Darth Vader Happy Birthday Greetings for You (With a Funny Ending!)

Greetings, this is Darth Vader, Lord of the
Sith, Commander of the Galactic Empire. It was during my meditation that I sensed a great
disturbance in the force. It was then I realised it was your birthday, most impressive. Your age has increased
your control of your emotions, this will help give you a clearer path to the dark side.
But before that let me deliver this specialized message with compliments of the galactic empire.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday from the dark side Happy birthday to you Remember with control of your fear and anger
the dark side will be a powerful ally. Join me as we conquer the galaxy, and buy vast amounts of lottery tickets If you are not of legal age then we shall use the force Have a Happy Birthday

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