Converse x GOLF le FLEUR One Star ‘Two Tone’ Sneaker Unboxing with SJ
Converse x GOLF le FLEUR One Star ‘Two Tone’ Sneaker Unboxing with SJ

hi YouTube SJ here and today we are
unboxing the converse Tyler to creator Golf Le Fleur shoe let’s go ahead
take a look hey YouTube it’s a SJ and a back let’s
get to the unboxing I’ve got the converse Tyler the Creator Golf Le Fleur
that’s open it up well that didn’t take long did it
I’ll let you into a little secret these came for size and I did actually have
and I had she got them forward to LA which is a couple of weeks go now I have
had a sneak peek but I haven’t looked at them properly this is a true unboxing
even though that felt like a little bit of a cheat I think this is the second
drop by converse and rapper producer and video creator Tyler the Creator
this is Golf Le Fleur and look at this really nice packaging it’s been done so
nicely I kind of forgot how nice this is look at the bag they come in look at
that it’s like a I’m not sure this is coding but it’s like a sack it’s like a
straw sack thing not very good I’m not really good at these things but anyway
that’s just getting into the bag so each one is individually wrapped that’s
because the material use can bleed if it’s anything like my other converse
that I bought recently let’s take a look Ah these so nice I’ve forgotten how
nice these are but I went to the candy I think it’s called candy colorway and
it’s really unlike me to go for pink but this is now my third pair of pink
sneakers sorry the dog is having a little scratch behind the old ear down
here and he’s trying to get involved in the sneakers but anyway so there is can
we be quiet please dog but there is a little note on here that actually says
one or more of the components on this product is dyed material there is a
possibility that some kind of migration may occur during use so now you
exactly what I said isn’t it some nice shoe now I missed out on the first drop
of Tyler the creator converse collab which went live earlier this year the dog just
sighed this is a second drop which as I said was released early June and it is
super nice I mean the material that they’ve used on these if sneaker cam
wants to zoom in here ever so slightly have we got this mister sneaker cam let
you into a little bit of secret point of stuff viewers the trains this week have
been a nightmare so we are filming this just on the one camera tonight so it’s
not gonna be up to our usual free camera amazingness but we want to get this
video out for you as promised on our upload schedule so bear with this kind
of stuff viewers anyway really nice material the suede on these is super
nice and again the lever that they’ve used on the inside here is really
premium it’s really nice and soft and with the wrapping they’ve even wrapped
the individual tongues that is how how well packaged these sneakers are and
there’s lots of little details on these shoes as well so you’ve obviously got
instead of the traditional star that you would see on converse you’ve got the
Golf Le Fleur symbol there which follows through well actually no it’s
sort of Daisy’s flowers I think on the sole which is a nice cool touch then on
the inside which a sneaker can probably won’t back up it says the Golf Le Fleur
don’t zoom in too much because you’ll see my spot this is what happens when
you fly around oh how would you get a big spot it says in a Golf Le Fleur then
on the tongue as well you’ve got Golf Le Fleur and converse then on the back
you have the traditional converse allstar which you’re probably not gonna
see it’s all embossed him in white and it says underneath Chuck Taylor
obviously so it’s a really super nice shoe I’m I’m pleased I picked these up
now I am slightly concerned that the never used on this tile because it is so
nice it’s gonna be a little bit rough on my foot because I wore the sneakers and
stuff converse lavender camo collab a couple of weeks ago and it was the first
where outside the house and they killed my feet so I’m actually really concerns
that these are going to be as painful but but into sneaker lovers style I’m
gonna persevere and pray that these don’t kill my feet because they are
super nice really nice pick up I’m super pleased that I got them as I said it’s
not really a color I’d normally go for but let’s just think about that pink and
the orange neck it just pops super pop and also you get alternate laces so you
got a pink or the white personally I prefer the white I think it just shows
off the profile some more because obviously you’ve got the white around
the edge the white stitching these are just really really nice really nice I
mean even if these didn’t fit me properly and they do actually kill my
feet I can’t return them anyway because I’ve had them so long now I’d only be
able to exchange her a credit note so I’ve got to persevere people I’ve got to
persevere and I will do a long feat of these over the next couple of weeks you
can actually see what they look like on the feet and we’ll put these up on
Instagram for you guys to see as well but it is a sari I’ve left it on the
table as well I’m out of practice so out of practice as I said we wanted to get
this video out for you guys so that you could see what we’ve been picking up mr.
bead you like these these are getting a big yeah getting a big yes from sneaker
camp well a drone on anymore but super nice not much else to say they go quite
nice to you with my my little ensemble here don’t they as I said really sorry
we’ve missed a couple of uploads but we will be uploading as per our schedule
tuesdays thursdays streaming sundays we will we are back to business
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everybody who subscribed recently really really appreciate the support and all
the comments that we get we really like engaging with you guys
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thumbs up as well after you like this video leave a comment do you like these
did you pick them up there were some other really cool colorways particularly
the blue and the red which my friends over at the East London edit picked up
but yet let us know what you think these in the comments below and we will see
you on the next upload over and out

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