Disc Golf Adventure Morley Field Disc Golf Course

(upbeat music) – We are in San Diego, California. We’re meeting up with some
people, we’ll discuss that later, talking about some disc
golf courses and stuff. What I thought was really cool is that back in 1993
I landed in San Diego, because I was joining the Marine Corps. I knew the Marine Corps Recruit Depot was right outside of the airport, so I wanted to come check it out. Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Back in 1993 I landed and was shoved off into the Marine Corps and
my life was never the same. (upbeat music) You’re probably wondering
what are we doing out here in San Diego, California. We have quite a bit of business to take care of while we’re here. One of the things is we’re gonna talk to the guys that run stuff
out here at Morley Field. Just kind of checking out Morley Field. We hear it’s a very popular course. A lot of people come here to
pay to play some disc golf, so we wanted to see what
Morley Field was all about. Plus we have some meetings with Callaway. And if you don’t know, Callaway
actually bought out Ogio. Ogio is the people that make our bags. We have a meeting with them
to talk about the future of disc golf and bags
and things like that. Let’s go check out Morley Field. – It is a thing of
beauty in and of itself. It’s one of the most
maintained golf courses that you’ll see. We have, on staff, every
single day we’re here, 5 days a week, 300 and
whatever days a year. We all love what we do and
we’re very passionate about it. And you can really see that
reflected in the course. – [Man] That’s awesome. It is one of those cherished
things, here in San Diego. We definitely do have a local crowd that’s here every singly
day, dedicated for sure. We do yearly passes, monthly passes and we can’t print enough of them. It’s pretty awesome. And we were expecting some play to drop when we raised the rates at
the beginning of this year, but it hasn’t been reflected at all. – [Jeremy] So was it three
bucks, three and four? – Yup, and now it’s four and five. And we just had to do that
to accommodate the masses. We have 300 to 450
people every single day. – [Jeremy] Wow. So, it’s quite a sight
– That’s awesome. – Weekends are always
500 people, you know? The whole family comes out. It’s a beautiful sight though, for sure. Especially because this is a
great place to grow the sport. A lot of people come here to play disc golf for the first time, so we want them to see the best that disc golf really has to offer. There are obviously improvements that you can do on any course. – [Bobby] Is that what the
bands are, for like passes. – [Morley Field Worker] Correct, sir. – [Bobby] These bands let you know what you’re signed up for to play? – [Morley Field Worker] That you’ve paid. This is what you get when you pay. You put it on there– – [Morley Field Worker]
You’ll see some locals that have been coming here for
years that have normal bags, but all the way around. – [Bobby] Yeah, I know this
one guy had, like, yeah. – [Morley Field Worker]
No, no, no, no, no. I’m talking about– – I have quite a bit.
– Literally, all around. – [Bobby] Yeah, I saw one guy went all the way down the straps. – [Man] I finally bought
a monthly for next month. – Good looking bags gentlemen. All right, looks like we’re going to check out the pro shop
here at Morley Field. – [Jeremy] Busy place around here, huh? – Very much so, yes.
(laughter) It’s kind of a slow day for us, too. The weather has been too nice, I think, and some people have been
doing more beach things. It’s been warm the last few, so it finally cooled down today. It’s a welcome change, but
it’s always pretty busy here. Stays pretty steady all the time. (upbeat music) – [Bobby] All right folks, Jeremy paid for four ace attempts. Let’s see if he can get an ace. – Better take the glasses off for this. – [Bobby] Take the
glasses off for the ace. There’s the basket, right there. – Easy shot.
– What are you throwing first? It’s been like nine years since I’ve aced. – [Bobby] Marshal, let’s see it. – It’s on. Oh my god, go left (laughter). That was a good little run. – [Bobby] Attempt number one. – I need some more discs. I didn’t bring enough. – [Bobby] Look at all those discs. What’s the second attempt? (phone ringing) Warrant.
– Warrant. – [Bobby] Now remember
guys, we’re traveling, so he’s limited on the discs he has. – I might need your putter. – [Bobby] Oooooh. – What is that one? – That’s not gonna work. Let me grab your– – [Bobby] Grab one of the Deputy’s. Right there on the bench. – This is the one. This is Bobby’s. This one goes to Bobby. – [Bobby] This is the Deputy. Oh, I get the money if you hit it? – Yeah.
