Custom to the Core: Bubba’s PLD Anser Putter
Custom to the Core: Bubba’s PLD Anser Putter

Bubba Watson here, we’re in the PING trailer here at Augusta, Georgia And here it is: The Damascus. Oh hey and he has a friend But anyway, what we have here: they’re 20 grams apart this one’s a little heavier. This is the gamer in the United States. Anywhere outside the United States, we’re going with the heavier one cause sometimes the greens are a little bit slower over there But the reason why we came up with this I asked the engineers at PING I said what material is nobody putting with what material is out there that would be cool for a putter and so they searched and they said Damascus, so if you look close you can see it looks like wood grain, but it’s steel smashed together and you always got to have the name on the putter. You know, PING obviously, and my name too, but This is the Anser head, the PLD Anser head And then like I said this is 20 grams heavier, so this is gonna be on the slower greens, the slower side. It’s got 3 degrees of loft. My gamer has 2.5 degrees of loft and so hopefully this week If I don’t putt good, I’m going to look real cool on the greens there. you

4 thoughts on “Custom to the Core: Bubba’s PLD Anser Putter”

  1. Peter Maxey says:

    good luck bubba, go knock out the competition

  2. David Malone says:

    Bubba we are all pulling for you to win the Masters–we love you and PING!!!

  3. Jake Lindsay says:

    Five words, Ping powers that be: BRING THIS TO RETAIL NOW!

  4. eddy1367 says:


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