Dragons! (Dark Souls – Part 8, FULL PLAYTHROUGH)

Hey how’s it going everyone these are
the Rummy Bears I’m Rummy Bear Loren Rummy Bear Sarah’s again busy doing
other things so I’ll be doing this episode by myself for now we are
continuing where we left off facing the Black Knight up at the I guess it’s
still part of the undead burg so let’s go ahead and go fight him and this time
we will be winning. The drinking challenge has stayed the same so every
time I die I’m taking a shot and the liquor has stayed the same Captain Morgan’s white rum since I like rum so let’s go ahead go beat that black knight
finally and let’s just get this show on the road I mean my business this time I’m very
serious about beating these enemies and I’m not playing around anymore not that
I was playing around before I completely missed there, that’s stupid of me. She’s less than
half health right now and I’m more than halfway through my arrows but uh as I
recall you also don’t need to kill completely killed the dragon to get him
to go away but as long as you make a significantly
lower health than he was then he’ll he’ll shove off… better I’m gonna have to rebuy a lot of
arrows to do this this is taking FOREVERRRRR… you know of
course if I stop me take significantly less time that and
like that stupid stupid stupid missing so much oh boy, that’s stupid.
okay I’m gonna careless I need to conserve my shots because I will be thoroughly embarrassed
if I don’t…it’s not even half health yet okay so you know it doesn’t even
look like he’s decreasing in health despite how many arrows I’ve shot off of
him so I might be doing something wrong or I’m not shooting with high enough
damage arrows or something because it honestly doesn’t look like his health is as going
down in the slightest so I might be doing something wrong so I’m going to be
thinking about it correctly. I don’t know man, what the heck but it doesn’t look like his health is going down at all which is curious because I thought he would have kind of flown off by now or I’m not doing enough damage that
quickly and then he’s healing or something? Not really sure
but something’s wrong as it does look like he’s healing while I’m
shooting him or well anyway I got what I wanted I got a
sword tail thing there we go and that should really help
me kill off other enemies but it did say…I decided to show you guys
when you’re wielding it in both hands it has a
special ability where you hold that down it’ll shoot kind of a an attack from a
longer distance now the only thing that if you do that it’s… I think it degrades
the durability of the sword. And so I don’t want to do it that much but all of these guys
just one hit KOs suck it so I mean it’s just doings and a really
nice amount of damage which when it comes to the next boss fight which is gonna have to be on
the next episode this is gonna be really worth it
as far as completely defeating that Drake so you can get the next area
that’s behind it that’s also gonna have to wait because I am too inebriated to kind of
think about that right now and this little piggy went wee wee wee
wee wee all the way home to the bonfire where of course he didn’t have enough
Souls to level let’s see if that does feel like I’m really close I’m quite it
again like I said probably really close there we go I’m gonna go ahead and put
that into strength so I can up my damage a little bit alright thanks for
watching everyone appreciate you really thank you for your
support leave a like if you liked the video take
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subscribed already and then take a shot for hitting the subscribe button
I’m gonna go sober up because I’ve been way too drunk during this last episode
and then on the next playthrough hopefully we’ll be able to actually kill
that dragon instead of just attacking it a little bit and maybe getting to the
next boss finally but we did get the new sword which is perfect and so things
shouldn’t be pretty good. Appreciate you! See on the next episode this has been
Loren the Rummy Bear and back with… (?)

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