Do a Table Tennis Forehand Drop Shot | Ping Pong
Do a Table Tennis Forehand Drop Shot | Ping Pong

16 thoughts on “Do a Table Tennis Forehand Drop Shot | Ping Pong”

  1. James P says:


  2. xswagmaster says:


  3. BRSwift says:


  4. Didier Jourdain says:


  5. LuisNascimento says:

    second COMBO BREAKER!

  6. Alfieri Benedictos says:

    what is this guy? are your hands too short? or are you a dwarf? wtf?

  7. kamydon says:

    what part of paralympic you didn't get?!

  8. Thomas McMichael says:

    you're so bad

  9. shane lamb says:

    you heard of a PARALIMPIAN

  10. Tahl Leibovitz says:

    Thank you all for the comments both good and bad.  I had an awesome time doing the video.

  11. Tahl Leibovitz says:

    Thank you for watching the videos. I have recieved many emails about writing a book, which should be completed shortly. I will post more information soon.

  12. Tahl Leibovitz says:

    The book is about the advance levels of table tennis. It is everything I have learned about the sport. Good luck with your practice

  13. Daniel DeNeve says:

    It looks like youre changing your grip between FH and BH.  Also I dont know if you cant do a split step (I played tennis).  Is that the first step to any setup like in normal sized racquet sports?

  14. Why Se says:

    Could you stop to learn the people false, and delete youtube.

  15. Arnav Sinha says:

    aewsome videos you make Tahl

  16. Huzefa Tapia says:

    Your videos are good, but the subtitles are very disturbing and the shot and ball movement cannot be seen. One only needs to know your action to learn table tennis and for this game, READING your language is not important

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