Drills To Increase Club Head Speed
Drills To Increase Club Head Speed

The drill I’ve just shown you is the main
drill for you to be practicing to improve your sequence. You don’t need many drills.
You need one good one. Work on it; develop the feeling. But to help you get it and to
help you improve your sequence, I’m going to give you a few bonus tips. Number one would be try to increase your speed,
not swing harder. I’m hoping you understand the meaning of that. A common mistake I see
people trying to increase their distances swinging harder, and that word for me develops
tension. That develops tightness in your muscles. That develops a restriction in your movement.
Harder also means, normally from what I see, is people moving their upper body first, using
their bigger muscles to create their speed. And that actually is the opposite sequence
of what we need. So try to increase your speed, try not to hit it harder. Speed comes from
sequence, sequence comes from keeping your muscles soft and relaxed. Second bonus tip would be don’t stand wider.
Very often people trying to hit it harder and increase their speed make a big stance,
restricting their leg movement. Again, very difficult to start the swing from the ground
up in the correct sequence. Go on YouTube and watch some of the long driving contests.
Longer hitters stand quite narrow. They allow their legs to move naturally, not being restricted.
I know that’s maybe contrary to some of the advice you’ve had or some of the articles
you’ve read about resisting with your lower body, but actually there’s nothing proven
to say that you need a tight lower body in a golf swing. Stand narrow; allow your legs
to move naturally. You’ll find it much easier to get your legs starting the downswing, helping
the sequence. Just two simple tips to help you improve your
sequence. I know keep using that word, but really that’s the key to improving the sequence
of your golf swing, because that creates an efficient golf swing. An efficient golf swing
creating speed will also let you to retain your accuracy, and that’s what we want. Longer,
retaining your accuracy, that’s what’s going to help you score better.

11 thoughts on “Drills To Increase Club Head Speed”

  1. HeyJude2018 says:

    very well explained


    A famous longdriver talked about oiling the hinges before giving it full power.. a nice thought and one that helps you stay loose

  3. Pebble Beach says:

    Very well said lesson

  4. Harry Knuth says:

    Hi Robin, keep up the good work. I frequently check out youtube for instructions. As an autoditact I am convinced that each person and its swing are unique.
    Your instructions are very very helpfull in inventing myself. I like your calmness, clarity and background.
    You definite got yourself an new fan.
    Rgds, Harry
    Ps I also like: me and my golf, wisdom in golf, rst and manual de la Parro.

  5. Harry Knuth says:

    Sorry made a mistake: Manual de la Torre

  6. Kurt Justin says:

    great stuff

  7. Ryan Anderson says:

    I was able to shot a 73 right after doing the drill I have learned from reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I hit 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other Five holes, I missed the green by an average 5 to 10 yards. Since Nine is my handicap, I rarely shoot 73s. It has been actually a long time since I made a great round.

  8. Paul Homsy says:

    Excellent tips !

  9. strati zitianellis says:

    where can i find the drill "you just showed me"?

  10. First Name says:

    Opposite of Ben Hogan with the legs.

  11. jch3200 says:

    What long drivers are you watching? Most of them stand with a very wide stance.

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