CRAZY Street Soccer Moves Séan GARNIER vs Brazil / @Seanfreestyle
CRAZY Street Soccer Moves Séan GARNIER vs Brazil / @Seanfreestyle

36 thoughts on “CRAZY Street Soccer Moves Séan GARNIER vs Brazil / @Seanfreestyle”

  1. Rohit Prasad says:

    I want to learn your moves

  2. Krauser el otako says:

    1:49 aprovecha el bug :v

  3. fatbone29 says:

    I wonder what would Neymar thinking to this man neymar was the champion of world cup on brazil

  4. Mahbob Ullah says:

    come in afghanistan bro

  5. Mahbob Ullah says:


  6. PapackouutZ says:


  7. ا خ says:

    اللي من سعوديه لايك

  8. ا خ says:

    اللي من العرب لا

  9. ا خ says:

    اللي من عرب لايك

  10. Aakash Nair says:

    Can you teach me best nutmeg tricks

  11. Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser says:

    In all honesty tho😂last people you wanna fuq with down there 2:13

  12. H3nrique99 says:

    Quem é BR aqui? Kkkkkk

  13. Brc Freestylers says:

    Sean garnier,iae mano,c vei no Brasil,queria ter te visto por aquí mano,c é brabo!!

  14. Musthan says:

    Yo quiero q sean Baya a cuba o a miami

  15. Yao cabrera says:

    Sean de que país eres

  16. Yao cabrera says:

    Todo ven sean

  17. Yao cabrera says:

    Sean Brasil país sean

  18. Joako Sandoval says:

    Sopa do macaco uma delicia…saludos de mexxxicoou

  19. carlos camacho says:

    Like a sean⚽⚽⚽⚽

  20. Frasu lu Kazi says:

    Esti bun, smr io 😂😂

  21. Beto Rocha says:

    Eu amo você

  22. Beto Rocha says:

    Sean Garnier vou pra França sò prate vê

  23. Bas Van der zanden says:

    Love he is wearing the Dutch soccer shirt

  24. Funk-T says:

    Can I make some clips from your videos with my music in the background and post it on my channel? I make zero profit

  25. Levani Gomarteli says:

    1:22 OMGGGGG GOOD FINT And 2:50 😀

  26. Arturo Linares says:

    Nombre de la canción de fondo ??

  27. R Govindharajan RG Rajan says:

    Sean please come to coyembedu chennai in tamil nadu in india please come to zee zoo football in ten square mall my nane is selva esakki ok please iam your big fan

  28. João Nunes says:

    Alguém em 2019? Então deixe o like

  29. Johayle Ali says:

    Dont wear shoes sean

  30. JR production says:

    Please came in india and also in punjab

  31. Adryano Silva says:

    Sean Garnier você é minha espiraçao

  32. Valdivia Coutinho Azevedo Castro Val says:

    Eu sou bom em X1

  33. Dika Pratama says:

    Hi Sean Garnier

  34. Apolo says:

    1:51 daaaamn what did you see?

  35. Rudson Gamer says:


  36. Samuel Oliveira says:

    Cadê a bola rachei ksksksksks

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