Democrats FINALLY Decide To Speed Up Impeachment Investigation
Democrats FINALLY Decide To Speed Up Impeachment Investigation

Well folks, everybody in Washington, D.C.
is back to work today. Finally after their month long August recess
and Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have made it clear that their number one priority
at this point is impeaching Donald Trump. And yes, they had started their uh, investigations
a while ago. So impeachment is always technically been
on the table for Democrats with the House Judiciary Committee, but they send a draft
over to the New York Times to let them know what they were going to be working on this
week and what they’re working on as a proposal to formalize the investigation, the impeachment
investigations into Donald Trump, and to put the administration on notice that from this
point forward they will be under the protection of due process, which basically means you’re
going to have a chance to respond to this stuff. But we’re going to be calling witnesses, we’re
going to be examining evidence and we’re going to be moving forward. So if you feel like you need to come out and
give correcting testimony, you know, try to counter what a witness said. You have every legal right to do that. But if you don’t, you’re essentially waiving
your legal right. And that’s what they’re letting them know. And they’re hoping to be able to vote on this
proposal in the judiciary committee by Wednesday. They’re gonna finalize it today, hopefully
vote for it on Wednesday. And then they are all, uh, cylinders running
on this impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. Well It’s not even the inquiry yet. I guess it’s really just the investigation. And here’s even better news. They’ve said that, you know what, we’re Kinda
gonna back off the Trump Russia stuff because you know, you really can’t find stuff there. And even if we did, it’d be really hard to
prove. So we’re going to focus on the things that
are probably easily provable. For example, Donald Trump’s hush money payments
that were a clear violation of campaign finance laws. We’re going to focus on him enriching himself
with the office of the presidency with all these stays at Trump golf courses, all the
new revelations over the past three days about the military using a Trump’s golf course out
there in Scotland as their little stopover point for the last couple of years. Uh, they’ve got a lot of stuff they want to
go on. They also want to look at the fact that he
dangled pardons to immigration officials if they broke the law. So they’re really looking at things that are
actual legitimately, easily provable impeachable offenses and that’s my favorite part about
all of this. They’re getting real, they’re getting serious. They’re not chasing rabbits, they’re not being
distracted. They’re not using the Russia talking points. It’s like, Hey, we know this guy’s committed
crimes. We know they’re there. We know the banks know this too, and we’re
still working on getting all of that stuff. So there’s lots of, they can go here and these
are all areas where they should be going. I mean hell with the Stormy Daniels hush money
payment. We know that that happened. Right? We know that that happened. There is an audio tape that we have all heard. There was Michael Cohen’s testimony under
oath. There’s the fact that Michael Cohen’s in prison
for it right now among a few other things and there’s also Stormy Daniel’s testimony
herself. What more do you need on that particular issue? It exists. It is. There it is tangible. It is provable, let’s just do it. And I think they know that too. They want Stormy Daniels to come in and testify. Although that’s really just kind of a formality
at this point because I think that file is already ready to go. Certainly that’s not enough to impeach the
man. So you got to build up the other ones as well. But that is what they’re trying to do. And at this point, the only thing that really
would stand in their way would be Nancy Pelosi and the democratic leadership. Cause she is still kind of on the fence about
whether or not we should even do this, but it’s time. There’s no more being on the fence on this. Right. There’s no more, oh maybe it’s going to hurt
us. No. You know what’s going to hurt you in 2020
is showing the public that you were just as complicit with Donald Trump’s activities as
the republican congress that you just replaced. That is going to cost you in 2020 yeah, we
know Trump’s not going to be fully impeached and removed from office. The Senate would never allow that. We know that, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
try. We know that the Medicare for all bills that
have been proposed by senators, uh, on the democratic side in the Senate, we know that
those aren’t going to pass, but they’re still doing it. To let the public know that this is something
I’m very serious about and it’s something that eventually I’m going to make into a reality. And that’s the same message that all democrats
in the house have to send with this impeachment inquiry.

100 thoughts on “Democrats FINALLY Decide To Speed Up Impeachment Investigation”

  1. Ar J says:

    What they are working on is how to make more paper during free lunch and dinner "meetings" till the next break. That's in December innit? No worries mate, you'll be surprised how quickly time passes when the salary + perks is running.

