Disc Golf Course Opens at Ft. Tuthill Near Flagstaff
Disc Golf Course Opens at Ft. Tuthill Near Flagstaff

The Flagstaff disc golf club was hard at
work over the summer to bring the community another place to play. I
recently spoke with some of the project managers to find out more. The new disc
golf course, hidden in the pines of Fort Tuthill, is now open and free for anyone
who wants to have some fun outdoors. Johnson: “Disc golf is an outdoor sport. It’s not very
expensive. People can take a family out. A lot of times I’ll see someone come out
with several kids. And you can really play it at any level.” It’s not only fun,
but provides a low-impact workout as well.
Johnson: “Whenever you play a 18 hole round of disc golf, you walk about two and a half
to three miles. So it’s a great way to get some exercise. Once you have the
discs, it doesn’t cost you anything.” The club has 44 basket placement options.
Offering players a different experience depending on what is preferred for
tournaments and recreational play. Johnson: ” A two-round tournament, we can make a
totally different look during that second round, as during the first round,
because we can put it in a different position.” And although many are just
finding out about it, some folks have gotten out to play the new course and so
far, the reviews have been positive. Ryan: “We’ve already gotten a lot of people that have
started to use it before all the tees we’re done and I’m hearing that it’s
becoming one of the favorites out here.” But for most people, the appeal is
obvious. Johnson: “It’s a great way to enjoy the pine trees and the outdoors in
Flagstaff.” The course is currently open and plans to stay open seasonally.

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