Drills For Shallowing Out The Golf Swing ➜ Get Into The Slot
Drills For Shallowing Out The Golf Swing ➜ Get Into The Slot

Are you struggling with your golf downswing? Coming down steep taking really big
Divots? You know you need to shallow out
your golf swing, but really not sure how to do it. In this next video I’m going to
show you 2 fantastic drills for shallowing out the golf swing so you can
come down on plane, make much better contact with the golf ball, play better
golf, and have a lot more fun out there. I’ll see you soon
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grow the channel and keep on producing golf videos like this so we can keep on
improving and playing better golf together. So in this next video coming up
I’ll be sharing two great drills and the best way to shallow out the golf
swing so you can play a lot better golf. So I’ll see you soon. Ok, so we want to
shallow out the golf swing. So first
thing I want to go through is what does it mean by shallowing out the golf swing. And I’m going to be specifically talking
today about shallowing out the golf downswing. Which is the main part of the
golf swing where golfers struggle, is probably like
yourself how to shallow out and hit a lot better golf shots. So what does it
mean and what’s the reason we do want to shallow out the golf swing. Well
with most golfers that I see a lot of them were able to make a pretty good
backswing something like this. Get
themselves in a good position but when they start their downswing they get into
what I call a very steep downswing position which makes it very difficult
to hit consistent golf shots. And what I
mean by that is if I was to get to the top here as I start the downswing if I
was just to go very very steep with my hands now my club would come down like
this almost like in a 90 degree angle like this and cut down against the ball
like that that would result in a lot of slices, a lot of pulled shots out to the
left and a lot of inconsistent golf shots. And ideally what we want to be
doing on that downswing instead of having the shaft in this sort of
position here. We want it somewhere like
this that’s in a more shallow position and that’s a key check point to know if
you’re doing this correctly. You’ve
probably heard the terminology online getting it in the slot or something
around that. And what that basically
means is as we start our downswing is when that club
hopefully I’ve got it right about the right spot here. That the club splits that
right forearm right about in that area and it’s different from all golfers but
somewhere around that area of the downswing and that’s what they call
getting in the slot. Also just getting
the club on plane but it basically means if you’re shallowing the club properly
instead of coming down like this we’re back here you can hit a lot more
consistent golf shots. And if you’ve
looked at any of your favourite golfers on TV you see their swings in slow
motion from down the line similar to this, you’ll see them all the same. They’ll all be up here like this and
they’ll all be somewhere in that position they’re shallowing their club
out. And getting through to impact resulting in
a lot of consistent golf shots. So it’s a
position we want to get into. So I’m
going to take you through two great drills for shallowing out the golf swing. So I’m going to get started with the
very first one and that should really get a start now. Make sure you watch to
the end and follow through both drills because two of these tie in together. When you get both of them right a lot of
good things happen in the golf swing. So
let’s get on to drill number one. Okay,
here’s the first one of the drills for shallowing out the golf swing. So what
I’m going to do is and you can practice this at home even at the driving range. You can even practice it probably prior
to every shot to make sure you’ve got it right. But I would recommend
practicing this at home first of all. You
don’t need to be hitting golf balls to be doing this and it works really
effectively. This is really training your
your body to get this club in the right position. So what I like to do is set
yourself up make a backswing now. What I
see in most golfers get in trouble as I mentioned earlier about coming down
steep. As they start their downswing their
hands their arms they move the club first and the right shoulder moves out to
the ball and they get in this sort of
position. That’s a very common position
and even if you’re not quite that severe you might start your downswing not even
that bad you might only move it a little bit but your club comes down very steep
like that. You still going to have a lot of problems
in your golf swing. So this drill works
really effectively. So what I’m going to
do is as I get to the top as I start my downswing which I start with my legs
what I’d like to feel is that this clubhead travels down in a straight line. It doesn’t come out this way but almost
just falls in a straight line it’s like as if I’ve got the club head resting
against a wall and I let it fall. I don’t
know probably about half a foot or something like that and I’ll show you
what it looks like if I go to the top like this now. What I’m going to do is as
I move my legs and shift my weight I’m just going to let that club head work down a
pretend wall and you’ll see as I do that, I’m able to just work my way through the
downswing into a really good position. So