– Okay. – This one goes to you.
– I’ll take it. (laughter) – [Bobby] Oh, what was that? – Sorry. – Now you gotta go find it. – (laughter) Sorry, Bobby. – [Bobby] Wha Wha! – Fatigue. – No ace. Finished our round of
disc golf at Morley Field. Jeremy did not get an ace, boo! – Dang it! I tried my hardest though,
and that’s what counts. – He tried his hardest. Now we’re gonna see if we can
get some nice San Diego food. Where are we eating? – South Beach Bar and Grill. – And it’s on the bay
where we can see the water? – Yes. ♫ We’re gonna be sitting
on the dock of the bay. ♫ Sitting on the dock of the bay. What were you gonna say? – You’re a great singer. – Thank you. (upbeat music) Go, Bay Watch! So, we’ve been driving
around for at least, what, 20 minutes? – [Jeremy] Feels that way. – 20, 25 minutes. We finally found a parking spot. Now we’re gonna go eat
food if I can get out. I can’t get out.
– Come on, get out, Bobby. (upbeat music) We are on our way to the, well, I guess Callaway’s headquarters where we’re gonna talk
to the Ogio people about just how things are going with bag sales and stuff like that. I don’t know why I’m whispering. So we’re gonna discuss sales,
growth, disc golf things that they can do to help
us continue to grow. Jeremy’s looking dapper in his– – Yeah, this is not normal. – [Bobby] This is not normal Jeremy. – This is not normal at all (laughing). But it’s good, it’s good.
– It’s good. – Works out to see Callaway and Ogio and look forward to doing
a lot more together. Oh, we went the wrong way.
– Oh, we went the wrong way. (laughing) All right, so we’re getting ready to go into the Callaway headquarters. Jeremy says he’s not nervous. I’m nervous.
(laughing) I’m nervous for the both of us. This is so cool.
– It’s beautiful. – I don’t know what all I can do in there as far as video and
cameras, stuff like that, so we may just have to check in with you– – It’s probably gonna be
strict no camera policy. – I know, so you’re not gonna
be able to see the latest and greatest golf stuff, but
we’re gonna meet with Ogio, the Ogio people with
the Ogio side of things and see, like I said,
see if we can have them help us grow the sport. We’ll check in afterwards. – Welcome to Callaway. (laughing)
and Ogio. (upbeat music) – We’re, uh, (stammering) done with the meeting with the folks from Calllaway and Ogio. Met the, what is he now, the
general manager for Ogio, too? Jeremy did a fantastic
job presenting disc golf and the growth of the sport. – [Jeremy] Bobby did a fantastic job, too. – All I said, like five words. Jeremy did a great job. Very promising, very promising. They were very excited about the sport. They didn’t know a lot about the sport and they seemed genuinely excited. We showed them some footage
from the Glass Blown Open and they were really impressed watching the guys throw the discs. It was a really good meeting. I think it was a really good meeting. – Great meeting, for sure. Seems like they get the
future of the sport. – Absolutely. – And they get the fact that they need to partner up more with disc golf and sponsor our team players and put stuff on their actual
website about disc golf. – Yeah. – That’s the first time
to really hear that, so that’s exciting stuff, for sure. – So, some exciting stuff to come in the future for us and Ogio, for sure. Jeremy Rusco pays for parking. – Don’t even get me started, Bobby. Do not, no (laughing). – [Bobby] You don’t even know
how rare of a scene this is. – Oh, this hurts. Oh, it hurts but– – But, we’re hungry.
– Time is money. – [Bobby] Time is money and I’m hungry. – And Bobby’s hungry, and
if we were to drive around, we could spend two more
hours looking for parking. – That’s true.
– Time is money. Welcome to my next favorite
Mexican food restaurant. – Norte’s.
– Norte’s? – Norta, Norte.
– Norta? (Mexican music) – [Bobby] There’s the beach. See the beach? Right there, beach. (upbeat music)

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