  2. Bill Reichold says:

    This fucking democrap ass licking idiot clown loser jerk off chirping to all you pathetic pea brained libtard retard lunatic fringe loon loser assholes hope you bought your ticket for the democrap train wreck coming because the Don is going to stick it so far up all your stooge asses your eyes will bug out like AOC and little Adam completely full of shit's.

  3. Bob Berry says:

    Just do it already.

  4. Erin Smith says:

    If the Democrats are going to be smart, they will bring all of the evidence forward and charge Stupidicus Trump with Impeachment and present all of the collected evidence that shows a pattern of behavior that will show the American People exactly what Trump has been doing since taking office and hopefully the Dem's can make their case "airtight and concrete" enough to convince the many skeptics that Stupidicus Trump has been a corrupt and incorrigible President and needs to be "impeached and removed" from office for the good of the American People! Do that and there is quite a strong possibility that Trump will quit instead of being impeached, as that would tarnish the Trump brand's reputation in the business world; and then what's left can be handed over to the State of New York for prosecution at the State level!

  5. Jimusmc0311 says:

    Trump is an afront to humanity

  6. Blaine Mitchell says:

    Nancy is a problem. She needs to get on board or get out of the way.

  7. Cereal Man says:

    No even his Sharpie will save this time.

  8. Josh Berman says:

    I hope so. Because I definitely don't know if I can handle 65 more months of Grumpy Trumpy being in The Nut House.

  9. Karaoke Rebel says:

    GOOD FACTS FIRST: HERE'S A PARTIAL LIST OF TRUMP'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS but first, see the video of Jan. 14 by Steve Cioccolanti called: "The Trump Eclipse…etc". Another video lists 205 accomplishments of Donald Trump by the end of 2018: Let's start here: > > Jan. 23/17, started a major secret investigation on the effects of vaccine on Autism and blocked foreign aid for abortion; Feb. 7/17: Reduces the cost of the F35 fighters by 700 millions; -Takes BHO's abusive executive orders then uses them for the protection of the people. -Apr.26, launches the "Victims of Immigrant Crimes Office" to protect/support victims of violent crimes committed by "radical illegal aliens migrants"; -June 26, donated his 2nd quarter salary to the Dept. of Education; -Issues urgent Executive Orders starting with 7000 + indictments against individuals & organizations who committed/commit crimes against humanity through many Foundations and the NWO agenda;-Seizes stolen assets by charging the criminals & calling the Central Banks to order; -Gets the Federal Reserve and the Pentagon audited; -Prepares the US exit from the UN, the EU & the Paris Climate Accord; -Begins the cleaning up of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the SES & many other 3 digits "establishments"; -Blocks the servers of the FBI, CIA, SES & other agencies who are "mishandling" the government and therefore the people; -MAKES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A SOVEREIGN NATION AGAIN; -REMOVES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM THE GRIPS OF THE UNITED NATIONS (THIS IS HUGE); -Gives needed support to ICE; -Renegotiates NAFTA; -Reduces negative business protocols; -Sept. 5, Revokes Obama's "anchor baby policy" thereby reducing human trafficking & illegal abuse of immigration laws; Oct. 12,FBI recovers victims of human trafficking in operation "Criss/Cross Country"; Oct. 26, Makes RIS accountable for targeting the Conservatives Tea Party group; -Establishes a new order of peace, fair trades & valuable commerce and imposes sanctions if needed; -Secures negotiations with many nations; -Brings back businesses into the USA; Nov. 9, Negotiates 250 million dollar trade deal with China; -Creates tons of jobs by bringing back major companies to America and beginning the repairing of the infrastructure; -Restarts the coal & steel industries; -Gets tons of people off from food stamps; -Stands firm with China & others especially Iran (that clandestinely received 40 billions by BHO to continue their nuclear agenda); -Dec. 3, Withdraws from the UN Global Compact on Migration; – Dec/18, Creates the "Conscience &Religious Freedom Division of the Office for Civil Rights of Christians; -Dec. 19, Signs into law the largest tax cut & biggest tax reform since Reagan; -Begins the building/repairing of the Border Wall to establish & protect the country's borders, lands & people & stopping, reducing the human trafficking occurring at the border (the Dems want NO border to get votes from anyone; anyway, anyhow); Warns, stops the caravans infiltrated with criminals coming from Honduras & Mexico; -Hires the best people to help his/your government clean up the SWAMP; -Defeats plots against the USA, himself and his family; -Begins the finishing off of ISIS; -Investigates the criminal take over of the voting system by enemies of the state inside & outside of the country; -"Debugs" the White House;-Stands firm amid attacks while waiting for his time to strike back against evil; -Works at creating a new form of MSM; -Works at ending the stealing of people's patents (Dealer Tech & others); -Looks into the reduction of the cost of medicinal products and prescriptions; -Visits areas devastated by hurricanes to assist and support the people; -Dec. 25, Brings Christmas back into the White House & welcomes the people (so beautiful !) • HE IS NOT SHY TO PRAY * ONLY TOGETHER SHALL WE OVERCOME * BAD NEWS: Among other nefarious things the Cabal (Deep State) does, here's the worst yet: New York has voted positive to legalizing to the ending pregnancy at the latest stage (just prior to delivery) subject to discussion between the mother and her doctor ! 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  10. christophera556 says:

