Crossline Golf Grips
Crossline Golf Grips

Hi, I am Bob Lamkin, CEO of Lamkin Grips.
This is our best selling Crossline grip. I would like to tell you more about what makes
this such a popular grip with both tour players and casual golfers. The Crossline gets its
name from a very from a very distinctive and densely-spaced surface pattern, the crossing
lines. It’s this unique texture that provides traction between the golfer’s hands and their
clubs promoting a light grip tension and delivering exceptional lateral traction. This is a firmer
grip and offers a great deal of stability and torsion control. We offer the Crossline
in a full range of sizes including undersize, standard, midsize and oversize. The grip is
also offered in all black style as well as a ladies undersize grip with pink accents.
This is a great high performance grip for golfers, who like a firmer grip with a high
traction and slip resistant pattern. Find out for yourself like so many tour players
win with Crossline, the original high performance golf grip.

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