Defuse This Bomb! — App All Knight
Defuse This Bomb! — App All Knight

Hey I’m Jake and get ready to App All Knight. Have I ever told you that you’re the bomb…hunters
A game where you have to search for and diffuse bombs in the time allotted. Along the way pick up coins and tokens like
the blue watch which increases time. Or the magnet which draws in nearby tokens. Once you’ve diffused all the bombs in a
section, go through the Headquarters and on to the next challenge. At headquarters, you rank up for rewards like
bomb malfunction or more money. With enough coins you can unlock characters
and after each level you have the option to collect power ups. There are also new bomb suits to acquire which give you more lives. Sometimes you’ll encounter obstacles like heavy traffic or getting across
a river without drowning. You also have to watch out for enemy snipers
and grenadiers trying to kill you. The further you progress in the game, the
more simultaneous bombs there will be that require your defusing skills. There are also mini games that throw in different
challenges for success. Man ya know diffusing bombs requires patience which you’ll need for Kami 2 where you have to turn all of this into one color within a set number of moves. It starts off pretty simple and only takes two or three tries. You’ll sometimes have to change the color
of one portion to the color of another. Now you have a larger area, enabling you to
match the last section. You can also unlock a feature that lets you
design your own challenge. Testing it sets the precedent for the maximum
number of moves other players should solve it in. This game has over 100 puzzles and they get
pretty tough to figure out. But it’s worth that magical feeling when
you see it beautifully unfold into one solid color. Now it takes a lot of strategy but there’s nothing you can’t do once your plan is afoot…y golf. Footy Golf is exactly like playing real golf except there’s no golf balls, clubs, or really anything that’s similar. The goal of this game is to get the ball in
the net with as few kicks as possible. You are given a certain number as well so
if you exceed that you’ll have to restart the level. Although the primary goal is efficiency it
is important to collect coins along the way in order to open up new characters and new levels. A blue diamond is available in every level
but is generally much harder to access than the coins. These allow you to unlock various balls with different capabilities. Not only are coins and diamonds beneficial
but a certain amount is necessary in order to gain experience points. It’s easy to under or overshoot but as you
go you’ll get a feel for how much power to use and at what angle. Also beware of certain obstacles like
spikes or lava…just like a traditional golf course. Check that out! My skills are out of this world so let’s
just leave it entirely with Gravity Galaxy, where you go on a mission
to get back to Earth. Your spacecraft starts off on a rotating
planet. Tap to launch yourself towards the next one
at the correct time or hold down to actually see the path it will take you on. The translucent sections around each orb indicate
the strength of the gravitational field. In addition to steering straight into a planet, you can use the gravitational field to sling shot you hopefully in the right direction. But sometimes it throws you
out into an empty abyss…abyss…abyss. Things start popping up at different levels
like blazing stars, alien lasers and orbiting planets. When you enter new zones you can experience
new features like these super cool purple planets which…actually just made me explode. If only I could go back in time, oh wait we
can with Causality. Causality is awesome. Featuring temporal physics, the goal of this
game is to get the astronauts from their starting point to their ending point in the designated
number of moves. Swipe down to move forward and up to rewind
which you will find yourself having to do a lot. Tap on the arrow tiles to switch the direction of travel. In order to get past this obstacle you’ll
have to go to the tile with the button. Each square takes up a turn and when you reach
the end of the timeline it won’t let you move any further so you’ll have to rewind
either by swiping or by tapping a place in the timeline. Also watch out for tentacles if you aren’t
interested in being sucked into the water. When you get to the second world you’ll
be introduced to time portals which send you back to a point on the timeline. This causes a clone to appear and you must
use it to reach the end. Things get more and more complex as you go but it is a great way to get you thinking of time in a nonlinear way. Links to all the apps can be found in the description below. And if you want more apps in your life, there’s a playlist filled with them right here. So you can have more fun. Have more love. Have more excitement in the form of mobile games. It’s really wonderful. Also welcome to my apartment in New York. This is the first time it has been on camera. I live in New York. I also live in LA. I’ll explain why in a vlog at some point in my life. But yes. I love you. And as always, thanks for watching. But really I love you. That’s the main takeaway. That felt good to say.

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  7. PROperS says:

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    Jake works with Caisey Neistat's company, Beam, which is located in New York City.

  27. GodlikeBlock says:

    I find it funny how i've played Kami 2 and causality just like 2 weeks before this video came out =]

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  44. Pierce says:

    I have a great game to recommend: Space Team. You have multiple people get the app, and you, as a team, all have different instructions that someone else needs to do, and everyone has different buttons and switches. It's really fun with 3 or 4 people. I suggest you check it out.

  45. cmunkyspoon says:

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  52. Cole Morris says:

    At 3:35 it sounds like he said testicles instead of tentacles.

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    edit: nvm, he said it's his, it looks a lot like casey's tho

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    EDIT: It's Button – Jake Chudnow

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