    Yes definitely get Trump and his cronies also remember the whole US government is rotten to the core both democrats and Republicans.Nancy paloesie is probably scared of what dirt might come to the surface on her party during such an investigation.Both parties would definitely be covering their arses during such a process

  11. LadyJAtheist says:

    "getting real" "Getting serious"…. these incompetents SHOULD HAVE BEEN REAL AND SERIOUS the SECOND after they took oath! They have waffled, they have dragged their feet, they have sat on their hands while this sphincter faced scumbag has been killing children through neglect and dehumanization, risking american lives, shitting on and burning the constitution! EXACTLY! yes through their (knuckle) dragging they ARE and have been COMPLICIT with 45 and his lackeys. They have failed!

  12. Doug A. says:

    WHAT?!! ..the dems are gonna vote on whether or not to speed up the impeachment investigation??! ..WTF:?!! ..are they fuckin' kiddin"!!! ..they shouldn't of even taken a holiday!! ..this is serious shit! ..democracy is on the line and they're taking their fuckin' good old time!!! ..NUTS!!

  13. Doug A. says:

    If Trump cannot be impeached after all these corrupt and brazen violations, then there's GOT to be something dreadfully wrong with the American political and justice system!

  14. ChaoticAngelKitten says:

    About time they get serious! This is waaaaay overdue!

  15. Sam Smythe says:

    Why bother? The corrupt criminal bastard seems to be above the law. And another question…..why the f has it taken this long?

  16. Amanda Outlaw says:

    Good! Now "the chosen one" should NOT ONLY needed to be impeached, but needed to be imprisoned as well.

  17. K S says:

    Not hard to find stuff on Trump. He tweets enough everyday to nail down this impeachment. So just DO IT !!!

  18. SaiiBoost says:

    Trump has literally given them 1000 ways to impeach him. There has never been an easier goon to impeach if they look in the obvious places.

  19. Jim Menard says:


  20. dennis coates says:

    FACT the minute your terrorist ass's impeach our president we will HUNT YOUR TERRORIST ASS'S DOWN AND TAKE YOU OUT PERMANENTLY.

  21. sick with it beats says:

    it's all talk no action get ready for four more years of hell on Earth Its only gonna get worser

  22. 348 Loaded Lever says:

    Maybe Hilary will run in 2020 and she will send Trump to prison

  23. jack n'off x says:

    To late,they gave him enough time to ransack the us economy and transfer resources to the caiman islands and russia….

  24. ROADmaster Masterjmpg says:

    They should tell putin to take his little bitch trump and we pull all our spys out of Russia!

  25. Wilfredo Gonzalez says:

    As far as I'm concerned it's TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE, TOO FUCKING LATE..Hey Nancy, just know that you and Chucky will DEFINATELY go down in history as nothing more than ENABLERS!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!

  26. Blaine Doan says:

    You assholes are on speed

  27. Viviana white says:

    I just came here to say that thumbnail looks like he has a snake crawling under his skin

  28. Bunchoffuckingbullshit says:

    Some of Trump's billionaire donors are also Pelosi's donors. Get the picture?

