Eagle Ranch Golf Club
Eagle Ranch Golf Club

Hey, welcome back to “Golf Life.” I found Jeff Boyer from Eagle Ranch Golf Club.>>Mike, good to see you.>>Hey, thanks for having us out.>>Eagle, Colorado, is in Eagle County here
in Colorado. It’s just a wonderful location. Tell folks what we have in store here.>>Well, Arnold Palmer signature course today. You know, Eagle Ranch opened 17 years ago,
and fantastic golf course. Great condition. Great layout. People of all abilities enjoy playing it.>>Let’s go out, and let’s play the course. And, Jeff, you can beat up on me, and we’ll
show the folks why they want to come out and play the course.>>I like the sound of that.>>You like that? All right. Let’s go. ♪♪♪♪>>It’s an Arnold Palmer course,
but we’ve got very reasonable green fees, and we like to say we have an eight-month
season, and we can have some amazing weather that time of year. When the other golf courses are not open yet
or are closed down already, we’re rocking and rolling here at Eagle Ranch, and the golf
course is still in great condition. ♪♪♪♪>>What a wonderful course you
guys have here. Tell me what most people say when they come
to Eagle Ranch.>>I think they’re impressed by the quality
of the golf course, the quality of the conditions. It’s a fun layout. You know, it’s very challenging for the scratch
golfer.>>Oh, yeah.>>And I think they really enjoy that they
can hit driver on every hole.>>We want to talk about Arnold Palmer, right? And his beautiful bunkers.>>Yeah, I think one thing about Arnold Palmer
bunkers is that they are a little easier to get out of. They look intimidating because…>>They look nice. They make the course look good.>>Like I say, there’s a lot of shape, and
that appeals to the eye. There’s not a huge wall to get over.>>Right.>>They’re not even hard to walk into, you
know? Some bunkers you play are… It’s hard to just walk in.>>Well, thanks so much, Jeff.>>Thank you.>>Eagle Ranch is an amazing destination in
Colorado.>>Thank you.>>Opens the door to so much. What do you want to tell people? How do they find out more and get out here?>>Well, of course we have a great website. It’s EagleRanchGolf.com. You can book tee times, and there’s a lot
of information about the course. And you can call… That’s the golf shop, and our staff can help
you out.>>So many places to stay around here, and
what a wonderful Arnold Palmer signature golf course. Come on out, folks. Ask for Jeff.

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