Dino Falls Adventure Golf | Manchester | Trafford Golf Centre | March 2019
Dino Falls Adventure Golf | Manchester | Trafford Golf Centre | March 2019

Morning friends! We are here at Dino Falls Adventure Golf! Looks exciting! Yeah… So, It’s an 18-hole mini golf here in Manchester We’re just about to go in… We’re here really, really early because we want to avoid the crowds We’ve been past a few times on the motorway, this is just by the M60, which is the ring road the runs around Manchester When we’ve been passed on the motorway before, if you com earlier in the day there’s literally just a queue of people going round and you’re kind of just waiting for the people in front of you to go so we thought we’d get here early. Yeah, We’ve just driven past and there’s nobody here so, it’s currently 8 o’clock in the morning on a Saturday so that’s dedication for you. So, yeah let’s go in! So, we’ve got our scorecard, and we’ve got our balls. They’ve got funky designed on. I went for music notes. I went for the spooky eyeball. As you come in, this is also a driving range. A two-level driving range so you go to the main desk to pay and to get your card and clubs and everything It was £8 each for adults, £6 for children and a family ticket is £24 So as you come in you go to the desk and then you turn to your left hand side and you walk through the bottom corridor of the driving range and that brings you outside to where the mini golf is Let’s go! A lot of power behind that! It was very straight though… If you look over to the side that where the motorway is, so you can see this is where the M60 is that we came down. That’s the busy motorway in Manchester… Busiest motorway in Manchester! It’s Anthony’s go Oh no! oh dear me…. It’s in the rough I’m gonna try and hit the ball with my left hand – one hand! Of course, it went in! And I was watching through the lens as well This guy doesn’t seem happy to see us Oh, what’s this? Gemma’s found some kind of egg… I need to take your photo now don’t I? As you go around it gives you different dinosaur facts This is the Allosaurus Hello Is the Allosaurus the one that’s in the DINOSAUR ride in Walt Disney World? Cause I always think it’s the t-rex that scares you but is it the Allosaurus? I don’t know… It does look a little bit like the one… You tell us… You tell us in the comments… We’ll research it and put it in here. So, Anthony’s going to try and get in to this giant Dino Falls deck chair… What if it breaks? How do I get in? Do I just fall into it? Go on… Yay He looks comfortable Yay! well done! Hole in one! Ready to go Look at the focus Look at that swagger… So the idea is it goes through that hole… and then down here. Hey, knocked mine out of the way! Aw It was just a practice… Can’t just keep saying that We make our own rules Aw, it’s like he’s a pro And looking smug with it as well We just on hole 8 here and there is a risk of the ball going into the river So we need to make sure we hit it hard enough to go over to there No problem And it’s Tiger Anthony… oh brilliant shot There we go it’s there… It’s coming back! Rubbish… No!! aw Can I move it away? No Cheat! Oh, it’s a good one That’s a good end You see how straight that is now to get that in? Aw No! Hole in one! It’s bullying that! Oh, this one looks challenging! Are you going to hit it under here or are you going to try and go through these? No way… aw! So close No! Aw, haha! I don’t believe it! Oh my goodness… I would love that! Oh, do you believe it? Do you actually believe it? How many times can he look like that? It’s all a fluke… I hate golf You wouldn’t believe that actually I was the better golfer out of the two of us I think I’m better at putting and your better and the long distance I’m giving up on this hole! You ready? So, before you do that… You have to get it into one of these but I think one of them is a trick one and it takes you off to the side. I think these two might be ok Let’s see Oh no! It went over there Oh, would you look… And there is the hole… Not that I’m bitter at all What’s that? I said, there’s the hole right next to the ball. There’s two holes here so you do need to get it into that first one you would never know, would you? nice! Oh look, He’s a left-handed golfer It’s the backside of water! We’re inside this lovely cave A prehistoric CCTV And then the dinosaur claw We’re on hole 14 So close Ok, so on this one We have to hit it into the water and it should travel down here, through there, and then hopefully it’ll come out over there and not go down there… Let’s see! Yay! Oh no! Aw I’m