  29. Rebecca Conn says:

    What's in it for Nancy Pelosi and her corporate goons?

  30. Casper Casper says:

    They aren't working on 💩💩💩because all of them are getting there pockets fat..$$..its just another propaganda tactic. Because both sides are to blame to let this continue. We need to drain the swamp and vote in term limits. So you can't go into politics at 25 and stay until your old and senile. Half of them has to woken up just to cast a vote. If we as the so called American people don't stand up and demand change. Our future and our kids kids kids will be long affected long after all these crooks are out of office or somewhere fertilizing the earth. So if you want to make America great again kick his big hamberder(hamburger) eating ass out of office and then out the USA. Let him go live with his boyfriends Lil fat ass Kim and Putty Do a fucking trader coward pussy ass bone spur having dick licking bitch of a so called man.

  31. Waya525 says:

    You think that Congress finally saw the writing on the wall, and realized if they didn't do something, they could kiss their 2020 chances of re-election good bye?

  32. MIchael Rigby says:

    Pelosi is a meat wheel chock thrown at the wheels of justice.

  33. William Ridgeway says:

    Trump will not be impeached, it's all about keeping up the drama in order to distract the American sheeples from what's really going on.

  34. Sinclair Jones says:

    People have gone to prison dealing with that dirt bag. It has got to go now.

  35. John lemay Lemay says:

    Puullleeaase, They should have done this one year ago. This will never happen. Our only hope for justice is to vote him out of office and then indict him. He does whatever illegal thing he wants and could care less. Listen Garron, like your show but wake up, smell the coffee, and tell the truth. Only months to go. Kick Pelosi to the curb cause she ain't getting back in.

  36. alfred teengar says:

    Trump is the scum of the earth.

  37. Carshal Bruno says:

    Yeah seeing is believing

  38. Jimmie Burns says:

    Are you ready for a civil war boys???Why didnt anybody impeach Obama sending pallets of money to iran to fund their war?Donald trump has done more for America than the last 3 presidents combined.

  39. geno mccgeno says:

    It's about fucking time! It's probably too late, but better late than never.

  40. T St says:

    The Democrats desperate their only chance is to Impeach The President. Will never happen Civil war bring it on Free Americans will Drain The Swamp and your shit show will go down the tubes Faggan boy

  41. moonwalker 9705 says:

    If there's a god, this thumbnail will be his presidential portrait that'll be on a wall in the oval office for the rest of this country's existence.

  42. Lisa Harlan says:

    Why take the time off… We don't have time for that….. But yeah, by all means, take your damn time….. Sorry fuckers

  43. George Schneider says:

    LMAO. Not getting past the Senate. Good luck. I am still laughing at Nadler And Shiff

  44. Steve Queipo says:

    Thats great just more help to assure TRUMP VICTORY ! Fucking libs are a sad excuse for humans. You have NOTHING to run on except giving away the US to filthy illegals and stupid environmental shit that is as fake as the assholes reporting the end of the world

  45. Andrei Kohler says:

    Too bad democrats are not much better than Trump… Only candidates that take no Corporate money could change the game.

  46. Larry Gipson says:

    Taking money's from the people whom have worked all they're lives and this pork chop with the bad haircut thinks it's okay what he can do well fat boy slim fast is coming for you.

  47. atila jamir says:

    🍊 buffoon is dumping evidence of obstruction or violation of law everyday, I dnt get why and what the democrats are waiting for.

  48. Rob Clem says:

    Sounds like somebody’s worried about the 2020 election.😂
    Please do go ahead and impeach. That will slam dunk the election for Trump you idiots.
    It’s a slam dunk anyway.
    It’s like the Patriots with or without AB.

  49. Thomas Dowd says:

    Turn up heat ! Maybe will resign run away get this sick f..k out now !

  50. Ben Lutz says:

    If they continue to screw around with witnesses instead of holding them in contempt of Congress, it's going to do more harm than good in 2020.

  51. Chris Jones says:

    Such B.S. It's all a show. Divide and conquer. Walk away feom politcal partys and ban together as Americans. We all want the same thing. Peaceful happy lives. Do you really believe that any of these politicians are going to make that happen? They want us divided. They want a civil war so we kill each other and they can step in and take it all. Food for thought. If Fox is the Republican News why are there predominant colors blue. And if CNN is the Democrat News why are there predominant colors red. Its deliberate. Its meant to confuse and divide people to the point you dont even know what your fighting for. It goes alot deeper than just broadcast colors. The subliminal brain washing is everywhere. Watch the movie "They Live" Consider it a documentary.

