Crossline ACE 3GEN Golf Grip
Crossline ACE 3GEN Golf Grip

Hi I’m Bob Lamkin CEO of Lampkin Grips. This
is our new Crossline Ace 3GEN grip featuring Lamkin’s new advanced cohesive elastomer compound.
It’s a slightly softer and much tackier version of our best selling Crossline grip. The Crossline
Ace 3GEN combines the tacky feel of the new Ace compound with the iconic slip resistance
crossline surface pattern. This is an ideal grip for players in wet or humid conditions
because it offers tremendous gripping stability. It’s also a great grip for golfers who want
a more comfortable high performance grip. The new Crossline Ace 3GEN is offered in three
sizes; standard, midsize, and oversize. The enhanced tackiness of the new Ace 3GEN materials
and the unique texture of the crossline pattern create a secure connection between your hands
and the club without having to use unnecessary grip pressure. When you use a light grip pressure
your arms and your shoulders are relaxed and you are able to generate more club head speed.
The new Crossline Ace 3GEN grip from Lamkin, grip with confidence, release the tension,
and let it fly.

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