DIY EDIBLE Kool Aid BUBBLES – Man Vs Pin #105
DIY EDIBLE Kool Aid BUBBLES – Man Vs Pin #105

How’s it going? Cheers Haha! We’re back! If it looks like I’m still on vacation.. its because: I am! I don’t know if I’m *chuckling* f***in’ ever coming back! *more laughter* *snorts* *sighs* sh*t. Hey, hey, welcome back! Man Vs Pin, two thousand seven-f***in’-teen. That’s right, I know, it’s like f***in’ more than halfway into January and we’re just getting started on this sh*t, but I’ll tell you what: We needed a f***in’ vacation and we took one! We went to Hawaii, hence the god damn shirt. We saw volcanoes, we took a bunch of f***in’ pictures, We played golf, like a bunch of f***in’ Yupee *ssholes BUT WE’RE BACK! We’re rejuvenated, we’re clear-headed, Prob- no. Never clear-headed, that’s the problem. And it’s time to f***in’ jump back into this whole f***in’ video makin’ f***in’ YouTube bullsh*t process. That means a hundred and twenty to a hundred and f***in’ forty videos over the next year, of just us losing our god damn minds on a weekly basis. CAN’T F***IN’ WAIT! YES! Oh, sh*t.. I’m not ready for this. *stammering* i don’t even know wha- what What have we missed??? It’s been f***in’ two weeks, three weeks of not havin’ any YouTube, Let’s see what’s goin’ on out in the f***in’ DIY hemisphere. Let’s see, well we got, uh, Timmy Timato with What is he doing? He made a.. giant Cheez-It A giant oreo, and a giant gummy bear Glitter Forever 17, she made another fu***** crazy period video Simply Nailogical is still trying to f****** work out all those demons. And Karina Garcia, uh, Giant Slime Stress Balls Sounds about right Doesn’t seem like we missed a fu***** thing! But don’t get too fu******* excited, because we’re just uploading the same old bulls**** like everyone else is, just adding a f***in’ another video to the pile of bullsh*t , that is youtube suggested by Brooke over on facebook and hyped up over here on youtube in the comments section by the Emoji Master Edible bubbles to tell you the truth, uh, I need a drink at first I had read, that it said edible babies which I thought it would make for a f**kin real interesting episode but it did not it said edible bubbles, and so I researched the sh*t out of it and found out that pretty much all bubbles they’re edible anything is f**king edible, if you f**king eat it=3 but before we go all into that, pin-o-meter, what do you think buddy? Edible Bubbles? Still playing with bubbles at your age, way to make something of yourself so I pick up an edible bubble recipe somewhere online and run across a couple of them that used soda or your favourite beverage and for me, that is going to be Kool-aid. I’m still a f**kin 8 year old but before we do that, I headed on over to the old Toys R US and got myself some bubble f**kin madness alright, we did it, we landed in bubble worlds, we got a lot of f**kin bubbles here holy sh*t, yeap just cursing away here in the Toys R Us 3D images magically appear inside bubbles. What? Getting that Candy bubbles, bubbles you can eat, well sh*t I don’t have to make it anymore, it’s right here hurricane bubbles? Whhhhat? I think that is the one, yeah what the f**k is this? Movin and groovin bubble fun? Try me. walking away I got it all. I got this f**kin thing which is a giant f**kin bubble dildo But first before we f**kin try anything,I got to try these Thomas and Friends 3D f**king bubbles haha, look at these f**kin things, huh? alright here we go, you ready? 3D bubbles what the f**k? There’s nothing oh. What the f**k are these f**king assholes talking about? 3D images magically appear inside bubbles oh. Magic isn’t f**kin real. What am I- in f**kin Harry Potter f**kin land over here? Alright, enough f**kin, let’s get to making some bubbles, this recipe is actually really f**kin simple I got some Kool-Aid Liquid, uh, which is awesome. I use it way more than I should so I am just taking that and squirting it into 1 1/2 cups of water, making some Kool-aid. Mmmm goddamn it that’s delicious then I am just throwing in an 1/8 of a cup of corn syrup, uh, mixing that up real good and then, the last ingredient is actually soap the warning here, flush thoroughly with water if swallowed. Drink plenty of water, so? I