  52. Kathy WILLIAMS says:

    The fact that he had " A secret meeting planned with the Taliban at Camp David " should be considered a treasonous, and impeachable act! This added to all the other impeachable and criminal acts he has committed!
    Pelosi do your damn job and impeach him now!

  53. Michael Malcolm says:

    The democrats are complicit in trumps behaviors and don't intend to do shit about it. They are just different wings of the same corrupt bird. These two parties are the same. The democrats are undercover racist and has held back non whites since their inception. The republicans are the same only worst and more open with their prejudice and hatred towards anyone not white.
    So i don't see Pelosi doing shit about anything these wicked republicans and trump does. This impeachment thing is about protecting the American people and righting any wrongs done against or to the country and it's citizens. I know Pelosi won't do shit and will stall shit forever but if an impeachment was to make her more popular with doners or make her and her friends richer with all the evidence they have against trump he would had been impeached a long time ago.
    So people don't hold your breath or wait for any justice against trump it will never happen never.

  54. William Bailey says:

    Yes please hurry this along. Again. And again. And again. How much will this one cost the taxpayers? 3 years of this crap. Let it go already.

  55. Patricia Richards says:

    tRump and the gop are hoping the Democrats are too afraid to impeach because it might backfire. They should go ahead anway. There are too many morally coward and unethical people in this country. DO NOT JOIN THEM.

  56. Phil Connor says:

    Yeah. Get rid of this compulsive liar while we still can.

  57. Robert Davidson says:

    The pathetic socialist corrupt democraps are destroying themselves and REAL Americans couldn’t be happier! All of you socialist corrupt Democrap hypocrites ride that blue wave right into the sewer where you all belong! GTFO!

  58. Pearl Mitch. says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace and has no right to be holding onto her position as Speaker of the House! She should have been the leader of the fight back against trump’s corruption! Her silence has been deafening!😠👎

  59. Beatrice Brown says:

    It's about damn time. If Pelosi keeps kicking this can down the road, she's toast.

  60. Doug Shaw says:

    158 Democrats are on record voting down impeachment, already. You may want to remember that before you forget Mueller report fiasco, and Kavanaugh, too! You must enjoy pain a lot…

  61. John Manderson says:

    Trump in the White House is like the Alien aboard the Nostromo, they should use a flame thrower to clean-up the place 😂

  62. Charlene Lord says:

    It's about time!

  63. Gerard Labrecque says:

    I will believe it when I see it

  64. Richard Dastrup says:

    Fake news. Is America tired of winning. It sure sounds like were still winning with this fake news that has not moved on from a fake dossier Russia collusion story

  65. Harry Gearhart says:

    Put a turbo on this impeachment.

  66. John Villalovos says:

    I love to see the democrats get all worked up priceless

  67. wise eyes says:

    I fear it's too late

  68. Deacon Verter says:

    Is this wise? It's unforeseen.
    They both bear the Evil Gene.
    Trump, the boorish drama queen.
    Pence, the scheming Palpatine.

  69. lucky gto says:

    Impeachment is on the horizoooooooooooooooooooon

  70. Bob Allman says:

    McConnell won't let it happened. I would love see this happen.

  71. Saigon68 Foxtrot says:

    The DNC are a batch of fucking republicans.

  72. Neil Forbes says:

    There's just one problem with impeachment, it doesn't stop the impeached president from serving out the balance of his/her term in office. If impeachment meant immediate imprisonment for life upon completion of the process, then impeachment would have some meaning and value.

  73. justthinken1 says:

    ''Democrats FINALLY Decide To Speed Up Impeachment Investigation'' I hope so. EVERY poll taken on the issue of impeachment clearly demonstrates the American people are overwhelmingly against impeaching President Donald J. Trump. This includes Democrats. This would assure a win for President Donald J. Trump in 2020 and the Republicans winning back the House as well. There are a lot of Democrat House members up for reelection in key battle States that President Donald J. Trump won in 2016. For these Democrat Representatives to vote for impeaching the President would be a deathknell for any hope of them getting reelected. Especially when the economy is the best it's been on over fifty years. So I say, Go for it Dems. Knock yourselves out.

