Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 5 – Monster Distance (Instructional Disc Golf video)
Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 5 – Monster Distance (Instructional Disc Golf video)

What kind of a disc I would choose for distance? – A Blizzard Boss around 157 grams, because it has a
combination of speed and lift and flight characteristic that would maximize distance you can get it up to height real quickly cause it’s fast and it has enough carry to give you pretty good glide and
has fairly small low-speed overstability so it doesn’t fall out of the air – Hey Avery check this out what I have – DD2s in P-line. – Nice, those look great! I’d choose a domey one over a flat one
because the domey one has more lift and has less low-speed overstability
at the same time – We’re good to go! We’ve got these Blizzard Champion Destroyers.
Let me see it. 157, that looks just like – my disc. We’re breaking world records today! The two main things you need to throw distance
are altitude; you need to get the disc up as high as you can without losing speed
quickly you need to get it oriented nose down as much as you can with that altitude it has to ride the wind as efficiently
as possible. – Yeah I’m excited, we’re going to El Mirage the dry lake a legendary spot where Christian broke or actually he made the new distance world record of 250 meters. – That’s huge it’s truly incredible It’s good combination of power, speed and technique and Christian has
all of this when you get the right conditions up here you’ll get some pretty big long shots we have a mission to reach 200 meters today and
the lake bed there is about six miles long when you go to this kind of remote places the weather is always a factor We even don’t know now what is waiting for us, right? I don’t know it looks like the clouds rolling in and we get some weather
rolling in. Hopefully brings some wind with it. I’ve never been to El Mirage. It’s pretty cold out there now as the sun gets up and it’ll heat up the ground
and cause some really cool thermals. Actually it’s a good thing we just grabbed a
bunch the new Blizzard-line discs – Yes these Blizzard discs are pretty incredible I was throwing them two weeks ago in Taiwan These Destroyers and these Bosses go a long long way
and with a good combination of light weight good speed and the carry that these discs have I can only imagine what they do in the desert. Especially the boss,
when it winds, it’s going a long long way. Welcome to nowhere Oh Yeah every player in the game wants a learn
how to gain distance and throw further on this section of maximum distance I’m gonna to show you how to get more power and
speed out of your throwing technique maximum distance driving and backhand
driving are a very similar except for the fact that your trying to get an
extended reach back by turning your head also getting a lower pullback and a higher release point when throwing max distance now there’s golf distance and maximum driving distance golf distance your trying to throw a lower line and a lower shot and preferred landing zone for maximum distance your trying to throw as hard as possible and accuracy is not as crucial now in golf distance your throwing a lower
line trajectory, trying to be accurate. for maximum distance I’m trying to throw as high as possible, good turnover angle and get the wind
carry the disc as far possible Now we’re trying to drop some bomb drives in the desert It all comes down to the grip I use a power grip which means tucking four fingers on the inner side of the rim tuck in the middle two and the front and back are flushing against the rim Thumb on the top where the rim meets the flight plate,
good firm pressure good firm grip nothing too loose when it’s gonna fall out of your hand,
nothing too tight when you’re gonna pull it and yank it the grip is very very important that’s
where you have all you’re momentum that your body produces transferring into the disc itself while the golf course I actually throwing drives i produce a lot of
calluses and blisters on my pointer finger throwing maximum distance i actually get a good tear point on my
middle finger. that’s why I use super glue for the most part. and you’re getting so much momentum and so much
tear into the hit point of release that you get again so much power transferring off
these front two fingers. So really concentrate on the grip. And you’ll be throwing bombs in the desert. and now for the arm swing when throwing maximum distance drives. stronger the wind the higher the release it’s all about
putting your body ii position depending on the strength and direction the wind. Typically it’s a lower reach back, and a high release try get maximum acceleration, maximum torque as you turn, twist and throw. Now in order to get maximum distance,
I use a three-sixty turnaround throwing technique for distance contests. The advantage is that you get a maximum reach back, accelerated pull through and violence shift away from back to the front and since it’s not about accuracy when throwing
maximum distance drives i concentrate on rotational speed, arm extension and arm swing velocity. while spinning you need to feel your
body in space and proper body alignment will assure correct release point. and now for the run-up of the three sixty turnaround: I use proper alignment, one linear motion forward, I’m going to take small timing steps to build my rhythm. but all you need is a minimum of four
steps for max distance turnarounds first two steps – driving momentum forward. The third step – you hop on your left foot. and spin-rotate hop one-eighty (degrees) as you’re trying to rotate your lower body, twisting your hips and driving your legs
forward your last and final step with the plant foot as you driving all your momentum forward accelerating through and put everything and all the
momentum into the disc itself. It’s important to keep your body disconnected using your lower body to go first and
then you upper body coming around kind of like corking or coiling driving your body’s momentum forward
until the release of the disc. Now let’s bring it all together. the run-up and the arm swing you’re trying to generate incredible
power through your legs as you’re driving in forward. producing torque through the rotation the
pivot foot. Turning into the power position – twisting my hips and driving the
momentum forward. You want keep your arm and your disc close to your body for angular
momentum to increase spin velocity. You’re using the twisting of your body and the rotational forces for your arm swing to create a slingshot
effect max extension extreme acceleration through to the hit point and release. Now some pro tips for throwing maximum distance drives. Use controlled aggression while remaining smooth and fluid throughout the
throw concentrate on speed and rhythm don’t try to kill it eighty or ninety percent power with proper the technique will get you some big drives down the desert. next for the discs, typically the faster disc spins, the further they fly. so concentrate on the hit point and the release and what comes the wind, the wind is
your friend you looking for a cross-tailwind over your left shoulder. and kicking the disc up in the air with an anhyzer, really
getting the bottom of the disc exposed to the wind and letting it carry down the field. Three key points to maximum distance: 1. learn to use the wind – proper disc alignment depending on the speed of the wind. Wind over your left shoulder for right-handed backhand. 2. Disc selection – Models with great ratio of speed and glide use lighter weights to increase carry in the wind 3. acceleration & power – concentrate on quick transfer of
bodyweight to produce power and quick acceleration arm speed to
ensure maximum distance. Now the wind is picking up, now let’s crush some drives and see
if we can break the 200 meter mark. This is pretty ideal right now. – It’s go time!
– Let’s go! It’s time for Jussi to rip some bombs! Ok, We are getting ready I’m throwing FD’s Discmania Fairway drivers (Jackal) they’re actually not too the fast but
they have a tremendous glide. I try to get them high and sail with the wind. – 165m
– 165, gotcha! No! One more! I’m going to rip this one. 174m! check check, check check. Just so you know it’s forty-eight degrees right now.
forty-eight degrees(!) it’s freezing. but I can’t throw on these heavy jackets. Blizzard Boss… See the wind is pushing so I’m trying to expose
the bottom of the disc and fly it over. Wow, this wind is strong! I need get these turned over more. That was good. That was a big shot. They’re flying really well out here right now. – The last one was about 180m. Gotcha! I gotta get bigger than that. Here we go! It’s freezing out here right now. I think it’s something bigger… Last shot: 202 m! 202m! I’m telling you right now! 200 meters right there! break the mark! Blizzard Champion Boss, 154g. 202 meters with a Blizzard Champion Boss. Someone very very lucky is getting this disc. monster distance and huge drives is what
this sport is all about. There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling just
after the driver leaves your hand I’m telling you – I just crushed that one. I know that in the long run it’s just one shot,
but man, what a shot! This was the Discmania deep in the Game,
I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the DVD.

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