think we are good with plant-tech, which I’m assuming it means that there is plants in here so taking that and just adding a 1/4 of a cup in there, and mixing all that around and that is it, that is all you gotta do. Boom, f**king bubble bullsh*t. Let’s try it out you ready? Here we go *clap* *clap* here *clap* here we go! uh, I am going to first experiment with, uh, the big fan. Battery operated? Son of a b*tch. Do I have batteries? sh*t oh, I got get a f**kin screw driver to take this f**kin panel off get the f**k outta here. Oh where the f**k are the goddamn screw drivers? I put them in the f**kin basement? *leaves room* It just took me 20 f*ckin minutes to find this goddamn screwdriver, f*ckin assholes. Ow motherf*cker I forgot the goddamn batteries! F*ck! Jesus f*ckin Christ! I just wanna blow some f*ckin bubbles. Oh sh*t! Ouch! Okay, here’s the f*ckin big test! Oh sh*t, god dammit. Come on now, come on now now Nope! Big bubble, big bubble! Arghh god dammit, f*ck this f*ckin bubble blower bullsh*t! F*ck it, I’m doing the old school on here Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeaaaah.. that’s f*ckin delicious! That is f*ckin somethin’! Oh sh*t that’s tasty! Whaaaat *coughs* Don’t suck them down your throat You gotta wait for ’em to land on your tongue. *burps* ugh Oh yeah… did you see that one?! Hold on you gotta see f*ckin , you gotta taste some of these here Huh? You missed it… Kool aid bubbles Edible Alright time to load up one of these f*cking giant bubble machines We got f*ckin bubble f*ckin hurricane coming What? What kind of a f*ckin battery bullsh*t is this now? *music* Battery is f*ckin not included F*ckin c*ck suckers! Uh more f*ckin screws, jesus christ Ugh Finally… Uhh look at that! Alright , you ready for this.. You f*ckin ready for this bubble hurricane motherf*ckers Yeeah! *coughs* They’re tasting soapy This is the life! Can’t wait to see what Threadbangermemes does with this one. Arrghh God… got in my eye again Ughh, turn it off, turn it off. Arrghh everything’s so f*ckin sticky Oh that’s gross! What are these f*ckin other bubbles taste like? Alright here they are. Candylicious bubbles! Let’s see how these f*ckin compare to mine Oh that’s really sweet, I think it’s just a lot of sugar Ugh, arghh, blerghhh…I don’t know about that But the big question on everybody’s mind I’m sure is “Will it alcohol?” We got ourselves a bottle of flaming lips of rye whiskey and we’re going to see whether or not we can make some whiskey f*ckin bubbles around here! F*ckin boozy bubbles! Hahhh..Another one for the road *laughs* So we’re just doing the same sh*t except we’re replacing the kool-aid with whiskey. So a cup and a half of whiskey, some corn syrup, and some dish detergent and we’re f*ckin ready to go! Whiskey bubbles, let’s do this! Mix all that together, f*ck yeaah.. Alright here we go WHATT Strong surprisingly. Cheers, oh sh*t. I don’t know about you but I am ready for an edible whiskey whirlwind party and it starts f*ckin right now F*ckin stupid f*ckin bubble motherf*ckers Ten f*ckin batteries Come on. Alright batteries are in. You ready for it, you ready for it? Lemme turn it on. Oh sh*t, hold on I’m not ready for it How do I turn this f*ckin thing on? Ok got it, got it, got it. You ready? WHAAAT It’s so good, it’s so- *coughs* Alright that’s amazing *coughs* (inaudible) the back of your throat Ugh okay, turn it off Ohhh..Holy sh*t It’s all in my eyes, in my face, and in my mouth. Wonderful. Oh everything’s so f*ckin sticky. I don’t know if I’m f*ckin drunk of the whiskey or sick of the f*ckin soap Life is good Whooo…Two thousand seven-f*ckin-teen starting off pretty f*ckin good over here. Well I’d say that this was a pretty f*ckin gigantic f*ckin success! Cheers! We made it! That, my friends, is the end of the show. That’s all we got for you! Be sure that you are subscribed, like up this video, that f*ckin helps out a lot! And then hit up the comment section, leave some suggestions about what you want to see here It’s a looooooooooooong f*ckin year ahead of us and I don’t know what the f*ck to do but that’s it I’ll see you around here next time! Another Man vs. f*ckin something, I don’t know.

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