Don’t be ‘that’ sports parent | On Parenting
Don’t be ‘that’ sports parent | On Parenting

23 thoughts on “Don’t be ‘that’ sports parent | On Parenting”

  1. Matt M says:

    This is really great. Kids put enough pressure on themselves even at an entry level of sports that they don't need the added pressure of parental expectations.

  2. Clear Taz says:

    This does not work when you get to a certain level of play. Some kids want to be pushed and win. This video for the times where everyone gets a trophy.

  3. Daniel McCarthy says:

    Fix the captioning on this video

  4. Robin Tomasi says:

    I would title this one "how to be a great sports parent" instead of what not to be. Motivate parents to read this because it will help them honor the game and support their kids in the sports they love.

  5. DeniedComet says:

    "way to go Paul"

  6. Andrew DelPlace says:

    So bad

  7. Jamie says:

    The worst parent's look like they've never exercised in their life lol

  8. ATL War Eagle says:

    Terrible that a grown man or woman needs to watch this kind of video. Society has turned selfishly nuts .

  9. Jay Acosta says:

    This stupid y do u not want your parent to push u cause that just means she wants u to have a better life then they do they will push to get that college degree go play baseball do everything that they want u to do

  10. Rhyme and Reason says:

    This bitch's voice feels in my ear, like a dentist drill in my penis hole

  11. Raj Papineni says:

    Thank You

  12. Brad Carss says:

    This was great. I coach junior pee wee football. Her philosophy is just like mine. I give my parents a similar run down about their behavior and expectations for their kids before every season as well as what my coaching philosophy is. They really appreciate it and it brings our parents together as part of the team as well.

  13. nate8776 says:

    hey preachy lesbo, shut up!

  14. Molly O'Brien says:

    this should be retitled "muricans are stupid"

  15. RD S says:

    No….When a parent goes nuts it's about "CONTROL". On the sidelines a parent loses all control. We have become a nation of control freaks, mostly fueled by the "I have my rights" movement lately. When a parent turns control of their child over to a coach, it drives many into a state that they cannot control.

  16. Muse Russell23 says:

    With all good intentions he went down to confront the coach? He just smashed the glass

  17. Muse Russell23 says:

    Sports are so great for kids development – no its not

  18. NbleSavage says:

    "…approached the coach with positive intentions to discuss the rough play on the ice …"
    smashes 5×5 glass pane with fist

  19. Andrew Smith says:

    Wait, you can’t ask your kid how they did in their game? Sure, they may have had a bad game. They may have made big mistakes. The reaction as a parent is to encourage THEM to not focus on those negatives for the next time. Talking out the errors with them lets them analyze their performance as you guide them through it in a positive way. To let a child know that bad games will happen and that is ok, that’s why we can ask our kids “How was the game? How did you do?” It’s because we aren’t going to beat them up about it and not let them beat themselves up either.

  20. J. S. says:

    Yeah… the guy was approaching with good intentions..right..

  21. Stephen Kershaw says:

    low class, low income americans put way too much emphasis on silliness like sports… it's cheap,boring entertainment….

  22. DeAm By K&S says:

    When that parent broke that glass 😲

  23. Kamtonix Vlogs says:


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