(upbeat music) – Hey, guys. Today we’re going to be doing our whole day’s routine
in alphabetical order. So basically our whole day will be controlled by alphabetical order. We are going to have all the letters of the alphabet. – And we’re not just gonna be doing all the things that we normally do. – But we’re gonna be doing something for each letter of the alphabet. For example, S. It could be something as crazy as swimming with sharks, which I really hope it’s not that. – Or for G like going on a rollercoaster. (cheering) – Or it could just be sleep for S. It could just be sleep. So we
don’t know what we’re gonna to be doing today, but we’re going to find out. So since we’re already awake, A is for awake ’cause we have to be awake to start this challenge. We can’t be sleeping and then do B. Like that doesn’t make sense. So our mom wrote five
things for each letter and then put them in one bag. So we don’t know what we’re gonna be doing for this letter. So we know as much as you right now. Which is nothing. Okay so let’s see what we’re gonna do for the letter B. And I really hope it’s not bedtime because we just woke up. – Yeah and I hope it’s breakfast because I’m really hungry. – Yeah, so. (crinkling) Okay I got this one. It says bathroom. I mean, I guess that’s pretty good. We can do everything we need to do in the bathroom. – Yeah brush our teeth. – And I think we should also take a shower just in case we don’t get shower for S. So yeah. Let’s do all our bathroom stuff today just in case we never get
to go to the bathroom again. (whirring) (swooshing) Okay, guys. You just watched me brush my teeth. So now I’m gonna hop into the shower. And get all nice and clean. And then yeah we’ll see
you guys when I’m done. – Okay, guys. See in a few minutes. – Okay so I’m all done and it’s really weird because I had to put my pajamas back on. But that’s ’cause it
didn’t say get dressed or clothes or something. So I’m still in my pajamas even though I’ve taken my shower and brushed my teeth. – Okay I’m all done but
I’m still really hungry. What do we have for C? – I don’t know, we have to see. I really we get clothes or change. – Or cookies. – Or cook. Just cook in general
because I really am hungry. – Or cereal. – Yeah. (rustling) Okay. I picked this one. I really hope it’s something good. I can’t get this opened. Oh, okay. Got it. We got clean. – This is one thing I
wouldn’t mind skipping. – I don’t mind if my bed’s not made or my room is a little bit messy ’cause it’s never really that messy for a day but I really hope that we get to eat breakfast and don’t have to go outside somewhere without putting proper clothes on. Like I don’t wanna go to whatever place in my pajamas. That’s just so embarrassing. So let’s hope that we get to eat and get into proper clothes. – Let’s go clean my room. (upbeat music) – I’m done cleaning my room. I didn’t have much to clean. I just had to organize my desk a little bit better. Wipe my iMac so there’s no fingerprints and make my bed. – This is as clean as it’s going to get. – Okay now we’re gonna see what we do next and it’s D so I really hope we get dress up or dress so we can put normal clothes on. – I hope we get donut or something that relates to food. – Yeah. (crinkling) – Okay I’m gonna pick this one. Dinner! – Dinner it’s like 8:00 in the morning and we’re already having dinner? – Well at least we get to eat. – True. This day is gonna get weirder and weirder by the letter. I mean now we’re eating dinner at 8:30 AM. New trend. – I’ve had breakfast for dinner many times but not dinner for breakfast. – Just in case you guys wanna know what we’re having for breakfast. We’re having chicken, mashed potatoes, which are actually good. – And corn. – And corn. – It’s really, really good corn. – Yeah. It almost tastes like pancakes. – What? – While we’re finishing our dinner we’re gonna see what we’re gonna do for E. – You mean breakfast. – Well breakfast dinner. Maybe we could do exercise but I don’t wanna exercise just after I’ve eaten something. – Or elephant ride. Eat! We’re still eating. – Yeah we’re literally just about to finish eating and we have to eat again? Oh my gosh. I have an idea. We can eat dessert because it doesn’t say what we’re supposed to eat. We can eat cake or donuts or candy. – Cake. I’m gonna have an apple. (crunching) – Out of all the things you could eat and you’re having an apple. Oh, okay. I’m having gummies because I’m the healthiest one here. (laughing) Anyway. – Or