Completely Lost Your Golf Swing? (DRILLS TO GET IT BACK)!

– Hi, Adam Bazalgette here,
founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject’s kind of a tough one, what to do when you’ve
completely lost your golf swing. It can happen to us all, it
certainly does happen to us all. I’ll give you four strategies that I think will really help you if you’ll put them in to practice. (upbeat music) If you’re new to the
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of losing your golf swing? It’s happened to me countless times and I’ve no doubt it’s happened to you. Hey listen, we can all hit
the ball badly in stretches on the driving range but you rarely feel that you’ve really lost it there
for any substantial period. As much as anything you just keep hitting and find some sort of
timing and get some kind of decent form going again. So it’s out on the golf
course that we typically feel that we’ve lost it and there’s legitimate reasons for that. We don’t get to hit as
many balls as often, you hit one ball, you
sit down for a couple of minutes or walk to the next shot. Then you might be putting
and then you hit another. It’s more difficult to time things when you have big gaps between shots. Secondly, there’s just
the natural pressures of being on the golf course, self-imposed for the
most part I might add. But we’re all human. None of us wants to look
like an idiot out here. We wanna play well in
front of our friends. So those are factors that make it a little bit more difficult. I can tell you though for
a fact, your brain has not deleted it, has not forgotten it. It’s just that you can’t access it or access it in a good
fashion at that time. I’ll tell you something else as well, I can promise you this to be true, your swing when you’re playing pretty well and when you’re playing really poorly, looks about the same, I promise you that. So my first tool for you
when you’re losing it out there on the golf course,
subtract don’t add generally. What I mean by that is
don’t start piling in too many thoughts and too many ideas. All that does is excite and
wake up your conscious mind. Remember, you really haven’t
forgotten the golf swing deep down in your mind
you just can’t time it and find it, just can’t access it. So the freer your mind is,
the more likely you are to get some sort of form back. Just go off to the side,
make practice swings, clear your mind, kinda get
a feel for what you wanna do without any thoughts
in there and as I say, generally subtract don’t add too much. Okay my number two,
generally pay attention to tension and tempo. Tension usually ruins
tempo but when your tempo is out and you’re tight, that’s
when your timing goes away. That’s likely a big part of why
you’ve lost it a little bit. Let me hit one shot, see if I
can find mine here on camera. Rehearse it a little bit. All right nice and relaxed. That was a pretty decent swing there. Next thing I would do, number three, and that is put your attention,
if you’re gonna think of something don’t just go to
some abstract swing thought, you know keep this arm
straight, shift my weight, there’s about 10,000 of them. Put your attention a little
more to what’s needed. I hit a pretty solid shot
there but maybe you’re picking the ball a little too much
and thinning some shots. Put your attention to
something that’s a feel for hitting the ground a little harder, trapping the ball more. Maybe you’re just leaving
the ball out to the right. Put your attention on
snapping the club face closed. In other words, something
that a little more relates to what’s needed
or maybe what’s missing relative to the shots you’re hitting. All right a final tip here
and this is an important one, every one of us has tendencies. My tendency is to tilt a bit and get my hips sliding this way. It’s rare that I’m playing
poorly that I’m not doing something like that. And there could be a
few different outcomes when I do that, so know your own history. When you’re struggling,
go to what you typically had a struggle with and
find some of the cues that have helped you in
that area in the past. Now friends’ll often wanna give you advice on the golf course when,
you’ll notice it happens when you’re struggling. They’re trying to be helpful almost always but it generally isn’t helpful, especially if they just
kinda pick something out. Hey you know I’m watching
you I can see that this is happening or some such thing. That’s usually not what’s
actually happening. It’s not that helpful. But if your friend knows
your swing well enough and they play with you a lot and they say something like
hey Bill or Jane or whatever your name is there, you know
that thing you tend to do, such and such that you’ve been working on. Kinda looks like you’re doing that again. That would be a useful reminder. So go to what’s historically true for you. Pick out those couple of keys
that have worked in the past and just hang out there with ’em. Make your practice swings
and let it come back. Don’t force it and jump all over the map with things you’re working on. Hope that was helpful for you. Would really appreciate
it if you liked the video, hit the thumbs up button. Gives us a little momentum
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lost your golf swing. It will happen to you. If you put these things into practice, you’ll have your best opportunity to battle your way out of it. (upbeat music)

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