Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Four Iron
Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Four Iron

Ok, the four iron, it’s a longer club, so
we may or may not be attacking the green with this club, but if you’re on a par 5, and this
is going to be your second shot, maybe you can get to the green, but maybe you’re setting
yourself up, so you’re going to use the draw. If the hole is a dogleg, use your draw to
shape it, so it goes with the terrain. You can use it to cheat the wind, fight the wind,
counteract the wind. If you’re on a par 3, maybe the pin is on the left side of the green,
and the green is heavily protected by bunkers, and water, and trees, so this allows you to
come in from the right, because the ball is going to be going from right to left, so it
gives you a lot of things to work with, so if I was going to hit the ball straight, here’s
my line of flight, this club here, so I’m parallel to that, and my club is at a neutral
position, relative to the line of flight, so what I’m going to do, is I’m going to aim
to the right, so I’m going to turn my body a little bit to the right, and I then close
the club face dramatically, depending on the shot I want to hit, so this will help me to
draw the ball, if not hook it a little bit. So that’s the type of swing you want to use
to get the ball to draw, and it’s a pretty useful shot.

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