Laink : Which one ? “Amazing”? Terracid : “Amazing”… No, “Awesome Prop Hunt”, sorry Laink : Ah “Awesome Prop Hunt” Laink : Ah, this one must be cool Laink : The one with two turtles on it? Terracid : Yes, that’s it! Laink : Ah… It looks fun because there are two turtles Terracid : *sighs* Laink : It looks really fun Terracid : You’re a killjoy, that’s why nobody invited you to their birthday Laink : I don’t care about birthdays… Terracid and Laink : Hahahaha Terracid : Anyway I don’t care… Laink : I don’t give a fuck *Opening* Laink : There are new props games with the maps of Counter Strike: Source Laink : Oh! After 30 seconds, the props automatically do a taunt! Terracid : Wait, because when I click on “Install” it doesn’t do anything Terracid : “Awesome Prop Hunt” for me it’s not…… Terracid : Ok so we switch to a “normal” Prop Hunt… Terracid : OOOOH! SO COOL! *Music sounding like the one they use for background in their videos* Laink : What’s this music??? Terracid : You hear that? Laink : Of course! Terracid : It’s awesome! Laink : Yeah it’s awesome… But it’s too loud Terracid : Yeah it’s a bit too loud but it’s like we already making our video! Laink : Terra it’s so funny! Terracid *imitating Laink* : Haha Laink you farted! Laink *sarcasm* : HAHAHAHA Laink : Ah! Laink *sarcasm* : Ah! I didn’t! Terracid: *laughing* Laink *sarcasm* : Guys stop, it wasn’t me Terracid *sarcasm* : You’re really disgusting hahaha! *laughing* Laink : OH NO IT STINKS!!! *laughing* Laink : Hey, I arrive on the server and you know what I see? Bananas… Don’t you think it’s so STRANGE ? Terracid : Do you know destiny? Laink : I’m going to tell you about the destiny Laink : You can become Youtuber just by coming into this kind of servers… … and you record things like, filming people making jokes and so on… *Players laughing* Laink : You see! You can record it, it makes a Youtube video Terracid : Hahahah Laink : So funny Laink : Hey ! Do you want to speak French? Player : No
Laink : Please! Terracid : Ok, repeat after me : Bonjour Player : How about no? Laink : How about yes? Players and Laink : Okay! Terracid : Hey it’s enough, we have a best of, we’re going to put in on Youtube… Laink : It’s in the box! It’s in the box! Good night everybody *Fake ending* Terracid : So, I know this map very well
Laink : I don’t know this map Laink : But this bin… Laink : Well usually there’s no bin inside, bullshit Laink : Ah! You see? Laink : Yeah, no… Terracid : AH! It’s a moving bottle? Laink : Clear up any doubt, did this bottle moved? Laink : One of those computers lie to us, Johnson… Laink : Hey
Terracid : Hey, this one here, with the stars Terracid : Son of a bitch Laink : This flowerpot… Oh, ok. Laink : But what about this one? Laink : What the… Oh, the chairs! Laink : Oh, the chairs… I’m about to die. Terracid : Hey oh, the chair..
Laink : Well I’m going to die really soon. Laink : It isn’t done. Bananas! Laink : It was the key, for the whole time! Oups, sorry. Laink : Look! *laughs* Laink *dies* : Ah, it was a gamble… Laink : It was a gamble… Laink : Either it works, or… Well Terracid : Since both of us are in the same team… … we have to create a kind of coherence, both of us…. … we must create an usual element. Terracid : You see, for example, I’m a table, you’re a chair. Laink : Aaaaah, good idea! Terracid : You’re a drink vending machine…
Laink : Wait Terracid : And I’m a can
Laink : I’m mayonnaise… Laink : … you’re ketchup! *laughing* Laink : Héhé!
