Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Driver

Drawing the ball with a driver is a great
shot to have. So many golf holes are doglegs to the left or you really need to get that
little bit of extra distance which a draw gives you. The downside of a draw especially
with a driver is sometimes you can get out of control a little bit and you’ll hook it.
And then your in the who knows where or out of bounds and you’re facing a large penalty
stroke or series of strokes. So the draw is a great shot to have, I myself on my drive
I hit a natural fade but I’ve learned to draw the ball for these certain circumstances so
if I need to cheat the wind or if it’s a dogleg left I want to have this shot. I don’t want
to hit it every time cause I’m not as comfortable but for when you need it you got to have it.
So how you hit this draw is you lineup, here’s my line of the target so I lineup parallel
to that and since it’s a driver I got to get far away. It’s the longest club in the bag
and then I’m going to aim a little bit to the right because I’m going to hit the ball
right to left so I’ve got to be able to bring it back to the left. So then I get a little
deeper in my stance and I just take a normal swing. So that’s hitting a draw and it’s a very useful
shot. You get extra distance out of it or you can cheat the wind but you’ve got to practice
it cause you’ve got to have this off the drive.

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