gummies. – I wonder what’s gonna be for F. And I really, really hope it’s not food. – Or fart. (clanking) – Mm good. Okay so I’m gonna stay near the kitchen just in case F is for food. But I really hope it’s not. – Yeah. – And the winner is (laughing) this. Okay. Feed. – What? I don’t wanna eat more food. – Mango. (laughing) You got tricked. She’s looking at us like, can you feed me already? Mango hasn’t eaten yet. Normally she actually eats before us. So she’s probably like where’s my food? Mango usually eats dry food but then we put a little bit of wet food so that it has more flavor. And it stinks like Mango’s breath. (laughing) But she likes it. Mix it up a little bit more. Okay. – Here Mango. Food. Yay there she goes! Oh this food is so yummy. I love it! – Okay, mommy. What are we doing for the letter G? – [Woman] Here’s your letter G bag. – Okay. (crinkling) Okay I really hope it’s not go outside because I don’t think I wanna go outside in my pajamas. But anyway I picked this one. And it’s gonna be get dressed! – Yay! – Yay! No more pajamas – What do I wear today? This or this? Maybe this. Or maybe this. I made my choice now I’m gonna go and put it on. Nice rompers. – Today is gonna be a comfortable day. And since it’s really hot in the summer I’m gonna wear some white shorts and a tank top which is so soft. We are all dressed and now it’s time for letter H. – Mango. – It could be hot tub. Or hopscotch or hotdogs. But I’m pretty full. – Yeah. – I don’t wanna eat anymore. – [Woman] Here’s your letter H bag. – Great. – The letter H. – Okay let’s see. – Hey, my name is Mango and I wanna see. – Hair? That’s pretty good. We can do our hair. – And also Mango’s hair. – Yeah we could do Mango’s hair. – Somebody could do my hair.
– I’m happy I’m not gonna look like a caveman the whole day. So all I do for my hair on a daily basis is just brush it. Oh I was brushing it with this side. Very smart of me. Just brush it. Only sometimes I straighten it because I don’t know. I don’t really like to straighten my hair. But anyway. Our mom has to do Evelyn’s ’cause hers is really thick and it’s also very long for Evelyn. And also she normally has it up in swirly buns so our mom does that. But anyway. I’m almost done. I told you it was easy. – I usually brush my hair before our mom puts it up. But this time I’m gonna brush Mango’s a little bit too. You’re gonna be so pretty Mango. Get those little imaginary bangs. Okay so this is my hair for today. Mango looks super pretty too and fluffy. She loves being pampered. – So now we are ready for the day with our hair decent and nice proper clothes on. – Yeah. – Not pajamas. – And also comfortable clothes. – Yeah very comfortable clothes. So now the next letter is I and I really hope it’s not ice bath because I’ll be freezing cold. – I hope it’s ice cream or something else I like. (crinkling) – This. – Oh. – It’s kinda opened. Nevermind. Internet! – Yay! – Yay! – I’m gonna go get my laptop. – Roadblocks here we come. – [Girl] Roadblocks! – Well not the weirdest day, is it? We’re playing Roadblocks. Roadblocks is fun. – Cool Roadblocks. – How much time do we
have for the internet? – [Woman] Thirty minutes. – Oh. – [Woman] You have a lot
of letters to get to. – That’s true. – [Woman] Okay, guys. Are ready for letter J? – Yeah. Okay, Evelyn. Pick it. (crinkling) – Oh, I picked. Jumping jacks. – Are you serious? (upbeat music) I think I’m done. – That was tiring. – Anyway I got the letter K bag. So let’s see what we’re gonna be doing. (crinkling) This one. Kick a ball. Are you serious? I just did a bunch of jumping jacks and now I have to kick a ball? – It’s actually fun. Let’s go. – Can we do internet again? (upbeat music) This ball is not really for kicking. It’s more for bouncing. Okay letter L. I got this and it is limbo. I guess we have to find a stick or broom in the apartment. – Let’s go. – Yeah let’s go. (upbeat music) – Time for letter M. – M, M. – In the bag. (crinkling) Hold that please. We got movie. – Then let’s go watch a movie. We don’t normally watch movies in the middle of the day. But that’s what we’re doing. So what should we watch? – [Girl] Spiderman. Boss Baby. Free Rein. Okay this. Ralph Breaks the Internet. (singing) – Okay so the movie finished and it was really good. We’ve seen it multiple times before but we decided to watch it again ’cause it’s a good movie. – Yeah. – And then the next letter is N. N for nighttime? I hope it’s not nighttime.
