Did Uruguay soccer star BITE other player?!
Did Uruguay soccer star BITE other player?!

75 thoughts on “Did Uruguay soccer star BITE other player?!”

  1. Linus Omark says:

    there is no 100% evidence, that suarez bite chiellini, neither on chiellinis shoulder. 

  2. Phil Mitchell says:


  3. shomba14 says:

    "trying to eat him" seriously? Dumb bitch! It wasn't even a bite!

  4. Wilver Huaynamarca says:

    The zombie apocalypse has begun

  5. flalibra71 says:

    This is the 3rd time he has bitten someone. Somebody is gonna knock his teeth out one day if he doesn't stop biting people.

  6. george escobar says:

    skifi sk you are as stupid as the moderator if you are comparing you being bit by dogs, cats and children. to a proffecional soccer player biting during a soccer match.
    i believe when you say you live with smart people but you are the dumbest of the people you live with.

  7. fullerthanu says:

    someone tried to "eat" him?? lol cnn your news is bad and you should feel bad

  8. John Goldfield says:


  9. Chad Rushing says:

    Soccer bites…

  10. Philip Hearn says:

    Great choice of presenters. They know nothing about Football and can't speak english. Excellent.

  11. fariz1974 says:

    solution bite back….hard

  12. Mr Markovich says:

    Women and football. Way,God, way????

  13. Ciaran Forde says:

    It does not matter what he does he is still a world class player

  14. toourpad says:

    how about show the fucking video of it, i dont wana look at stupid fucking pirtures

  15. PieterPukDeRocker says:

    Loser Suarez

  16. Orlando Medina says:

    Why is this Mike Tyson wanna be tolerated ?    It's about time a ban is imposed !

  17. Wayne Taylor says:

    He was just hungry

  18. Mike L says:

    Yes, he did and did it before

  19. JT says:

    Wow! That's just unbelievable! What kind of soccer player BITES another soccer player?! 👿👿👿 That's just weird!!!n😲😲😲

  20. No Guns says:

    0:17 This is how news is reported today – Valley girl style. "What happened?" "A Bite?" "Allegedly?" "To The Shoulder?" Everything is a question.

  21. Gamerpro Sweeney says:

    Lol I just found a parody of charlie bit my finger called Suarez bit my finger

  22. TransfictionTV says:

    In any civilized sport this wouldn't even be a question. Not only would he be removed from the league but he would be charged with assault. Then again, this is a debate in a sport that appeals to countries that run death squads, drug cartels, children soldiers, regular kidnapping of tourists, extreme violence, corrupt police and governments and basically every human rights violation you can think of. Biting people is just another day in the park for the average soccer country, I'm sure they would justify a shooting in the middle of the field, give the guy a month suspension or something… 

  23. Anon Mason says:

    Remember that derpy half tard kid with infantile habits way back in grade school? You know, the one who kept biting other kids?
    This is that guy.

  24. petrangelika says:

    Suarez = Mister Psycho 

  25. Soulinvictus1220 says:


  26. hajven4 says:

    4 months is way too much for losing his balance even chiellini said that it didn't feel like he did it on purpose and 4 months is too much

  27. Nigel Hornbean says:

    Where I live biting is a criminal offence, and you will be arrested, and if you have any wealth you will likely be sued in civil court. That piece of shit should be banned for life!

  28. milkman1 says:

    hes a clown i think he passed balotelli in the clown category . lol and balotelli did alot of stupid things

  29. Jose Merida says:

    Chiellini needs to stop taking BBQ baths…

  30. GMAN123BOSS says:

    Suarez is probably the dumbest fucking person, not just player, in the fucking world. He is a fucking IDIOT. I would fucking turn around and punch his shit. I dont give a fuck if I'm kicked out of the World Cup, I would kick his fucking ass. Fuck Suarez.

  31. chagOwwuUUu says:

    Calm down lady, he bit him. I guess you think Mike Tyson ate Holyfield lol.

  32. pokemon fan says:

    New York come with DUMD names HES a zombie juses

  33. Vader_sama says:

    I love how the suggested videos is about shark attacks.

  34. water618 says:

    Luis saw item 3 on the menu Chiellini. Thought it was tortellini. He is now complaining why there was a bone in the dish.

  35. HP says:

    Football not soccer

  36. Don Boardman says:


  37. tnm yako says:

    Fuck the cannibal

  38. XxOpticDavexX says:

    Amuricans y do u prunounce words so wrong?

  39. Pedro .P says:

    Who is this player? number one forward for Liverpool football club and Uruguay nationlal team.. then she would ask what is liverpool? AAAAHHHHHH

  40. Ngo Thai Hoa says:

    Try this game

  41. kingrobinho777 says:


  42. Alastair Cranmer says:

    Barcelona are apparently going to sign a psychologist if Suarez goes to Barca

  43. mukashibanashi123 says:

    He didn't had lunch,so what? Many like to eat … Italian.  LOL

  44. jack scott says:

    Hate when when Americans say premier league

  45. Tobias Holm says:

    What is primier League ???

  46. BM ChaneL Dropping says:


  47. meonhius says:

    Please don't persecute Suarez .
    He's innocent until proven guilty in court of law .
    He was not arrested !!!
    No one sued him .
    We ought to give him some reasonable … doubt

  48. GoVir4l says:

    Fuck these CNN sluts.

  49. Jimmy Walles says:


  50. Morris Falker says:

    Hello Clarice…

  51. Harun Hikima says:

    Hmm very funny

  52. Hoefledorf says:

    Why she pushes her voice, to be deep?

  53. sooooooooDark says:

    who wouldnt have seen it coming
    mainstream media talking about relevant stuff once again

  54. Maurice Turner-Brown says:

    Lol haha

  55. Roni Laitervo says:

    actually its fourth time…

  56. บุญช่วย ชมพิกุล says:


  57. Cinthya Beltran says:

    Anyone else from Uruguay? I am 🙋

  58. upyabubblegoose says:

    lol that red haired chick is a dog 

  59. roversfan 111 says:

    Suarez, Saurez, your teeth are offside!
    Saurez, Saurez, Chiellini is such a treat.

  60. Serenity says:

    Luis Suarez is a good just he bites ppl

  61. Jose Queiroz says:


  62. FinalRayOfHope says:

    Love how they say premier league (the premear league)

  63. bryan evans says:

    i used to be a soccer player and it fucking baffles me that these cunts flop to the ground everytime something barely bumps into them. Fuck off with that and talk to the ref instead of dramatically falling to the ground and then sprinting up 5 seconds later to catch up with everyone else.

  64. AJ Lott says:

    they would've won anyways 

  65. yeetman says:

    USA on Fotball "Facepalm"

  66. Swaraj Kumar says:

    From this to UEFA's second best player #MSN > all

  67. Ayondu Chiebuka says:

    please don't ban Suarez I look up to him he's one of my favorite players I love your Uruguay

  68. Peter Paul says:

    well there's not much to eat in uruguay

  69. Robert Frapples says:

    SO gay!

  70. Eric jr Ochoa says:

    I was born in 2014

  71. m.m22 10 says:

    Idiots American know nothing about SOCCER just call it football like I di

  72. Big Chungus boi says:

    Lol he didn't try to eat him geez!

  73. Tabanzi Weston says:


  74. imaboss 333 says:

    They call it soccer. Smh

  75. morales monster says:

    Everybody panic saying he was a zombie 😂😂 😂

  76. Spyros TS7 says:

    Anyone watching in 2019, June

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