Do golf clubs wear out?
Do golf clubs wear out?

(Nick Clearwater) Golf clubs can come into your orbit a
bunch of different ways can be a ahand-me-down from a relative, you found
something in your buddies garage that you like, maybe you’re still using a set
of clubs from high school that you hit one or two good shots on and you just
can’t get rid of those. All of those are terrible ways to have golf clubs. Take
this, for example, this is an old dated wedge this one’s got a cool story behind it,
it’s actually made for a Tour player. You can see there’s really no tech in the
back, just a couple of curves on this side you’ve got a few wear spots on them
so not only don’t these perform very well with the spin and the precision
that you’re going to land these shots but there’s just no benefit built into
this for someone who’s trying to play better golf. Meanwhile, you can have the
same problem with a driver 7 and 1/2 degrees of loft, dated
technology, it’s not so much at the face itself is worn out and this won’t work,
it’s just you’re not gonna get very good performance on it. So take a look at this
graphic and you’ll see what our data has found for really avid golfers, guys who
play a lot, this is how often you want to change your equipment. Drivers about 14
months, that way you’re getting the latest and greatest tech. Same thing with
the irons about two and a half years or thirty months those are good numbers
to live by if you play a lot of golf that’s how often you should change them.
Take a look at some of these examples so I can show you why you need to do that.
Starting with the iron you’ve got the Tour player iron right here with the
worn out grooves and poor tech in the back of it now you’ve got some clubs
that really are very forgiving, wider soles on them and fresh sharp groups
that help you control where you’re gonna land the ball on the green and how much
spin you have on them. Same thing goes for the driver though the seven and a
half degree driver nobody’s using one of those today you wouldn’t find this on a
PGA Tour bag. Meanwhile a brand new driver with some tech on the bottom, some
adjustability to the shaft and the hosel itself this is what you need to play
your best golf, we see golfers come into GOLFTEC all the time who are really
just not succeeding because they’re using clubs that hold back their
improvement. So the best way to get better at this is test everything, see
what we have on the wall here, try out different shafts and heads.
Ultimately you need to find a GOLFTEC Coach near you and get a clubfitting

2 thoughts on “Do golf clubs wear out?”

  1. FarnzworthIII says:

    Drivers 14 months?!?!! Do you guys sell clubs?
    I hit my i25 driver the same as any new driver.

  2. Mike McIlroy says:

    New driver every year… the graphic behind you should say Rich Golfer not avid.

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