I don’t wanna go to bed. – And I hope it’s Neapolitan ice cream. – Oh okay. Okay it is really Neapolitan ice cream. Just kidding. It’s actually nap. – What? – I don’t really take naps during the day. So this is new. Okay so I closed the curtains. It’s still bright and I’m not tired but I have to take a nap. So I don’t know if I will even be able to fall asleep but it’s fine. Good nap instead of good night. Good nap. – I have to move all of my plushies now. This one goes here. And that one will do a flip. This one can go right. I got my plushie for the nap. Let’s go nap nap. – Okay, guys. I’m done napping. Evelyn, come and see what we’re gonna do for letter O. Okay you’re here with Mango of course. So cute. – Mango. – Okay anyways. (crinkling) I think that’s enough mixing. Okay we got. – Oh I’m sorry. – We got a bump on the head. (laughing) We got. – A bowl? – Outdoors. I guess we’re gonna go and take Mango for a walk. Okay, baby? A walk walk? – Yeah. – A walk walk for you you. We’re gonna take Mango for a nice long walk. We could’ve gone to the pool
today but it’s closed ’cause they’re doing construction. So yeah that’s why we took a walk. So we came back from our walk with Mango outdoors and now we are going to see what we get for the letter P. – I hope we get Popsicle or something. – Yeah something yummy. – Yeah. It is hot outside. – Yeah something like Popsicle. That’s good. Pancakes! – Yummy! – We said we wanted something
yummy. So there we go. Pancakes. – Yay! We’re having breakfast in the afternoon. – This looks so good. – So good. – I guess this counts as lunch. A very late lunch. – A delicious lunch. – Now for Q. And I don’t know what you’re supposed to do with Q. Quilt but you can’t do a quilt. Well maybe you can make a quilt but that starts with M. (crinkling) Okay. Quite time? Basically be quiet. I mean we just took a nap. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna go on my computer. I’m gonna turn this volume all the way down. – Yeah. – I’m not gonna talk and I’m gonna play roadblocks. – Yeah. – Quietly. Now I’m being very, very quiet on my computer. Shh. – I even have my earphones in so I’m being very quiet. Okay, quiet time is over. We have to pick the letter R. – I bet it’s gonna be
Roadblocks ’cause it’s R. – I hope. – Reading? – Reading. Reading is like quiet time but without electronics. I’m actually reading a dog book. So I got Mango with me to read it. – I’m reading this book called Louisiana’s Way Home. So yeah it’s interesting. Her face is on the back. The next letter is letter S. Let’s see what we’re gonna do for letter S, Evelyn. Okay we are going to do. It’s S so maybe snake. I really hope not snake. It better not be spider. Spider. It’s shopping! – Yay let’s go shopping! – Shopping. I kind of like this dresser but at the same time I don’t really know. So we’ll see. I would have to change the knobs though because I don’t really like them. I like this desk but I would want it to be bigger because it’s a
little bit too small. – I want this pineapple. (upbeat music) – So we went bathroom shopping and this is what got. – So first I got that pineapple that you guys saw me get at West Elm. And it’s a candle and also it smells really good. And then I got this basket for my room. And when we were going to look the apartment there was a pillow and a blanket and I like that. So yeah I’m gonna do it. And also on this basket I have pom poms and it’s white and then this other color. – Like brown color. And then we also got a poop bag for Mango ’cause she needs some. Sadly I didn’t find any furniture but at least I got to see some furniture. We’re gonna go to another furniture shop soon though. So hopefully I find what I need there. Okay so we have letter T. So do this. – Hmm. – Okay it’s going to be. – A mystery. – Take a selfie. Okay then. So we’re gonna take a nice selfie together and then we’re gonna do one each and we’re gonna use Instagram filters. Okay. Get in the camera. We’re doing them together. – Meow. – This is what happens
when we take selfies. (laughing) Post me on Instagram. Let’s put a kitty. – Oh my, God. There’s Pusheen! – Pusheen! I’m a Pusheen. – Now it’s time to do something that starts with the letter U. (crinkling) This one. This is upside down? (banging) Whoa I haven’t done gymnastics in like two months. So don’t judge my bad handstand. – No don’t judge our bad handstands. – Yeah ’cause we didn’t go to gymnastics for weeks and then it ended when it turned summer. – Yeah. – I’m scared. Okay, whatever. If I fall, I’m gonna fall on the sofa. Okay. Whoa I thought you were gonna fall over and kick that flower. And there you go. We were upside down for about a second. So yeah. – Yeah that’s something. – Okay, guys. Now let’s
