Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Three Wood
Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Three Wood

Ok, we’re going to attempt to draw the three
wood, so let’s say you’re teeing off with your three wood. I tee off with the three
wood a lot, so do a lot of tour pros, because they hit the ball so long, they don’t always
need the length of a driver, especially the risk of hitting a bad drive, so the three
wood is a great club, whether you’re on a long par 5, your second shot maybe you can
get to the green, or a par 4 you’re teeing off with it, or on a par 5, you tee off with
it, or of course, on a par 3, so it’s a very useful club, and if I was going to hit the
ball straight, I’m going to line up the target, so this club is aimed at the target, and then
I line up like this, so now this would give me a straight ball, hopefully. But let’s say
there’s something, a tree in my way, or a dogleg left, or there’s the green that I’m
aiming at, has bunkers and water on the left side, so I’m going to want to aim to the right,
so that’s what a draw is. It’s going to go to the right, and it’s going to kind of hook
back to the left, so I’m set up to hit the ball straight, so I aim a little bit to the
right now, and I might move the ball back in my stance, and I’m going to try to close
the club face, just a little bit, and this will allow me to take a full swing, which
is normal and natural, and then impart a little bit of side spin on it, so that’s a way of
shaping the shot to what you need. It can bail you out of some trouble, and it can also
help you take advantage, of some opportunities presented to you. The straight ball is always
the basis of the game, but you have to have these draws and these fades in your arsenal,
in your quiver, so to speak, so you can take advantage of every opportunity, and also stay
out of trouble.

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    don't bend down on your backswing, but you're getting better

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