Terracid : You speak about that coherence? Laink : Mmmh, is that what you want? Laink : Pure intelligence like that? You want real intelligence? Laink : I’m a scaffolding, you’re some gravel LOL *laughing* Laink : Wait, just a chair, we are chairs! We’re going to drink some tea … together, peacefully
Terracid : Wait wait wait Laink : I’m here I’m here, here
Terracid : Ah, ok, you’re holding a chair Laink : Shit…. *laughing* Laink : No, it’s not… … it’s not well placed. Uh, stay like that. Terracid : You’re looking at the wall, I mean, at you’re right you’re looking at the rock. Laink : No. THERE’S A COFFEE MACHINE! *laughing*
Terracid : But it’s not supposed to be here! Laink : A coffee machine? Outside? Terracid : Wow wow, wait. He’s close to me, he’s close to me. Terracid : He’s going to shoot you, he’s going to shoot you. Terracid : He’s shooting you! Laink : SHIT! But he knew… … It’s “TheJu”, the guy from the chat. He stared at me… … you know, insisting. It’s crappy. Terracid : Well he knows I’m near and he’s faking like…
Laink : But he knows, he knows… Terracid : Though everything was destroyed except me. *Renaud music* *”All those who fall around me”* Laink : He KNOWS you’re close Laink : He didn’t shoot you
Terracid : That’s a coincidence Laink : Look, he’s staring at all the chairs like “Um, he could be a chair, but which one?” Terracid : There are no chairs around me you know… Laink : Look, then he comes back… Laink : towards this one and he says: “Ha I forgot this one!” Laink : This isn’t fun Terracid : Except that I’m a tyke Laink : This is not funny, it’s not. Terracid : Shoot him please lol Laink : Yeah “TheJu” yeah Laink : You can laugh at us Laink : “TheJu”… Apple “JU”ice yeah… Idiot Terracid : *laughs* the guy can’t insult… *laughs* Laink : Fuck. For real he’s pissing me off Laink : The guy approach the chair… … and he fakes he didn’t see you. Shit, fuck him! Laink : Take it on! Terracid: Apple “JU”ice *laughing* Laink : Juice, piss “JU”ice Terracid : Balls “JU”ice Laink : Shit “JU”ice
Terracid : Clash king! Terracid : Wait, I saw arms moving next to you. Did I dream? Laink : What?
Terracid : There’re little arms in the ground no? I must have dreamt Laink : *scoffs* Small arms. Hihi arms! Terracid : Wait wait wait, turn to your right. Dude, I saw arms Terracid : I swear I saw arms… Am I crazy? Laink : Arms?
Terracid : Yeah arms, just like they had no bodies… Terracid : but only the arms of the guy like Jesus. Laink : Help me!
Terracid : Oh here! I see them! Under the table! Terracid : Here! Arms. Here. Terracid : I see arms, under you, there’re arms. Terracid : I swear everybody see it Laink : …… Well not me. Terracid : There’re arms, I don’t know whom they are
*laughs* Terracid : There’re arms ! *laughs*
Laink : I swear I don’t see arms. *laughs*
Terracid : There’re arms I swear! Terracid : You’re looking at them! Terracid: So, what do we do? Hurry up, we don’t have plenty of time. Laink : Hum… Come on, we go down. I’m a crate. Terracid : Ok, I also want to be a crate too, a yellow one Laink : Little crates, little crates
Terracid : How did you climb? Laink : Watch out, they hear the crates Laink : Oh no, get out of here, there’s a crate right in the middle Laink : F*ck, they all joined us Laink : Ohlah
*shooting* Terracid : Uh… I’m dead. Laink : Oh, he didn’t see me Laink : No, you can’t open this one! *Laughs* Terracid : At least run, do something ! Laink : Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Laink : A PLANT !
*laughs* *laughs*
Laink : I tried… Laink : I tried to take something else but I couldn’t. Well, so we have hum.. Laink : Two packets… Laink : Two packets side by side. Laink : Ah! Two cups! Incredible Laink : Wait, did you see two cups side by side in real life? Terracid : Ha! Absolutely not Laink : Did you see two microwaves side by side? Yeah, for real yeah. Laink : But… Not that much in fact. Laink : I’m f*cking hopeless finding people. Laink : …… I think. Laink : Oh! A guy did a taunt. Terracid : He must be in here, I’m going to shoot.
Laink : He’s laughing at us. Terracid : F*ck it! Laink : Very well… Laink : The famous gamble. Terracid : Actually he was speaking in it so… Laink : Yeah that’s true, there’s something.
Terracid : I’m sure there’s something in the middle. Laink : This can! I’m sure he’s this can. Look. Terracid : Which can?
Laink : Don’t you see this one? Terracid : No *sad music* *Players screaming* Laink & Terracid : It’s upstairs, it’s upstairs ! Hey, but I still see little arms wandering around ! Laink : That’s him ! That’s him ! Laink : That’s.. *shoot* *shoot* Terracid : Your life, your life, be careful Terracid : Oh ! He changed, he changed, he’s a can. Oh it’s done Terracid : No no no, he’s gone Laink : He’s gone ?
Terracid : Yes ! Laink : We didn’t catch him ?