see what we’re gonna get for letter V. (crinkling) – V. – This. Veggies. I mean, I guess it’s gonna be our dinner. – Rabbit’s food? – So we actually ended up having all three meals today. Just in the wrong order. Dinner for breakfast. Breakfast for lunch. And lunch for dinner I guess. – Those pancakes were really good. Or that pancake. – Yeah. And also we had a snack. Evelyn had an apple and I had some candy. That was more like dessert for me, but it’s fine. So that’s pretty good that we had all meals today. We wouldn’t normally eat just veggies for dinner. But we’d normally have it with something. But it’s okay. – It’s still good. – ‘Cause it’s just what we’re doing today. Today. – And the veggie that’s my favorite is red bell pepper. – Okay this is the bag of letter W’s. – Mango. – So let’s see what we’re gonna get. – Letter W. – We have four letters left. – What is she doing? – Wash face. I mean, I want to brush
my teeth or something because I haven’t in a while. But that’s okay I guess. Maybe I can wash my teeth in the process. Just kidding. That’s cheating. Okay I need to put my hair back ’cause I don’t have
something here right now. Okay. It’s pretty back. I’m gonna wet my face. (laughing) I want to wet my face on a daily basis. Okay turn the water off for a little bit. Ew water in my nose. Okay anyway. Put this on. On my nose. It smells good. And my hair because it’s in my hair. Okay. I think I did it well. Now I’ll rinse. By the way what I use is Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser conditioning face wash. And it’s really good and refreshing and it’s my second bottle. It’s like really good. I got it in a pack and it also came with this but it’s not spray your face so I can’t use this one. But this one is also pretty good. It’s still my first bottle though ’cause I don’t really use it that much. – All I do is just wash my face with water and that’s it. I would much rather prefer a shower than this but it’s fine. It’s kinda refreshing. – Okay now our faces are washed. And the next letter is X and we only have two because apparently there’s not much things you can do with X. So yeah. I pick this. Xylophone? – We don’t have one here. – Yeah I guess we have to go to the store and find one there. – Oh well. – Okay then. – Mango we’re gonna have to leave you at home for a bit and go to the store. – She’s like no stay. So we found a xylophone and now we’re gonna play it. And guys I’m really good at this so just listen to me go. (chiming) The stick is stuck. We can’t use the stick so I’m just using my fingers. I’m just kidding I’m not a pro at this as you can see. I’m very bad. – There we played a xylophone. – And now my fingers hurt. Well this was totally worth the trip to Target don’t you agree? I hope you found our xylophone playing very interesting and entertaining. Well I definitely think it was. Just kidding. It was really bad. – Me too. I definitely think it was. It’s so great. You could even go into band. – Yeah it was really bad. I know that. Okay anyway. The next letter is Y. We could do yogurt. – Or yoga. – I don’t know. Let’s see. – Yogurt, yoga, yogurt. Yogurts doing yoga. – Yay! Okay we got YouTube. Much better than yogurt and yoga. – Yay! YouTube, YouTube. – YouTube. – You guys are watching YouTube right now. – So we’re gonna go
watch some YouTube too. (laughing) – [Woman] For breakfast. They can cook anything. All right. We’ve got lots of options here. Gelatin cake (laughing). – I’m watching Kawaii Kunicorn. Her Bloxburg Day in the
Life of a Demogorgon ’cause it’s really funny. – I’m watching cute Pomeranian videos. And look at this one. (humming) – So we have one letter left for today. And it is letter Z. – Z. – And our mom just gave us one paper. Not even a whole bag. Just one paper. So let’s see. Z’s? (buzzing) Okay well that means that
we have to go to bed. I mean perfect timing because it’s actually bedtime. But we have to just go to bed we can’t take a shower or anything. Or brush our teeth. Which is kinda annoying. And also we can’t change into our pajamas because it didn’t say
change into your pajamas and then go get some Z’s. – Good thing we changed into really, really comfortable clothes. – Okay so we have nothing else do except for get some Z’s which means sleep. So we’re just gonna end the video here. Of course Evelyn’s gonna go
and sleep in her own bed. We’re just gonna end the video. This was a super fun challenge. It was very weird day
and we did lots of things we wouldn’t really normally do. – Yeah it was very not in order. – Yeah it was crazy. But it was very fun and interesting. You guys should definitely try this. – Let’s put breakfast
in the middle of the day and dinner at the beginning of the day. – Yeah it makes sense. – Yeah. – Right? (laughing) Well at least we had all three meals. Not at the right time. It’s fine. – Yeah. – You guys should definitely
try this. It’s a lot of fun and yeah we’re going to end the video here and go catch some Z’s. Anyways I’m getting kind of tired because we did lots of exercise today. So anyways. Go to bed ’cause I’m going to bed. (buzzing) Yeah go get some Z’s. Anyways thanks for watching. – See ya next time. – Subscribe and (buzzing). – Bye. Bye.

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