Cricket Highlites
Cricket Highlites

match 12 the HBO LP yourself or 2020 the
Sultans hosting the gladiators in this one toss one by the home side and shah
massoud said look we’re gonna have a bat first big time
pitch was looking another beauty three different matches three different
pictures here teams a couple of changes either side so looking forward to this
one Vince and Bharti come in for the sultan’s and for the gladiators the two
Ali’s a Sonali and Almirola highlights let’s catch up with all the action so
easy not a problem at all four wins wins looking in good touch
I reckon same thought he was in business there then quite time it and he’s
perished it was there to be here just because he was anxious that is the
reason why he hid it Indian straight to the man in the same shot a we could take
up picked up a wicked off Zhi Shan I should have gone for aid is twenty three
for one Santa cool Vince in a hurry
he’s founder back to back boundaries here from the Englishman keeping a little bit of room and what a
result Scot it a little bit high on the back
she believed safe pants moment outing to take second we get false big weekend events 44 to is easy if you
like no Natalie picked it out of the hand just could only manage inside edge
the third week at balls cutting with a cutter dismisses Moines that’s a big we
get huge wicked and that man again doing it for gladiators going out for 648 for
three hbl six four two three across the
tournament 20,000 rupees donated to charity this was much needed thousand rupees
Golu slow I sleep late infection and the $13.99 keep roll the fingers on that a little
bit but with a big enough changing pace while they were so looking dangerous young-shin Watson trying to jump up in
the air doesn’t work right resolved just 23 deliveries hundred partnership between these two
148 for three simple as they’re in the mood and in the groove these two hit
hard and some that’s gone out of their water hitting its fifth maximum but the artistry of shah massoud not
trying to bosch it and gladden it and lead there to riley Rousseau one eighty four four three here there’s a bit of change of pace and a
change of luck and fortune for the gladiators bounced a little bit and
couldn’t really go over the top easy guys simple guards there for the fielder 187 for he’s one 298 from 41 in the air in the
air somebody’s gonna catch it batsman’s cross Riley Russell will be facing end
of the blade down the throat in the end of an morali
and crystal shark offer a single in Multan 196 for far blaster and the PSL you better believe
it buddy HVLP yourself masters hundred it’s the
seventh in the history of the HPRP yourself
by jingo it’s the fastest no surprises there Cameron Dell quark and 100 last
year and 49 balls but Riley Russo also from the rainbow nation beats delporte
in terms of pace to at the first also by a molten batsman be pretty pleased about
things $1.99 for 5 courtesy of Riley Russo the fastest hundred ever an HVLP
SL on a skipper got 46 as well bowlers went around the track a little bit yes
they got a wicked each but look at that they got pumped all over the park 199
for five target around 210 and over let’s check it out don’t go away that’s Noble
I must say that pre-heat floor delivery it will still go
for four good start by quoting our gladiators Strang down the leg playing watson feasting all over that that is a delightful stroke look at
umpire Shane Watson’s on the rolls 23 4 no standing to deliver this time well
Jess and Roy is probably saying to Watson that if you can do it I can do it
better he’ll Chiki Chiki seen him give himself some room this time goes the
other way short into the wicked pave the way and
this one another big one hidden plenty in this game he’s been a quiet partner
Shane Watson just opened the face and he said I’ll have all of it with the 15 coming up now and shot the
power flight but Quinta sick as a fake shouldn’t hit it 15 rows back now he’s
walking back to the pavilion after the man didn’t even really need to
move again kg bowling brings about the first
wicket maxing wicked Jason Droid hit me Shane Watson oblige
too much power know what him hit him in the eyes all the excuses in the world get 250 talking about pinging the
journey when he’s done well has he got enough don’t want to look at this replay again
it’s short it’s there to be smoked out of the ground and it’s straight to been good captaincy good wicked well that
goes till the second we get down for quitter
it’s an early 1498 to to Shane Watson getting a wriggle on half tracker drag down hit me anyway the
ball said Shane Watson oblige as 93 meters this is the chimney what are you
doing hand time with the ball and hand time off the bad boy early had too much
time to think about it burn wicked falls and finally someone held on to a catch good catch
sure catching the deep as I’m can dismiss 122 for 3 back on strike Shane
Watson as easy as you like feasting on her plan
when using link is enormous Shane Watson he’s on fire under control but over the power that he
gets through it it’s got a long long way away he’s taking this one and look out shut
the gate stop up into here from leaving the stadium little bit more flight watch him coming down watch his eyes
watch those eyes same on the ball countable this time Emraan tired almost
into the crowd 139 for for Watson gone 480 disappears
first who does love it there the slide Wow this game is not over yet is there a little brave change of pace
here yes there is and he’s found the gap yeah beautiful striking from a man and
for Big Ben cunning sees the quitter boys up to 150 and passed it here we go celebration time a big big moment in
this match gang 12 it’s the end of cutting more little slower and to read
it to go straighter no control at all look at those eyes take it easy no
problem no issues fingers up I’ll take that I’m winning this game he knows that
he knows that he’s winning this game cutting gone for 12 is 156 to 5 they’re doing everything right the
touching anything is turning into gold watch that bumbo capped his eyes on and
he knew where the boundary line is big smile big smile they deserve it Anne
Burrell on 14 164 6 play some football buzz get him out is
he nice going upstairs now when he hit the stunt or when he took
the bales off actually the ball was in his hand how it should be the call 71
down courtesy ever run out the ended so help carpet just a single with a 163 for
seven final ball now here a match 12 skipper to see it out sarfaraaz
be a little frustrated and disappointed that watched and got out when he did
Brady they know it big high fives for those in
blue and green Sharma Saudis racing around thinking his teammates he’s a
bundle of energy so in reply the two openers the big stars Roy and Watson it
really was up to the ender said it they nearly did a tea from Watson I really
needed a max Russo and get 100 he couldn’t quite do it and then everyone
else just petered out some 100 let’s look at that ba-ba-ba-ba t3 fir to here
to fur and Khushal that nice little one fur man I match no surprises Riley Rizzo
with the fastest hundred ever and HPL PSL simply brilliant it puts them at the
top of the tree here Moulton on eight the gladiators on six and then everyone
else making up the rest of the field hope you’ve enjoyed the highlights from
all of us here it’s goodbye and good night

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