that i’ve run this captaincy gig at this golf club business to be easily confused and i was very confused because I have no idea how he did what he did but it was absolutely extraordinary is an absolutely top man brilliant magician and just a round of applause after everything he did to the rafters because it was extraordinary why did I choose sean alexander over everybody else? Erm, I would say that first reason I chose Sean Alexander for my magic evening the evening was because he is a supporter Norwich City but secondarily to that I chose Sean Alexander because i knew i was getting a top class magician who would deliver a top-class night and I knew everybody i booked in for this evening was going to have a huge amount of fun I would recommend Sean Alexander as a top-class magician to anybody because he has been extraordinary value for money and thank you ever so much Sean

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