sorry The ball’s wet! I don’t want to pick them up now cause they’re wet Are you ready for the last hole? Oh, you were about to hit it then weren’t you? I was… Straight down there… What? It hit my golf club that I precariously placed there, I’m so sorry! it means I get a free shot Do you want to do it again? no… So this is it, once the ball goes into the last hole it’s gone then you can’t collect it Aw Aw Getting our money’s worth… Aw Oops! That wasn’t a go! Do you know that counts in golf? Yeah, I know… it counts here too Aw, bye forever! Ok, the last time now You ready? Focused? Oh dear! Well done That’s it, that’s a wrap There we go! All done So, it took us… It’s half nine and we got here at what? about quarter past 8 when we got here it’s taken us about an hour and 20 minutes so go round I had a really good time! Yeah, I did! I think it took us longer because we were filming stuff and we let somebody pass us It’s not been busy at all. We thought that it would have been much busier, especially on a Saturday morning But it’s a really good time to come, in the morning. We checked on the website it said around lunchtime it was really busy so if you want to avoid those crowds then definitely get here in the morning I was saying that there is also a mini-golf course in the Trafford Centre called Paradise Falls and we’ve done that one before we’re going to do it again and hopefully we’ll vlog that one too I love that course and there’s two courses in there but i really like an outdoor mini-golf course and it’s difficult in the UK because the weather is so temperamental We’ve been really lucky today, it’s been cloudy but the sun’s just come out it’s a little bit cold but it doesn’t matter if you put a jumper on you’re good to go I don’t like them when they’re boring so you know when it like here’s a straight hole I like obstacles in the way. How good was the hole with the water? really good fun so more of those please! We’ve had a lovely morning, we’re gonna go and grab something to eat. We didn’t eat before we came out so we’re gonna go a grab some breakfast I think it’s worth saying as well that if you come here in the evening it’s quieter later on, it’s open until 10pm and it’s very different at night, It’s all lit up and obviously it’s a much different atmosphere so it’s worth trying both really Yeah, I’d like to come back again We don’t say that about many mini-golf course do we but I’d love to come back again. I think for us it depends on the crowd levels, which is why we came so early to avoid all the crowds There’s nothing worse than… you all know when you’re playing mini-golf and there is a queue of people behind you and you feel like you’ve got to keep hitting the ball and it just takes the enjoyment out of it. So, if you can get here earlier then that’s the way to do it Right, shall we go and grab some breakfast then? Yes, please! We’d just like to let you know as well that you can get refreshments and things here There’s a Starbucks with is always a bonus! It is open as well and it was open when we first got here so if you want to grab a coffee or a frappuccino or whatever as you go around you can do that In the summer there’s also a little hut where you can get ice creams and cold drinks as well Yeah, there’s a T-Rex tuck shop. So, it wasn’t open today but it either opens later on or it’s like a summer thing It’s mostly like kids menu on there but… The menu’s on the website The Dino Falls Adventure Golf is part of Trafford Golf Centre and they’ve got like I said before A two-level driving range. I did bring my clubs cause I thought that maybe we’d stick around and hot some balls but we’re a bit tired and hungry so we’re gonna go and grab some breakfast now There’s also an American Golf shop inside as well for all your golfing needs… This is not an advert! I’m just letting you know, in case you forget your glove or something Your mini-golf glove… So we’re off to grab some breakfast now thanks so much for watching I’d also like to say thank you to all those people who have subscribed to us over the past few weeks and watched our other vlogs yeah, everyone has been really supportive When we starting this we didn’t realise there was such a community out there similar to us there’s a lot of couples that do this as well and everyone has been so supportive and it’s been like a nice community getting to know new people and it’s been brilliant. We’re hoping to meet some new friends on the way so it’s been great! Right! have a lovely weekend! Bye guys!

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