CSUN Health and Fitness Episode 4: Table Tennis Club
CSUN Health and Fitness Episode 4: Table Tennis Club

When you hear table tennis, people don’t think table tennis. They think ping pong. And that’s a misconception, that’s actually a difference in the sports. It’s a very technical sport, that requires a lot of minor modification that it’s not just about how athletic you are but how much you focus on the little things. Table tennis is kind of like a metaphor for control.
On that table, you have the control over of what you do. What I really look for is the light bulb effect. I love when I teach a certain skill or a certain shot to a player And they end up doing something that they never done before, and you see them just light up with light. We’ve had our low moments, we’ve been last place. We’ve had our high moments, we’ve been contenders for regionals and this year was incredible. We kind of have the Cinderella story, we got the members, we got the coach, we got to regionals, we got to nationals, there’s nothing better than feeling accomplish every step of the way. The sport taught me how to help others. It taught me that there’s more than just yourself. Like I could only train so many hours before I stop growing. You go and help other people and you learn different styles and you learn different people’s personalities and you watch yourself grow. And I’ve learned that working alongside others can make you a much stronger player and a much stronger person. I think the comodority and the friendships that the CSUN Table Tennis Club members, the students, bring to the club becomes a very much family organization. So, we embrace each other and we help each other. Sort of like we hold each other’s hands and we go through a journey together. And I think that’s what makes life very special here, at CSUN. Anyone who want to learn table tennis can play it. It’s an easy game to learn, difficult to master, but if you have the right people by your side, you’ll learn how to pick it up really fast.

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