Terracid : Uh, I don’t think Laink : Fuuuuuck.
Terracid : Hey, some music Laink? *Music of the beginining*
Laink : Nooo !
Terracid : Yes, I said it right in time! Laink : Yeah, you’re really strong
*laughs* Terracid : I’m a disc jockey Laink : Back again Laink : On the “Halloween” map Laink : Full of fun Terracid : It’s so fun. Laink : So much fun Laink : Hey, the doll Laink : Oooooh *surprised* Laink : Haaan *surprised* *Shocked* Terracid : WHAT THE FUCK ? Terracid : Hey fast, fast, we must hide ! At upstairs, heuu… Laink : Me I’m out I’m a bike
Terracid : Me worse, I’ll be a toilet Laink : I’ll be a bin
Player : How do you know if a pumpkin Player : It’s a prop ?
Laink : Hééé hé hé *Sarcastic laugh* Laink : Hééé hé hé *Sarcastic laugh* Terracid : There are many french Terracid : It’s crazy *ironic* on a server that is not Terracid : Han la la la la la la Terracid : Hey, the chatterboxes Terracid : Ah ah ah *ironic* Player : But Terra forgot to get offline on Steam Terracid : Ah ! And so that’s why you can join us Laink : Ah so that’s why Laink : Come change server Terracid : Wait wait. I look if my diabolical plan of the toilets works Laink : Good it is a toilet that is completely not in the right direction Laink : But otherwise it’s okay
Terracid : No, but… I think I f*cked everyone Terracid : I created a coherence in this room Laink : Oh pay attention to your coherence Laink : Oh f*ck Terracid : The coherence, look at this Terracid : It makes sense that there are toilets here Laink : Oh, pay attention to the coherence because he hasn’t finished with the toilet Laink : F*ck Terracid : Heeeeyyyyyyyyy ! Laink : Okay okay
Terracid : The king of props Laink : Oh ! *surprised* *shooting* Laink : What is it ? It’s a little baby ! Laink : It’s a little baby He is under my feet, he is under my feet Terracid : *imitating Laink* But it’s a little baby Laink : But he annoys me Laink : But..but Laink : Assh*le ! But assh*le Laink : Where is he ? *funny music* Hey there was a litlle baby who runs under my feet Laink : And I couldn’t catch him and he just disappeared Laink : But it’s horrible what he made to me Laink : I was openly humbled. I am sure that he is still there Laink : Bast*rd !
Terracid : But I still see litlle arms here ! Terracid : No but I am sure that in the truth it is them Laink : Be careful…GAMBLE
*fart* *laughs*
Laink : Oooh *deception* Terracid : That looked like Yugi-Oh who throws his cards Laink : I almost… Laink : I almost won.
Terracid : The coherence makes that here.. Laink : No but you’re… oh here, don’t move, don’t move too much Laink : Two baths Terracid : Look Terracid : Motherf*cker *laughs*
Terracid : Scr*w your mother Terracid : Oh f*ck Laink : This guy said to himself “But I cannot lift this bath !” Laink : It’s strange Laink : It moved, it moved ! Laink : It, it moved !
Terracid : It’s me Terracid : It is me who …look he is going to play Laink : Oh Terracid : Oh wait I have an idea, I will catapult him ! Laink : But wait guys, you don’t realize, you have a young public Laink : And you show them things like that Laink : Catapult babies !
*laughs* Laink : Humiliate babies !
*laughs* *laughs* Terracid : You realize the message which you send ? Laink : Waits but even if it’s dolls that symbolizes a child and euuuh…. Laink : I find that REA-LLY hot Terracid : Do you realize of what you show to a young public, yes because I know exactly your public Laink : Yeah. So euh…Be careful Laink : Hey, thursday it’s holiday Terracid : Are you happy ?
Laink : Yes Terracid : You know me it’s almost everyday holiday Laink : Ah
*laughs* Terracid : Me I made the choice to study 2 years Terriacid : Laink you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel Terracid : Don’t worry Laink : I am at… Laink : Not the half of the tunnel Laink : Almost the half Terracid : Knowing that a tunnel… Laink : Measure 12 meters (nearly 39 feets) *laughs* Laink : If you traveled… Laink : 4 meters (14 feets). How Laink : long Laink : you will still bore you ? Laink : In the tunnel *laughs*
Terracid : This long tunnel Terracid : Of the death’s studies *laughs*
Laink : Will you go out alive of the tunnel ? Laink : Or will you die there ? *laughs* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro* *Outro*


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