Do you have elbow pain from Disc Golf? Here’s why and how to relieve it.
Do you have elbow pain from Disc Golf? Here’s why and how to relieve it.

– Hey everyone, Seth Munsey
here with Disc Golf Strong. In this video we’re gonna
talk about elbow pain, what is potentially causing
it when you play Disc Golf and some ways to help try to treat it and get rid of the elbow pain. First off, I just want to say thank you for sending all the great messages I’ve been getting on Facebook and also my Disc Golf
Strong YouTube Channel. Talking, asking, “Hey, Seth can you talk about this?” Or, “I’m interested in that topic.” And I really appreciate it, because I’ve got a lotta content, I’m filming, and there are a lot of ideas. It’s just also great to hear from you guys that one, that you’re loving it, that you find this content useful. These videos and stuff and that you want to see more of it. So, I really appreciate that. So, when it comes to elbow pain, we commonly refer to elbow pain as either Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow, okay? So, Tennis Elbow is here, also called lateral epicondylitis. You don’t need to remember that, but that’s what it is. Itis is inflammation and this is the lateral epicondyl. This is Golfer’s Elbow. Medial epicondylitis, so the inside, here. Now, whichever one it is, it sucks. Elbow pain is not fun to have it. So, I got some message from someone saying that they’ve been spin-putting, they’ve been spin-putting for a long time, really working on it
during the off season, during the winter. And they started to feel elbow pain and it has been a long time
and it hasn’t gone away. Well, unfortunately that’s
very common with elbow pain. Once it starts to creep up it sticks around for a long time. So, when you’ve got Tennis Elbow, I’m gonna call it, let’s
call it Spin Putt Elbow. We’re just golfers, let’s call it Spin Putt Elbow. Because, Tennis Elbow happens because of wrist extension, or what we call, supination or pronation. You don’t need to remember that, but that’s what these
moves of the forearm are. And then the wrist, wrist extension. Well, when I do wrist extension like this, These muscles that do that
attach here at the elbow. So, if I’m spin-putting a lot, I’m doing that repeatedly, repeatedly, I’m using these muscles right here. And that’s the same thing. That’s why they call it Tennis Elbow because they’ll use the racket and they’ll come back through like that. Golfer’s because they’ll
come down on this side. Let’s say this is a
side arm or flick elbow, ’cause when we’re coming
through like that, you’re doing that move and
you’re gonna hit it here. Well, when you’re repeatedly doing that all the time. It starts to have some
micro-trauma in these muscles. And that builds up inflammation. Once the inflammation starts to build up, then it starts to feel painful. So, what the first strategy
is to get rid of that pain is when you first start to feel it, stop doing it. Stop doing that activity. Stop doing that movement, anything that causes pain. And now, I know as Disc
Golfers we’re like, “What? I love spin-putting.” Or, “I love doing that.” You know? I understand. But the reality is that when you’re doing a repetitive
activity like that, and you start to feel pain, it’s not going to go away just by hoping it will go away. It will stay there and it will get worse if you continue to do activities that cause it to be painful. So, rest and time. Resting it completely, and taking as much time as it takes to do. Now, like I said, I know that’s very challenging
to do as Disc Golfers. So, I’m gonna say, if spin putting is hurting it, then work on your push putt. Or, become an expert at the turbo putt for the next six months. Do some other activity, you can still play Disc Golf, but do some other activity
like a push, or a spin, or a turbo putt or something that doesn’t do this
repeated wrist extension. And the thing is, the more you use this, the worse it gets. And elbow pain can go on for a long time. I’ve known people that have had elbow pain for two, three years sometimes, because they don’t stop doing the activity that makes it painful. So that’s the first two
critical strategies, you can do all the other stuff, you can ice it, you can do everything else, but if you keep using it the way that is making it painful, it’s not gonna go away. So, rest and time. Some other strategies that
have worked is acupuncture. I’ve go to work with some people, work for some people where they get acupuncture in that area like twice a week. For a couple weeks and that starts to help it, in addition to rest and time. Icing, some people have had good results some people have not. But, if you decide to ice, don’t just ice it one time or two times, and go, “Hey, it didn’t feel better.” You’ve got to stay
consistent with the icing. 20 minutes on, an hour off, a couple times a day. Stretching, doing stretches like the prayer stretch, here. Or this stretch, here. You can move your arms and hands around in different positions, to stretch the elbow, the muscles. These flexor and exstensor muscles. Flexor and extensor muscles Some massage, some self-massage. So pinning it, and opening it, and extending those fingers. That’s gonna help in there or in here. Same thing. And you can take Ibuprofen, if needed. Don’t take that as a long term strategy, and also, some people use a counterforce strap. So, it’s a strap that goes around here and pinches real tight. You may be able to do stuff with it, and it doesn’t hurt, but don’t think of that as a fix. It’s a short-term fix, not a long-term fix. So, those are some strategies, but once again, start with rest and time. And just know that your turbo
putting’s gonna be awesome six months from now. Because that’s gonna be
the number one strategy. Is just rest and time. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have
any questions about it. Check out on my Disc
Golf Strong YouTube page, and my Instagram page. I’m putting videos on there as well, but my YouTube page is where I’m going to put a lot of my stuff about some more stretches and exercises, strengthening techniques
for your forearms, for your elbows, and stuff. Go check that out there. I hope you enjoyed the video, feel free to like and share if you know anyone that
could benefit from this. Have a wonderful day everyone, and go play Disc Golf Strong.

