Coutinho, Firmino and Moreno v Ghetto Golf | Who will be the LFC champion?
Coutinho, Firmino and Moreno v Ghetto Golf | Who will be the LFC champion?

Welcome to Liverpool’s Ghetto Golf,
the venue for today’s crazy challenge, as three Reds stars will be
putting it all on the line, as they swap their football boots for golf clubs. This might not be The Open
at Royal Birkdale, but I assure you,
this is every bit as competitive. Right, whilst the boys get themselves ready,
let’s take a look at hole no. 1. Our contestants may be in for
a bumpy ride in this caravan, as they navigate the ball through the tunnel,
out onto the green and into the hole. Up first is Roberto Firmino. “Hole no. 1.” PHIL: Ohhh! ALBERTO: Thank you, Roberto. OTHERS: Two! ALBERTO: Very good, Roberto(!) Until tomorrow here! PHIL: Hey, no technique, huh? ROBERTO: I will win this game. Nine attempts later and Bobby putts in
on his tenth shot. Next up is the little magician. Yes. ALBERTO: One, two… ALBERTO LAUGHS ROBERTO: Three. Five. ROBERTO: Ooh, Alberto! ALBERTO: Six. No, no, five. A bit more convincing from Philippe,
as he scores six on the first hole. Let’s see what Alberto Moreno
can come up with. Ohh… Sorry, guys. Sorry. Two. Thank you, eh? Well, Moreno takes an early advantage,
completing the hole in just two shots, and eases into an early lead
ahead of his teammates. A pit stop at the petrol station
is up next for the boys. Very good. ROBERTO: Power. ALBERTO: Nice. Go, go. ROBERTO YELPS – That’s four, no?
– Three. No, no, quatro, quatro. Cinco! Dear, dear, Bobby’s still struggling,
and finishes in six shots. Let’s see what Phil has in store. Come on. No, no, three. ALBERTO: And now four. Much better from O Magico,
getting round the hole in four attempts. Now, can Moreno extend his lead? – He played this before.
– Yeah, yeah. ALBERTO: Quality, quality. I play with the wall… Gold. Alberto playing like Jordan Spieth
out there, it’s another impressive display. Well, a closer look at the leaderboard and already Alberto Moreno
is going to take some catching it seems. Five shots clear of
second-placed Philippe Coutinho. There’s an element of pot luck to
our next hole, as the lads take to the green, aiming for the corner pocket
at the top of the table. Come on, Bobby lad,
time to get back in the game. Well, his teammates aren’t offering
much encouragement. ALBERTO: Come on, Bobby. Well, after a mistranslation
of where to aim, Firmino scores three. Yes! The No. 10 is still in it with a low score,
can Moreno match that? Too much quality. Well, there’s no disguising
Moreno’s quality on the course today, but can he maintain his early lead,
or will our Brazilian duo stage a comeback? Sea legs at the ready, folks, for hole four,
as the lads aim into the barrel, across the green and into the hole. Let’s see how they get on. OTHERS LAUGH Dois. Oh… Oh, ai-ai-ai. It’s just not Bobby’s day, is it? He’s struggling again, and can only
manage to complete the hole in five goes. Oh, wow! A bit of fortune there for Phil. Quatro. Not too bad for the little magician,
scoring four this time around. And it’s a four as well for Alberto. Well, this ultra colourful hole
could be a game-changer, as the lads are scored on the number they hit, but will have a point added
to their score for every failed attempt. Oh… – Three.
– No. ALBERTO: Five? After some confusion, we can confirm
Roberto scored three points on this round. Clearly not as easy as it looks. PHIL: Ai-ai-ai. Three. Well, that’s not going to encourage him. Finally! Well done, Phil. – Five.
– Five. After three attempts,
Philippe finishes on a score of five. Has his big chance passed him by though? THEY SPEAK PORTUGUESE ALBERTO: Si! Oh, nice one, Alberto. So, going into the final round,
Moreno is our leader with 15. Coutinho’s revival seems all
but gone now, with 21 points, and Bobby remains bottom with 27. Onto the final course now, as our players
will be looking to cook up a decent score and finish on a real high, putting through the cupboards,
across the carpet and into the hole. That’s a great shot to get him started. ‘Hmm, interesting footwear
from Firmino today!’ – Two?
– Two shots. ROBERTO: Si… No. ‘That’s a lovely shot.’ Dois. Agh! Well, you can see what he thinks of that shot. Well, that’s a very cheeky finish
from the Spaniard. So, a score of two for all of the lads
on the final hole, crowning Alberto Moreno
as our Ghetto Golf champion.

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