all I’m doing is moving my body and letting the club naturally shallow but
falling down in a straight line usually about, I don’t know it might even be a foot
that’s it’s at least probably half a foot pretending it’s sort of up against
a wall and just letting it drop letting it drop in that straight line. It’s not
going out this way. It’s really important
you just let that club head drop and then we turn and we’re through like that. And that’s a really simple drill you can
even practice this against a wall or anything around your house and train
yourself to have that club head work down and not out towards the golf
ball and what will that will do is that will shallow out the golf club and get
into a really great position so you can hit a lot more consistent golf shots. So
that’s our drill number one. Let’s get to the
second one. Make sure you drop
a comment down below if you’ve tried this drill or you’ve tried another drill
for shallowing out the golf swing that’s worked really well for you. Pop that
comment down below, I’d love to hear from you and see if we can help you out and
discuss this with anyone else who has had a
similar issue with shallowing out the golf swing. Pop that down below, let’s
get onto next video on our tips, number two. Okay, here’s drill number two for
shallowing out the downswing and a better way to make a better golf swing
So what I’ve set up here is you can see here I’ve just set up an alignment stick
here and I’ve just set up a ball here. We’re not actually going to hit any
shots but this is a great drill you can practice at home for
shallowing out the golf swing. So
what I’ve done is I’ve just grabbed an alignment stick. You know if you don’t
have one of these you can grab these fairly cheaply from a golf shop or even
an old golf club or something like that as a reference point works really
well. So what I’ve done is I’ve set up to
a ball here what we want to do with this shaft you want to get it set up roughly
about, you just measure the length of your grip probably about 2 grip lengths
behind where the ball is. So we’re roughly about there and we want
this alignment stick roughly hopefully you can see this, here roughly about
again about 2 grip lengths in the air. Now depending on your ability you can
adjust this to different sort of heights. Now obviously the better skilled player
can have this a lot lower, if you’re just starting out you’ve got a really steep
swing, steep downswing and having trouble shallowing it you might want to
have this a little bit higher so you’re not wacking into it. And we also want
this, we want this reference point here. When it roughly again probably about a
grip length as we set up to a ball in line with where the grip is
here we probably wanted roughly about another foot there distance away. So
hopefully you can see that position there. It’s really key . It
doesn’t have to be set up perfectly but it’s going to act as a really good
reference point to help us shallow out the golf swing. So the object of this is
as I make my swing now if I was to swing with a really steep downswing I’m just
going to I’m just going to crash straight into the alignment stick. So if
you’re someone that slices it all comes over the top and you just come like this
you’re going to crash into that alignment stick every time. Now shallowing
out your golf swing ties in with that first drill we did as I go back and get
to the top as I use my lower body let that club
work down a straight line I want that club to work underneath the alignment
stick every time which means I’m shallowing out the golf club. So once
again, you go to the top as we come down let the club drop naturally as we turn
and rotate shift our weight we go under the alignment stick, we’ve shallowed out the
golf club. I’m in a really great position
to make solid contact with the golf ball. So this is a great little drill you can
set up at home, great for the driving range of hitting
shots. I definitely recommend practicing
at home first not hitting shots until you get familiar with it then once you
go to the range practice doing little, even little half swings and getting
under that alignment stick. Just little
half ones even just to there somewhere little half shots practice getting under
that alignment stick and shallowing out the golf club nicely. So I’ll show you
that one more time as I’m set up here we go back let that club drop naturally as
we shift our weight and turn and rotate and we go under. I like to feel as I’ve
got a fairly wide arc so from face on I don’t sort of like to feel like I’m
really narrow there, I like to feel like I’m fairly wide my hands and that’s a
little bit away from the body nice and wide as I turn and rotate you
comfortably get under that alignment stick every single time but make sure
you start off slow you should be able to comfortably get underneath that
alignment stick every time. You’ll be
shallowing out the golf swing so much easier. So that’s drill number two. Okay,
thanks so much for watching, once again I hope that really helps you for
shallowing out the golf swing. If you have
any questions or comments please pop them down below, we’d love to hear from
you. Once again make sure you like this
video and subscribe to the channel. Now
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for watching once again, I’ll see you next time. cs

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