Day 9 evening | Table Tennis highlights | Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
Day 9 evening | Table Tennis highlights | Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

The table tennis men’s and women’s gold medals
finals continued on day 9 of the games. Each contest was the best of three
matches. China took on Croatia in the class 1 to 3
finals. China won game 1 in just 5 minutes and took
an early lead in game 2, going on to win it 11-5
The Croats needed to win Game 3 to have any chance in Match 1, so they put pressure on
the Chinese…. but the Chinese were to good for the Croats
and reached match point in 4 minutes….. In Match 2, China’s Li Qian continued to dominate
and won game 1 and 2 comfortably. (clip match 1)
Andela Muzinic needed to win game 3 to have any chance to win the match and needed the
support of her coach. She grew in confidence….
and got to match point Game 4 was very close……
but it was the Chinese who got to match point What a fantastic display of table tennis.
Victory for China and the gold medal !!!!! The men’s class 3 final was between Germany
and China. The German’s dominated all three games in
Match 1 In Game 2, China’s Feng Panfeng took on Thomas
Schmidberger. Li quickly won game 1 and he continued his momentum in game
2. Schmidberger just could not keep up with the
Chinese who reached match point. Match 3 was both players were inseparable…
and went on to win 2 games each. It all came down to the deciding game 5,…………..
China’s Zhai Xiang continued to dominate and reached match point China showed fantastic spirit to come back
and win the gold medal

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  1. Hui Wang says:

    Congratulation CHN!

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    fucking chinese winning every gold medals

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