  74. mick mccrory says:

    Barney Fife had 1 bullet. He was the town deputy of Mayberry, & he could arrest lawbreakers.
    Barney had more power than the Congress.

  75. Jon Denny says:


  76. Unel Mitchell says:

    The more this country waits to impeach Donald J Trump the more damages him and his republiKLANS party will do to this country and it's democracy…

  77. Mungo Munro says:

    Bring it on.
    Where's the grounds?
    By what means?
    Name ONE impeachable offense.
    Keep dreaming,but you have to wake up sooner or later.
    You have a job?
    Is there groceries in your market?
    Gas is cheap!
    The stock market is up.
    Lowest black and Hispanic unemployment numbers ever.
    Now,,,try to find a reason.

  78. Sophie Peraaud says:


  79. Andrew Schaeffer says:

    Impeachment is a really good idea for the dems. The republicans are fighting each other and keeping others from running against Trump. They’ve already declared you can’t run. If Trump gets impeached that’ll look really bad forcing the Reps to get someone else but there is no one else

  80. Will Cochran says:

    Concerning any kind of impeachment process or Donald Trump illegal activities. Where the hell is Nancy pelosi, she's done backed off from all of this! What's up with that…..

  81. C Scott Gaumnitz says:

    Hey now don't forget Moscow Mich. He's absolutely going to stand in the way.

  82. RUMPLE_F0RESKIN x says:

    Wow ur a joke Fakkon

  83. RUMPLE_F0RESKIN x says:

    Bunch of far left libtards ¿what will u do when trump gets reelected hu???

  84. Elli Dalgar says:

    Get this delusional moron out of office. Pelosi wake up and go for impeachment.. your letting Trump get away with everything.

  85. REBECCA GROTTA says:

    True that 45 can be impeached. Not go to jail, and run for 2020?

  86. Annette Sandoval says:


  87. Terry Stolte says:

    Good! let's show how really stupid, you butt heads are. DIMS are Just a bunch of hateful, waste of human flesh.

  88. wayne oliver says:

    Trump violated campaign finance law period and abuse of power

  89. wayne oliver says:

    Trump violated campaign finance law period and abuse of power

  90. wayne oliver says:

    Trump violated campaign finance law period and abuse of power

  91. Ozler Gurpinar says:

    Trump looks like a monster just crawl out of swamp I hope he dies soon

  92. Gw Gw says:

    trump is one hateful ugly lying bitch mf

  93. mmmmh1 says:

    I can't believe you Mr. Cousins. Do you realize you are talking about American politicians. Since when have they ever told the truth. I mean you ordinary regular Americans are hugely challenged in telling the truth but an American politician!!!! Well You said "….no more chasing the rabbit…." Now you are saying Pee Vee Pelosi is sitting on the fence!!!! Wake up you dumb arse Americans. Nothing but nothing is gonna go down as far as your Turdytrump is concerned, especially if Pee Vee Pelosi is keeping that chair warm with her shameless arse.

  94. Lorrie C says:

    I don't understand why BOTH sides were not focused on equally in regards to this. Why did DEMS FIGHT AOC so hard only to then have to do what progressives have been saying all along, like Pelosi's plan was to help Donald buy as much time as possible!

  95. Jim Anderson says:

    It’s about time dems do your best and hopefully we Americans can get trump out of office we have to do it now. It’s time all Americans hammer there senate leaders to force trumps impeachment we can do it but it takes all of us to complain and change our senators mind we can do it

  96. EUGENE KUPKA says:

    Trump is running out of people to blame, he's got the whole world in his hand and no one to hand it off to, that guy is gone !

  97. Richard Rupert says:

    Oh! Farrah/Fredo just wet herself/himself again, only to be disappointed once again because she/he is and always will be a loser and Trump will always be a winner.

  98. Muriel Oduro says:

    Everyone should just throw a peach at him..

  99. Martin P. says:

    Impeach ! Those Lips !

  100. Jose Echevarria says:

    About time, the Dems grew a pair. & proceed with the impeachment.

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