Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Pitching Wedge
Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Pitching Wedge

Okay, we’re going to try to show you how to
draw the pitching wedge. The pitching wedge, you’re normally going to be hitting this club,
let’s say, ninety to a hundred and ten or a hundred and twenty yards. With a draw, which
is a controlled hook, a lot of time you could get a little extra distance because the ball
is going to roll a little farther. So you have to account for that in your calculations
of where you want to put the ball and what club you want to use. So normally if you might
use a nine iron for a club, a shot, if you’re going to hook it a little bit, you actually
maybe can use the pitching wedge. So it adds a little bit of distance to your, to your
shot. And it’s a good wind cheater depending on which way the wind’s going, and so on and
so forth. But how you’re going to hit this draw, which is really a controlled hook, the
ball’s going to start out to the right, and then it goes to the left because we’re going
to put a little different side spin on it. Now keep in mind that the higher the loft
of the club or the shorter irons are going to get more backspin because they have a lot
of loft on them. So you’re not going to get as much side spin as you would on a three
iron. But, so what you want to do is, I’m now lined up straight to hit the ball, but
now I’m going to aim to the right. So you see how I shift. So now I’m aiming to the
right a bit. But then I close the club face. So I take it like that and turn it. So this
will produce more side spin and should produce a nice, gentle, controlled hook, I hope. Okay, so that is how you draw the ball. It
takes a lot of practice to get this shot down precisely, but there’s a lot of good uses
for it.

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