Contra slice-the ultimate slice eliminator.. benefits.
Contra slice-the ultimate slice eliminator.. benefits.

I want to tell you the benefits and
results of this very quickly once you get this on and it fits and it’s a
little bit on the tight side up here on just above the bicep then you’re ready
to swing ideally you’re going to swing this with short shots in the beginning
don’t go into a full swing right away but typically the arms are going to stay
together throughout the entire golf swing back swing impact and policy so
the benefits of this number one it forces you into good posture I can’t put
this on up here in the second thing this is going to do get you in a good posture
yes it’s going to eliminate an inside backswing I can’t do that I can’t take
it outside it just puts it on a simple swing fat because I’ve taken away one
way and it’s shortened your backswing okay one of the most special benefits is
it because it’s a slice eliminator most people come in here and the first thing
that they do on the downward motion is a colder chicken wings in this will not
allow for that so you get what is called extension your arms start to extend and
perhaps the the end product the benefit on the end is that when your arms stay
together on the finish you have good balance so there are a lot of side
benefits let me just say in closing that you need to work with this for a little
while get it fit make sure that if it slips a little on you get a get a long
sleeve shirt put it on and you’ll see that slice start to go away thank you

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