Confessions of a Superhero  – Red Band Trailer
Confessions of a Superhero – Red Band Trailer

Hey welcome to the Legion of Valor’s weekly meeting, otherwise known as Poker Night. You know me, I’m Captain Liberty Champion of Truth Defender of Freedom, maybe beer. Listen up you little fucker, they don’t call me Professor Payne for nothing. Payne? Man, he is the clown shoes of supervillainy. That asshole Captain Liberty running around his band of merry douche bags. I was listening to this segment on NPR the other day. And apparently we’re the biggest hub for two things: technology and super human activity. Yeah, LA gets actors would get geeks in tights. Have you met any gay super villains? Oh my. Yes I have condoms. I feel like I am at the superhero Oscar’s or something. You’re a superhero not a sidekick

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