Dustin Stevenson DO

[Music] My name is Dustin Stevenson, I’m a hematologist oncologist, which is a doctor who specialized in blood disorders and cancer. My last year of college, I had a job at University of California San Diego Cancer Center doing clinical research, helping the physicians with various research projects and I just fell in love with the field. The progress that we’re making in cancer has just been tremendous over the past 11 years. I think at that point I had a lot of opportunities to interact with patients on clinical trials and I said, “this is something I’m really interested in.” So I went medicine school at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona. Afterwards I did my internship and residency in internal medicine at Wilford Hall Medical Center, which is the Air Force’s main hospital. And then I did the fellowship and hematology oncology at the same institution. I remember going to see my doctor as a young child, I had asthma and, you know, how to deal with healthcare quite a bit as a child. I was hospitalized a few times and so I was always interested in the medical field. My other thought was president of the United States. In fact I told my fiancé, who now is my wife, that I’m either going to be a physician or the president of United States. My wife Janine is a nurse, she’s a cancer nurse. I had met her when I was doing my cancer research job at UC San Diego. We have two young children. As a family, we like to travel. We have family throughout California, so we spend a lot of time going to visit aunts, uncles, grandparents. I still try to play golf, I think nobody ever plays it well. The problem with golf is you have to have time. In between being a physician and having a family, there’s just not four or five hours to give up. My treatment philosophy is I’m not treating the disease, I’m treating a person, a human being. What I really try to do is listen to my patients. What are their desires? Where are their goals? Are they willing to put up with a little bit more side effects to try to cure? Are we trying to control the disease? What other things are going on in somebody’s life? What I really try to let people know or try to guide them is to say that we’re going to get through this, it’s going to- it may be a difficult journey, but that when we’re five years out, 10 years out, seeing that patient, that’s the best part of my day. It’s not only between the cancer, but it’s trying to improve quality of life. PIH Health actually has all the cancer specialists here under one roof, which is unique for a community health care facility. You know, the other thing that’s unique about PIH Health is we have a weekly multidisciplinary tumor board. Every week, all the breast cancer specialists meet and discuss all our patients and make sure that the patients are on appropriate treatment, navigating the system in a timely fashion. We also have a weekly multidisciplinary thoracic tumor board. We have everything a patient might need right here and Whittier. [Music]

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