29 thoughts on “Do you have elbow pain from Disc Golf? Here’s why and how to relieve it.”

  1. Brandon Woodworth says:

    Love your content can u maybe talk about hypertension like a hyperextended elbow cause I have a hyperextended elbow right now and I have had a few times so i hope u can talk about how to prevent it and how to help and long term effects if it keeps happening thank you.

  2. kevin James says:

    stop flicking start backhanding.

  3. Mike Doughtie says:

    Hey Seth, I stumbled across your channel today and now I'm a subscriber! Really really good advice and instruction for maintaining strength and health related to disc sports! I'm an ultimate player as well so I'm throwing just about every day. So glad you're sharing this info! Thanks!!

  4. flyingfishsurf says:

    I'm 65 and throw both backhand & forehand.  I am a spin putter as well.  After experiencing tendonitis in my elbow, I dropped from throwing 172gm discs down to @150gm discs.  Regardless of arm health, I always stretched before & after and I always ICED when I got home.  A hot tub also helps.  A typical day for me is 36 holes and I average 2-3 rounds per week.  With the lighter discs, my pain went away completely, distance(@300-350ft) never suffered and the wind didn't bother the drives.  Now, when I throw a 170gm disc, it feels like a pig.  I think throwers with elbow pain should consider THROWING LIGHTER DISCS.  My spin putts never bothered my elbow & I love throwing 'circle two' putts hard at the chains.  I've always thrown lightweight @160gm putters because they reminded me of freestyle discs.  (Sometimes the big winds can affect those).

  5. Jon-Pat Myers says:

    nice again! just subscribed and due to a hit and run accicdent some months back I busted my elbow and ripped the tendons and ligaments in my wrist. Busy recovering but still really sore elbow especially on F/h drives. Trying to get my extension and flexibility back. I find flex shots hurt more for some reason and low flip releases less so. Im still getting out to about 100m max but dont want to damage further. Any tips for safe stretching? thanks in advance.

  6. Veb81 FC says:

    Hi. First off all I want to tell that this chanel is great and I find your tips super usefull. I'd like to ask if you have some recomendations for wrist pain. I have one in my right hand for a long time and I belive it coused by playing disc golf, I play RHBH. Thanks in advance.

  7. Henrik Österberg says:

    Rest and time for sure, anyone who previously overloaded their elbow in this fashion should probably get stretching and self-massage into their future routine as a preventive measure against relapse or just aid recovery somewhat.
    If you have the opportunity and know a good massage therapist it can be a great help in sorting out the problem.
    (I go to one a few times a year who also happens to be a physical therapist, great combo.)

  8. Gary Barnett says:

    Decent advice if you want to just wait around for months. I'd recommend this instead.

  9. DISC GOLF NINJA says:

    thanks bud. ive been playing along time. i throw 400' rhbh and 475' rhfh and i almost always get elbow pain. the only thing that helps me is rest, tons of fruits and veggies and a gallon of water daily.

  10. TheRaellz says:

    I get elbow pain after throwing 6-8 forehand throws in disc golf. I don't use any awkward movement, it's very smooth and without any unnecessary movements that cause additional stress.

    Is there something I can do to remedy this or at least get more throws per day? As it stands I can throw 400ft with my forehand throws with great accuracy, but I can only do it half a dozen times before inflammation begins. I really need help.

  11. Steven Gouletas says:

    I assume the advide for Spin Elbow is the exact same as for Forehand Elbow?

  12. Steven Gouletas says:

    Have you heard of guys like me that have hurt their shoulder from too much push putting? Any other advice in addition to Time, Rest and Ice regularly?

  13. Chris Davies says:

    Best thing: Fill that sucker up with a huge shot of local anaesthetic, and Kenacort Steroids! Like I did just yesterday! Tennis elbow sucks because it can't heal because it is inflamed, and it is inflamed because it's not healing! It is a vicious circle.

    The soft tissue in the tennis elbow area has virtually no blood flow at all, and because the elbow is in constant use, it is almost impossible for it to heal all by itself, unless you put your arm in a sling, and do nothing with it for many weeks.

    The latest research tends to indicate that it does not matter what you inject into the tendon, with plain water seeing the same effect. It is surmised that the body reacts to the intrusion of the steroid as a serious injury, which causes the body to freak out, and start to send healing things to the area.

    Usually less than a week later, tennis elbows injected with steroids are back to pretty much normal. But care must be taken in that first week, as the tendon is noticeably weaker than normal after being injected.

    There are no known detrimental long-term effects which accrue from repetitive steroid use to resolve tennis elbow, and you can easily treat the same issue many times.

    However, it's best to avoid tennis elbow by resting as soon as any discomfort is felt, and to avoid any and all use of things like chainsaws, gas-operated weed whackers, chopping firewood or kindling, or anything which places great strain on that tendon.

    Good disc golf form does not hurt a person. And so if you are getting elbow pain then you are doing it wrong, or are doing it far too much. You will know which it is.

  14. Joseph Wonsetler says:

    65 years old and going in I knew I had some shoulder issues. Forehand was recommended to me for senior players but did not work at all so I returned to RHBH. It worked better for a while but started having elbow pain from the hyperextension of my elbow at release throwing from chest level.
    Almost gave up but found and purchased a somewhat flexible elbow brace online with velcro straps that did not stop full extension of my arm but did slow it down at and after release thus diminishing if not muting the hyperextension effect and accompanying pain.
    The other mod was partly discovered on my own. Releasing between my waist and mid thigh allowed for a straighter arm thus less drastic arm extension at release. Eventually found videos of pre-surgery Dave Feldberg in "4 World best disc golf slo mo tee shots." He uses what some others have described as a "modified" Swedish style throw.
    Whatever you call it allows me to keep a straighter arm throughout most of the motion and the elbow brace slows the elbow extension at release so that I have little and no persistent elbow pain. Initially I sacrificed some distance but with more familiarity with the "style" it returned in part because of little fear of pain thus willingness to put more into the throw.
    Hey, I did not take up this game until I was 60 and had no delusions of grandeur. But the brace and the style allows me to enjoy the sport to the limits of my ability. Can't help you with the "putter's pain" but I never was a good putter anyway so I make do. Hope this helps someone maybe my age who has been discouraged by similar issues. The brace was less than $20. Overall a cheap fix for me.

  15. steven faulkenberry says:

    all you need to heal tendonitis (tennis elbow) are ultra sound treatments. sells little home ultra sound kits for around 200. i bought mine in 2012 used it and my tennis elbow didn't flare back up for 5 years. problem healed. just buy yourself one. it treats dozens of problems. you'll be glad you did. have a good game.

  16. Andy Hall says:

    Have you ever tried the theraband flexbar for combatting these two conditions as a preventitive measure before you develop these issues? if so how effective do you find them?

  17. gun rok says:

    When did Charlie Day start doing DG videos.. jk mang. good vid! i have elbow pain that won't go away. Thanks for the Tips. it is very difficult not to DG during heal time.

  18. TheRaellz says:

    Originally I had elbow pain, but after some suggestions from this video I have never had elbow pain since. Now I'm dealing with an issue that apparently not many other people have, hip joint pain. I'm not sure why or how it developed, but after playing disc golf for 8-9 months I now have hip joint issues.

    If I try to lift my leg to get on a bike, my hip joint will feel like it's locked up and I can't raise it high enough to get on. I'm normally very flexible and never had an issue with this before. I also can no longer do jumping jacks either because my legs will not go that far apart anymore. This feels very crippling and I've tried everything I can think of besides having my legs pulled to possibly pop the hip joint somehow. I do a lot of hip flexor stretches as well.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  19. nmnml says:

    I got tennis elbow after a few weeks of starting disc golf. I taught myself to play left handed and now I am more comfortable throwing lefty. I still have tennis elbow 2 years after first feeling it and I don't think it will ever leave.

  20. m Y b R o D d A s K n O w De WaE says:

    I dont know what to do, ive been playing disc golf for 2 years now and the last two weeks have been just absolute pain. Everytime i throw the disc i dislocate my elbow. Then i rest for a while and not throw and try to relieve it that way. It doesnt hurt after a while but when i throw again i hear a snap and feel hella pain. Would be appreciated if someone could help me.

  21. northrupmj says:

    I've had that elbow pain for a while due in part from my work (ultrasound tech) and I have a dog that is Frisbee crazy.  I have to work so I can't avoid all irritations to my elbow but I've had a lot of relief from wearing a wrist brace.  I can even throw the Frisbee pain free with the brace.  nice video

  22. Haley Garner says:

    My husband and I both have tennis elbow from time to time. But he also has bone spurs in the top side of his elbow. Is there anything besides surgery that can help with that pain? And is surgery the only option? Thanks so much for your videos! They’ve been extremely helpful!

  23. Jake Smith says:

    So I literally just started playing about 2 weeks ago and I am already experiencing pain in the elbow and the shoulder. Is this do to my body just getting used to a different movement or is this actually like tennis elbow or something like that like you guys are saying

  24. Bradley Byrd says:

    I throw backhand and push put. I’m getting same pain

  25. dregz mcgee says:

    so basically no solution. why make a video at all?

  26. nifty95xf150x05 says:

    Thanks for this video! What about backhanding hurting your elbow?

  27. AlphaDork101 says:

    There is no Audio!

  28. AlphaDork101 says:

    DUDE! There is no audio!!! WTF!!!

  29. Edward Chun says:

    Long video to say rest and ice… acupuncture and manual therapy.

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